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Episode 15



Writer: Mimi Annie


Felix’s Pov




“So they’re friends?” I asked Ben as we sat together in my office. He came in few minutes on my break.


“Yea, I was surprise they know each other” I chuckled “this one looks cool” “You mean Debbie”


“Yea” I said with a smirk and that made Ben laughed


After few seconds of silence, I said “I really appreciate the help she rendered in the party. She really did tried”


Ben smiled and slowly his face turned to a frown “what’s wrong with Susan” I sighed “I don’t know what to say bro, I’m getting sick of that lady’s attitude” “But what’s her main problem. I still remember her being cool those days you guys weren’t together”


I shook my head “I don’t know what to say bro, I just don’t know. Susan’s just been a pain in the neck ever since she began getting big contracts”


“Is that how fashion designers behave” I asked him and he laughed “It’s isn’t funny bro, it isn’t” I said gloomily


“I’m sorry but being a fashion designer has nothing to do with such silly behavior like hers. It doesn’t make sense bro” he replied


At that minute, my cell phone rang and I checked the caller ID but it was a strange number but notwithstanding I picked up


“Hello Sir” it was Gabriel at the other end, I could tell by his unhidden voice. “Gabriel” I said


“The kids are back but there’s no way in” he said


“What do you mean? Susan’s home, she has the main key with her” I said gently “No sir, I don’t think so. It seems she went out”


I sighed “Check on Musa, she might have dropped the key with him” “Alright Sir” he said and the line went dead


I dropped my phone on the table and stared at Ben’s face “What’s that” he asked


“Nothing really, Gabriel called ’cause the kids couldn’t get in the house” “But I thought you said Susan was in” Ben said “I think she’s out”


“Out? When she knows the kids would be home by this time” I bowed my head and stared at my fingers



“I guess she’s out to make new fingernails” Ben said sneeringly but I didn’t say a word.


“Girls and fashion” he added


“Who’s gonna serve lunch to the kids now she’s out. Emilia went home” I asked rhetorically


Ben shrugged “I think you should sit her down and have a talk with her. The way I’m seeing it, she’s giving her work topmost priority”


I tapped my hands on the table and soon another call came in. it was Gabriel “Sir, we’re in but I’m afraid there’s nothing for lunch and the kids are crying” I sat up on my desk “you mean there’s no food for my kids?”


“Yea, there’s nothing in the kitchen except for some burnt potatoes and yam. But there are just a few of them”


“What in Heaven’s name are you saying?” “That’s just it Sir”


I paused for some seconds before saying, “get them something at Uncle Ben, I’ll


call Emilia”


“Alright Sir”


The line went dead.


“What’s it this time” Ben asked gently


“Can you imagine” I almost shouted “Susan left the house without preparing lunch


for my kids”




“i………i………..i………i………..i think I’m beginning to get sick about this.


What the hell does she think she’s doing? Huh!” “That’s awkward” said Ben


I sighed bitterly and bit my lower lip. What’s this supposed to mean? I thought as I searched through my contact for Emilia’s number. The minute I saw it, I clicked on it and placed my phone to my ear.




Emilia’s Pov




I wiped the sweat as they crawled along my forehead. I was really sweating I felt like taking a shower there and then. Thank God I was done with the soup. I was now waiting for the yam to turn soft so I could start pounding. I really missed our



local delicacy. In Felix’s house, I dare not make soup to avoid embarrassment from the kids.


I opened the pot once again and thrust a fork into one of the yams. At last, it was okay. I drained the water and picked some of the yams with a fork into the mortar. I began pounding heavily. I really, really missed this particular food. White soup with pounded yam was one of my favorite.


Just then, my phone rang and I picked it quickly after checking the caller ID. It was Felix, my boss. Recommend you to download TopsterStories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


“Hello” I said


“Emilia, I need you to go over to t


he house right away. Please don’t argue, just return home, please. I’m so sorry for cutting off your break”


“Don’t worry Sir I’ll be there” I said and he thanked me before hanging up. I rushed over with the remaining yams before tidying the kitchen hurriedly and running to the washroom. I took a quick bath and dressed up quickly. Though I was hungry but I didn’t mind. I was about leaving when my stomach rumbled. I really wanted to eat this food but now that my presence is urgently needed, I couldn’t wait to eat any longer. However, I took a flask and filled it with the soup and hurried away after locking all doors carefully.


I paid a cab and soon I got there. Musa held opened the gate and I rushed in. I pressed the doorbell and Gabriel opened up. The kids were in the dining and when I came near them I realized they were taking sausage rolls and burgers with milk. No one spoke nor welcomed me, the atmosphere was solemn and I wonder why. I headed for the kitchen and dropped the flask on a counter besides the small refrigerator. Geez! Everywhere was a mess. Yam and potato peels lying carelessly on the ground. Oil trickled from a pan lying sideward on the smallest cupboard. I picked the pan and washed it before dropping it in its place after which I cleaned the spilled oil on the cupboard.


Gabriel came in a minute later with the used plates. He dropped them in the sink, washed them and dried them with a clean towel hanging on a hook on the wall. I picked a plate and put in some of the soup I made and took it to the dining.


Emmie and Kathie were the only one still sitting at the table.


“Who wants to try this” I said with a wide grin They only stared at me and looked away.


“What’s wrong darling” I said to them and sat in between them. I picked a spoon and scooped some soup into my mouth. I bit a large chunk of meat.


“Care for some?” I asked again


“What’s that” Emmie made a disgusting face


“It’s our local delicacy” I said to her and she let out a light cough “I don’t need it” said Kathie


“Your local delicacy?” someone asked and we turned to see Dollie. She had a novel in her hand while walking towards us.


“Yea” I answered with a smile






Felix’s Pov




“Bro I think I should be on my way” said Ben “try calling her since she can’t call you”


“But it doesn’t……………….”


I was interrupted by another call. It was Susan. I waited some seconds before picking up but I made sure it was on speaker so Ben could hear too.


“Hey babe, i’m in Abuja. I’ve just been invited by my boss over there. There’s this new contract we’ll be working on in South Africa and we’ll be leaving tomorrow. I think I’ll be there for five days. This is the only chance I had to speak to you so I decided to inform you. We’ll talk later”


The line went dead


“What’s she talking about” I screamed


“I told you” Ben said “why not talk to her sister about this?”


“Work and big contracts” he added and I seemed lost that I didn’t know what to say. What is she doing?




I couldn’t meet up with Susan’s sister that evening ’cause I went home late. The children were watching Nickelodeon when I got in. I hugged them all and Emilia dropped my briefcase off in my room.


I took a shower and came downstairs to join the kids in the sitting room. “Dad, Emilia gave us white soup” Jackie squealed “That food surely tastes good” said Emmie


“You eat all food so everything would taste good” Christie said mockingly and Emmie glared at her.


“Emilia” I called and she rushed in quickly



“What did you give my kids” I asked with a fake frown “It’s not what you think Sir. i…..i………..i……….


.i was making……….” She began explaining and I laughed loud.


“I’m not mad at you so spare your breath and get me dinner” I saw her heave a sigh and walk away.


“Dad where’s Susan” Kathie asked and I stopped smiling “She left” I answered


No one spoke for some minutes and then Jackie broke the silence “Dad are you gonna marry her”


I gasped.





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