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Episode 6



Writer: Mimi Annie






Emilia’s Pov




The alarm woke me to a cool Thursday morning. I brushed and washed my face before heading to the kitchen. Breakfast was in some part hard today; bacon and toasted bread with fried egg and vanilla. I wondered if it was vanilla custard or ice-cream. Fortunately, Felix was here to help and my burden was eased again. I should have known it was vanilla drink. I woke up the kids as usual but this time I didn’t peeped in the girl’s room, I walked in.


“Time for school” I said and shook Dollie first. She woke up at the moment and Christie followed before I could walk to her. I went over to Emmie and she groaned angrily as always and snarled at me when I kept on shaking her.


“I’m awake” she said and I almost jumped out of fright. With sleep in her eye, she stood up and walked into the washroom muttering under her breath.


I left them and went ahead to wake the twins. I picked them up and help them to brush in their washroom. Afterwards, I gave them a warm bath which made them giggle all through. Next, I picked their schoolbag in the playhouse and together, we walked to the dining. Their plate had been placed neatly and filled with their meal. No one was there, so I guess we were the first to arrive.


Few minutes later, the girls joined us, then Felix. Everyone ate as quiet as usual before Felix broke the silence


“Kids, Susan will be back on Sunday” he informed.


“Wow!” Emmie and Dollie exclaimed at the same time and I wondered who that was. Recommend you to download TopsterStories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


“What’s the need” Christie said with a haughty face “after all she won’t stay long. She comes today and goes a day later”


“Christie’s right Dad” Dollie said “that’s not fair and to be sincere I don’t like that. I might choose to snub her all through her stay here” “Me too” Jackie added


“Kids it’s alright. I’ll talk to her about it. You know it’s not intended, it’s ’cause of work and stuffs like that. I promise you she will spend quality time with us all this time”


“But why should she value her work over us. That’s just so annoying and we’ll gladly treat her awfully if she repeats her “get in and out” visits again” Emmie said “She won’t” Felix tone was so full of assurance.


“I promise she’ll prolong her stay this time, I promise” Felix said


Few minutes later, Musa called to inform the arrival of the school bus. I dabbed the twins’ mouth with a wiper and picked their lunch pack which was filled with burgers and fruit juice. We got out and I handed them over to their mistress and they zoomed away.


On coming in, I met Musa tending the flowers and he waved at me and I did same. The girls were done when I got in, so I cleared the table and washed the dishes before going about with the rest of the house activities. Few minutes after I had cleared the plates, Gabriel picked the kids to school and after that, dropped Felix at the office.




In the afternoon, the kids arrived from school as usual and I served lunch before I helped the twins to their homework. An hour later, I went to the playhouse to give the twins some dessert which was a bowl of fruit salad before going to the girl’s room to give them theirs. Emmie and Dollie took the plate and began eating at once while Christie sat silently on her study table, hitting her pen gently on her head every second. I walked to her and looked up at her book. She was working on Geometry and it seems the questions were tough for her. She looked at me with a frown and closed the book.


“Can I help you with that?” I said gently


She let out a wicked grin “Splendid. Do I look like I need help?” she asked


I bowed in embarrassment and apologized “I’m sorry. I cared that’s why I asked” “Wow! That was definitely good for a start. It seems you’re really gonna be a f**king good nanny” she said scornfully and I conserved my rising anger. I didn’t wanna loose grip. Endure, endure, I whispered to myself silently.


“Beat it Christie” Emmie shouted and pushed her a little “what’s up with the tongue lashing”


Christie look daggers at her, hit her table and flung away her pen.


“Can’t I study again without being disturbed? Huh?” she said


Dollie walked up to us “Christie that’s not the point. It’s the language we’re talking about. ’cause I hark back dad’s words about the use of vulgar language on elders” Christie scoffed and picked her book and writing materials “let me be, is that so hard for you, huh!” she screamed at my face before walking out on us and closing the door with a bang.


I dropped my face and felt unhappy. It’s not even up to a month.



“She just had a bad day that’s all” Dollie said “well, it happens to people, you know”


I nodded and left for the playhouse to stay with the kids but I met them sleeping already with the bowl of fruit salad lying on the floor. They were both lying on a divan. I looked at the corner and saw Christie. She looked away on seeing me. I snubbed her and pick the empty breakable bowl to the kitchen. When I thought I almost had time to myself, I remembered I didn’t get Christie’s drawing tools from the mall as I was instructed. I looked through my wardrobe and put on a simple clothing of a pink short gown with black sandals. I grabbed my purse and walked out. Dollie insisted on coming and together we paid a cab to the mall which was a thirty minute drive. On getting there, I paid for the tools and arrived home at half an hour.


“Here’s your request” I said to Christie and stretched it to her. She took it and dropped it gently on her table. I was about walking out when she said


“Get me a glass of fruit juice”


“Me too” Dollie and Emmie chorused at once I nodded and walked out




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