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Episode 8




Writer: Mimi Annie



Emilia’s Pov




That afternoon, Felix, Susan and the kids went out leaving only me in the house. I had just gotten out of the bathroom. I toweled myself dry and dressed up. I had to go see Deborah. I left the house thirty minutes later and got there in another thirty minutes time.


I knocked on the door and Deborah opened after some time. She was dressed as if she wanted to go out and her face looked peaky.


“Hi girl” she greeted and we hugged each other. Her voice held a down tone. “What’s up with the face, are you sick?” I asked her once we disengaged. She didn’t say a word as she turned and led the way to the sitting room. She sat on a low, blue metallic stool and I sat on a cushion opposite her.


“What’s wrong” I asked again and she sighed, put her left elbow on the cushion close to her and placed her hand on her chin.


“What’s the problem Debbie, why are you looking so pale and gloomy?” “Well, I’m a little sick. Just started last night” she said at last “Malaria” I asked but she shook her head


“What” i asked almost feeling angry at her attitude After a long minute of silence, she said “it’s Chris”


I gasped “What’s wrong with Chris. Hope he’s alright?”


“He is, perfectly okay”


“So what’s the big deal?”


“Chris is just being strange this few days” she said “Strange? Why is that so?”


Debbie heaved a long sad sigh “It all started a day after you left, I spent the night at his house. We ate, talked and had fun, until that night while we were in the bedroom” she paused and then continued “he wanted us to have s£x but I said no and besides he knows already that I want to have my first s£x on our wedding night. He kept insisting but I wouldn’t give in and that got him angry. He flared up and started shouting that I’m being unfair, after all we are getting married to each other and as such there’s no big deal in doing it together. He said he’s not even sure if I love him the way he does and that if I do, I wouldn’t be making him feel this bad. He said; don’t you trust me? Do you feel I’ll run away?”


“He said so many things that night that all I could ever do was cry. That night, he slept in the guest room and I slept alone” “That’s bad” I said with a frown


Debbie continued “as if that was not enough, he stopped picking my calls and I got so worried that I decided to pay him a visit yesterday immediately I got back from work. The moment I saw his car, I knew he was in, so I knocked on the front door but there was no response. I decided to use the backdoor maybe he’ll hear. And that was when I heard it……” she stopped and tears rolled down her cheeks I wanted to know everything so I asked “heard what?”


“I heard the screams and moaning” she said through tears “I heard it loud and clear. She was screaming joyously and he was moaning……………………Couldn’t believe Chris was making out with another girl”


My eyes popped out in shock “What? Are you sure about this?” “Why would I lie to you Emilia. I heard them unmistakably.”


“I can’t believe Chris would stoop so low to do that? The Chris I know wouldn’t do such a thing”


Debbie began sniffing and I got up from my seat and sat on the cushion close to her.


“Stop crying Debbie” I said soothingly


“Why is Chris doing this to me” she said in a weeping voice.


“Is it because I didn’t give it to him? Is that why he brought in a whore to gratify his needs?” she cried the more


“It’s unfair” she said “it’s unfair Emilia. He didn’t even have a second thought on


the engagement ring on our finger”


“You know, I’m also wondering”


Debbie sniffed, picked up her small face towel and wiped her tears before blowing her nose.


“Hearing those sounds weaken my limbs. I was unable to walk, I was rooted to that spot. I was unable to talk, I felt numb. I felt muzzy and right now I’m still feeling muzzy” she said and shook her head sadly.


I sighed, some men are unpredictable.


“I think you two should sit and talk things to each other. This isn’t the way to handle problems in relationships. If he truly loves you he’ll obey your points, after


all after the wedding, he’s all yours and you’re his” I stressed out to her and she nodded


“I wanted to go meet him before you came” she said “Do you think he’ll be at home now?” I asked “Yes he will”


“Then let’s go” I said and pulled her up


“You coming” she asked as if she was surprise


“Even if you say no, I can’t leave you out there all by yourself. What are friends for?”


“Thank you” she said and hugged me


“Let me pick my purse” she said and hurried up the stairs




Debbie’s Pov




I checked my face on my dressing mirror. My eyes were wet and red and my face drenched with tears. My makeup was ruined so I applied another, then I picked my purse and hurried down. I locked all doors and we got into my car and zoomed off. We got there within forty minutes and I packed by the roadside opposite his house. The gateman let us in and we walked to the front door. Emilia said she’d stand outside while I’ll go in and talk to him. I knocked thrice before I heard a voice and I knew it was him.


“Who’s that?”


“It’s Debbie” I said “Deborah”



It felt like eternity before the door clicked open and Chris peeped out. “What do you want?” he said sneeringly


“Won’t you let me in? Has it gotten to a point that I can only stand outside the door and talk to you?”


He hesitated a little before creating enough space for me to pass. he took a seat and I sat opposite him


“So, why are you here” he asked


“Chris” I almost screamed “imagine what you’re asking me”


“As you can see, I don’t have much time to spent with you so I’ll advise you go straight to the point”


I opened my mouth in shock. Is this Chris talking? I blinked rapidly “Why haven’t you been picking my calls” I began


No response


“Chris I’m asking you a question”


No response


“Why you acting this way dear, why you making me feel so bad, why you hurting me this much. I want answers Chris, I want answers” He scoffed “I bet you know the answers already”


“Oh! Is it because of that? Is it because of what happened the other night? Is it because I didn’t let you in me”


“That’s not first time, that’s not second and that’s not third” he shouted “for crying out loud I thought you were my fiancée. I thought we were in together………..but you’re just behaving as if I’d known you in a week”


“Oh! So you know I’m your fiancée right? But is this how to treat one?” No response


“Is that it?” I pressed further


“Please, please, please and please” Chris said “if you came here to bombard me with silly questions. I’ll gladly show you the door” “What” I shouted in shock


“Chris” Emilia said and walked inside the room “what’s all this supposed to mean” “Emilia” Chris called in surprise. Unaware she’d been here since.


“Yes, Chris why” Emilia said gently “This isn’t the way things were in the start. Why is it this way?”


No response


“Chris, you’re quiet” Emilia said


“Emilia, I respect you so much that’s why I don’t want to lose my temper. Now, could you please take her out of here? I’m done”



“What?” we both chorused at the same time and I felt so infuriated that I landed him a hard slap before I realized what I had done.


“You slapped me?” he asked with shock as he held his cheek


I covered my mouth with my palms and looked at Emilia who was as shocked as Chris. Chris stepped forward and held my hand and I trembled with fear not knowing what he wanted to do. He held the finger which had the ring and dragged the object out.


“That’s it” Chris shouted “get out of here and don’t you ever come back”


He held open the door and dragged me out while I pleaded. He wouldn’t hear me out as he banged the door at our face.


“Chris please, I didn’t mean to slap you, I didn’t mean it. Emilia help me tell him it wasn’t intentional, help me tell him” I cried as I knelt outside his door.




Chris’ Pov




Nonsense, i muttered under my breath and sat on the seat I was sitting earlier. “Babe, hope you’re done with that thing ’cause I almost passing out here” said a slim s£xy beauty that I’d brought home this afternoon. I smiled as I surveyed her body. She wore only a blank pant and a tank top.


“She’s gone and don’t worry about her


” I said and slapped her butts and she fell on me and we kissed hungrily. I carried her to the bedroom and she helped took off my clothing and the fun began.






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