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Episode 10



Writer: Mimi Annie



Emilia’s Pov




I laughed again and again, turning over the bed. What the hell? Upon all her mouth washing, I can’t believe Susan can’t cook. This was a disgrace. I could still remember vibrantly the events that happened in the kitchen an hour ago. *






“Hey, come here” she said to me almost in a whisper and I hurried to her. “Look” she began “I don’t know how to prepare that stuff they just mentioned” I tried controlling my laughter as I looked her over and over again.


“Take this” she handed me some notes “go over to Uncle Ben’s and get them the mashed potatoes and turkey”


I nodded and took the money. I was about going out when she held my hand “Don’t allow the kids notice this, okay? It’s between the both of us” I nodded in response and walked out of the kitchen. Thankfully, the kids were upstairs. I paid a cab to Ben’s eatery and bought the food. I got home about forty minutes. I took the food to the kitchen and poured it in a flat, silvery breakable plate.



“Thank goodness you’re here” I heard Susan’s voice “I was beginning to get worried”


“Is this for Christie alone?” I asked and she nodded


“Put it in that tray” she pointed to a breakable tray with gold color. I put the food there and turned to go.


“Wait” she said “I’ll take it to her”


“Get me a glass of milk” she instructed and I opened the refrigerator and poured some chilled milk into a glass.


“Put it here” she told me and I put it in the tray and she walked out, cat-walking as usual.


OMG! Was that for real? I couldn’t control my laughter anymore as I laughed and held my tummy










I sat up on bed. Some girls and attitude, I shrugged. I later packed my clothes to the laundry where I washed and dried.


Soon it was evening, Debbie would be back by now. I dialed her number and she picked up quickly.


“Babe” she said and her voice was a bit okay compared to last night when I called and told her to stop worrying.


“How’re you now?”


“I’m trying to get over it, though it’s hard”


“It will be hard” I said, “especially when it happens to be someone you had hold in high esteem”


She sighed but didn’t say a word


“So how’s it over there?” she asked after few seconds of silence


“It’s cool. However, I’m now learning to control myself whenever I’m around that girl”


“You mean Christie”


I nodded and replied “yes babe. She can be so annoying. Just because I couldn’t make mashed potatoes for their lunch, she said I can’t prepare anything because it’s evident I didn’t study nanny education”


Deborah laughed loud and long “you don’t mean that” “I’m serious”



“Girl you really are patient. I told you already, I told you to forsake this job but you wouldn’t listen. Now tell me, tell me where all this insult would have come from”


I heaved “the twins like me and that’s more reason why I’m prolonging my stay here”


“That’s good” Debbie said


At that instant I remembered Susan “Guess what” “What”


“Remember Susan?”


“Yea, what’s up with her?”


“That lady is just too full of herself. Pride runs in her veins. Can’t believe upon all her jabbering about me not being able to cook what’s on the food timetable, she herself can’t prepare them either”


“You don’t mean it” Debbie said and laughed hard


“I’ll so much love to see that Susan of a woman. How old do you think she is?” “She looks like she’s in her thirties. I’m not so sure”


“Where’s Emilia?” I heard Susan’s voice and I got down from bed and put on my flip flops


“Debbie, we’ll talk later”


“Alright” Debbie said and I hang up


I opened the door and walked into the sitting room where I met the family. Felix was home already, he and Susan were sitting together, with the latter resting her head on Felix’s chest.


“Could you please make some jollof rice for Felix? He said that’s what he wants to


eat, and please you’ll make salad too”


“There’s salad already” I said


“That’s good, now get going”


I nodded and turned to go but Felix stopped me


“Babe why don’t you make it for me. I’ve never tasted your food since I got to know y




I watched Susan’s happy face contorting to astonishment “Me?” she said and Felix nodded


“I want you to cook for me before you go”


Susan swallowed hard and forced a weak smile “Okay babe, it’ll be done in an hour”



“I’ll be waiting” Felix said and she kissed his cheeks before leaving. When she passed me, she gave me a “follow me” sign but I pretended I didn’t see it. Just then, Kathie said she wanted to use the toilet and I gladly took her there.


I spent about forty minutes or so in the twins’ room before coming out. Felix and the kids were surrounded on the dining table when we walked out. “Wow!” Felix exclaimed “this food would be yummy; I can perceive the pleasant aroma already”


I smiled and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. There I met Susan. She was sitting on a high stool and wiping sweats from her face with the back of her palms. She looked up at me, got up and tasted the rice. Then she spat it out and stared hard at me.


“Emilia” she called gently and I answered “Help me cook another rice” “But why?” I asked


“No questions! just do that now” she said through gritted teeth


“Alright” I picked a pot and rinsed it. Just then, Felix walked in and Susan smiled and closed the pot.


“I can see our yummy food is ready” he said and Susan giggled


“Could you please serve it now ’cause I’m damn hungry” he said and she nodded and looked at me with a weak smile and shaky lips


“Emilia, could you please pass me that bowl” she said and I nodded and brought it to her. She scooped in some rice and closed the lid after which she took the plate to the dining.


She served Felix before the kids. Felix insisted she ate with them so she served herself too and sat down beside him. I walked to the door and watched.




Susan’s Pov




Christie and Emmie spat the food once they chewed it.


“Salt” Christie screamed


“Pepper” Emmie cried


They both made the statement at the same time


Jackie dropped his spoon “this food is too salty and peppery” “The rice is still hard” Kathie said slowly


Dollie pushed away her plate “I don’t wanna have a running stomach, please”



“Did you pour in the whole bag of salt in the kitchen? I’m sure she has finished all that grinded pepper” Emmie said as she finished gulping down a glass of water. “Babe, what did you cook” Felix asked gently but in bewilderment


I opened my mouth to talk but no words came out


“Dad, I don’t think I can eat this” Christie said and stormed away


“Me too” Emmie and Jackie said almost at the same and followed Christie upstairs. “Emilia” Felix called and she answered and ran out of the kitchen “Please make something for the kids”


She nodded and walked out.


“i………..but I thought you liked pepper” I said at last and looked away


“I do like pepper but not this much. And what do you have to say about the salt” he said and I looked up at Kathie who was resting her head on the table. Her plate was far from her.





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