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Episode 5



Writer: Mimi Annie



Kathie’s Pov




Emilia’s story was so interesting and she spoke with much poise and grace that I couldn’t help staring at her lips as the move and her hands as she demonstrated. I think I like her already. I sat silently and watched her show Jackie the solutions to his sum and her explanation was so plain and clear that I think I myself understood it more than him. And then, she turned to me and smiled, that big doodie smile of hers. It made me smiled back and hid my face in my palms out of embarrassment. I heard her chuckled and then I peek an eye out of my palms and saw her turned to Jackie’s book again. She seems much better than the past nannies, most especially the last one. She would always shout at me whenever I’m slow and that will be when dad’s not around. She didn’t stay a week when Christie and Dollie reported her to dad which got her fire. And then looking at today, I’m of the fact that Dollie likes Emilie too. However, I don’t know of Emmie and Christie.


Thinking of them made me run to their room. I opened the door and walked in “Kathie could you please try knocking some other time” Christie said and I knew she didn’t mean it. She was drawing and that was one thing she loves doing. I got to her study table and peered into her drawing book. She was drawing my best friend, Barbie. It was one of the best movies in my cartoon collections. Christie



also had a pack of crayons beside her book for the coloring. The drawing looked almost like the real Barbie. She looked up at me and I shrugged. “Your best” she said and a smile curved her lips. I nodded and giggled.


“Not again!” someone said and we knew that was Dollie. She was holding a fat book and I knew at once it was a novel.


Christie and Emmie glared at her and I chuckled.


Dollie grinned at us and said “Christie, Emmie I swear this story is super cool, just like tarzan but in a cool, romantic way”


“Oh really” said Emmie “what the hell do you know about romantic?” Dollie said “So much, more than you do, want me to teach you”


Emmie stick out her tongue and continued picking her nails. She just loves picking her fingernails.




Felix’s Pov




During recess, I decided to give Susan a call. She picked up almost immediately and I guess she might have been waiting for the call.


“Same creampie” I replied to her greetings and she told me she’s blushing I smiled “anything for you babe”




“I’m good. how about you?”




“Work’s kinda nerve-racking but at the end it’s the income that matters”




“I’m on break actually but we’ll resume soon. I missed you like crazy that’s why I called”


I could hear her chuckled and I laughed “But babe you know that as much as I do”




“I missed you more than you did”




“You know I’m not good at guessing”




“Alright, you’ve been given a bigger contract”






………..i don’t know”




“just tell me pleaseeee”








“Whoa! Serious?”




“I can’t wait, I just can’t wait to see you babe”




“Alright, I’ll be waiting”




“I love you more sweetheart” I said and hang up


Wow! Susan’s coming home on Sunday. Geez! I bet the children will be happy to see her.


At that instant, the doorbell rang


“Get in” I said and the door opened and Ben walked in I smiled “big buddy” I shouted, got up and hugged him “Whatsup bro” he said and took a seat opposite me


“I’m cool dude, just finish talking to Susan. She’s coming home on Sunday” “Whoa!” Ben exclaimed “that’s better”


“At least she’ll spend a week with the family” he said I shrugged “I hope so”


“Well, you can persuade her to. C’mon bro, you’re the man. Forget about work and large contract. She should try spending reasonable time with you guys especially the kids”


“I’ll try” that was the only thing I could say ’cause I knew very well that she won’t spend to three days when she’ll be call for another contract. “So how’s it going with your new nanny” he asked


“Well I could say it wasn’t bad for a start though she couldn’t follow up the kid’s




“But bro


it amuse me that your kids keep a food timetable” “Would you blame me? Their mom did that too”


Ben laughed and I smiled


“I won’t allow my wife do such” he said


“But come to think of it bro, don’t you wanna get married now. You broke up with your last date four months ago”


Ben laughed “I’m no longer going into silly relationships. This time, I want it to lead to marriage and that’s why I’m taking my time” “Time indeed” I mocked and we laughed


Ben stayed with me till recess over before leaving. I went home late that day ’cause I had to attend to some visitors outside the country who took quite a long time before they left. So before I could finish up the files on the table it was well past 7pm. I got home to meet the children watching TV. They ran to me and I hugged them as usual before going in to take a quick shower. Emilia served me dinner and I ate peacefully and quietly. When I was done, she cleared the table and I asked for a glass of fruit juice which she brought almost immediately.


And that was when I noticed something like a white mark at the tip of her nose “Is that a scar or …………” I pointed to the mark but she ran her hands elsewhere

and that made me chuckled


“Over there” I said and she used the hand towel she was holding and tried wiping it away but a small part lay untouched.


“Give me that” I said and she hesitated before giving it to me. I took it, got up from my seat and took few steps forward but she walked backwards


I chuckled again “calm down”


She stopped and I wiped off the dirt. It was like butter.


“That’s it” I said and handed her the towel, then I picked my juice and went to join the kids in the living room.





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