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Episode 12



Writer: Mimi Annie





Emilia’s Pov




The next morning, I prepared a simple breakfast of tomato sauce with eggs and they took it with bread. I helped fed Kathie and later when the bus had picked the twins, I arranged Christie and Dollie’s excursion bag and I made sure I didn’t miss a thing. Soon, Gabriel took them away and I waved at them but only Dollie waved back.


Work wasn’t much today so I finished everything two hours before the kids’ arrival. I made a call to Debbie and we talked at length ’cause she was on break. She told me about a new guy she had met recently. She said he was cool and fun to be with though they were only friends. I cheered her and she laughed but soon our conversation was interrupted ’cause she was being called to attend to some things. Later when the kids returned, I served them lunch of vegetable salad and milkshake. Emmie, Jackie and Kathie were the only ones at home. Christie and Dollie were not back from their excursion. After lunch, I gave them fruit salad for



dessert and we all sat at the playhouse except for Emmie who said she had to study.


“House’s bored” said Jackie as he constructed his building blocks.


“Then let’s make it lively” I said and stood up


“What do you wanna do?” Jackie asked


I shrugged “don’t even know”


“Then let’s sing or tell stories” said Kathie and we all agreed


“Story-telling first” I said


“No” Kathie disagreed


I looked up at her with a smile “what do you want us to do first”


“I’ll like it if we sing. Then when we get tired, we tell stories” she said and smiled.


She was looking so sweet, I bent and picked her up.


“You start” I said to her and she nodded and turned to Jackie “Let’s sing Clementine” Jackie suggested.


“Go on, I’ll sit and watch………………..or maybe learn” I said and sat on the


divan lying beside me.


They chuckled and started singing with demonstration and I opened my mouth in amazement. Their movement was just in consonant with the rhythm




*Jackie’s Voice*


In a cavern, In a canyon


Excavating for a mine


Dwelt a miner, Forty-niner


And his daughter, Clementine


Oh my darling, Oh my darling


Oh my darling, Clementine


You are lost and gone forever


Dreadful sorry, Clementine




*Kathie’s Voice


Light she was and like a fairy


And her shoes were number nine


Herring boxes without topses


Sandals were for Clementine


Oh my darling, Oh my darling


Oh my darling, Clementine


You are lost and gone forever


Dreadful sorry, Clementine




*Kids’ Voice


She drove ducklings to the water


Every morning just at nine


Struck her foot across the splinter


Fell into the foaming brine


Oh my darling, Oh my darling


Oh my darling, Clementine


You are lost and gone forever


Dreadful sorry, Clementine




The song ended and I hug them both and they giggled.


“Did Grandma Colt explain to you what the song meant?” I asked curiously “Yea, she did” said Kathie


“So, can you tell me about it?” I said looking at them and Jackie began “Clementine was a daughter of a forty-niner (49er)” he said “What’s that, what do you mean by forty-niner?”


Kathie replied “it’s a miner in the 1849 California Gold Rush, that’s what Granny Colt said”


“Wow!” I exclaimed and stared at Kathie in admiration “Yea” said Jackie “but Clementine died” “Oh no! That’s bad” I said sadly


“She tripped on a splinter, then fell and drown” Kathie said “Too bad” I sighed


“But do you know the funny part” Jackie asked me but I shook my head “Clementine had large feet that’s why she wore boxes instead of shoes” he said and I laughed loud


“Very funny” I said amidst laughter.


The children went on singing beautiful songs to me before Emmie walked in and joined in the story-telling and soon we were drowsing that the next moment we were all sleeping for God knows how long.



It was the doorbell that woke me up. I woke up to see Kathie on my chest. I took her off and placed her gently on the divan. Emmie and Jackie lay on the other. I opened the door gently to avoid distracting them and walked downstairs where I opened the main door.


Felix and the two girls walked in and I greeted


them and took Felix’s briefcase and dropped it off in his room. I hurried to the kitchen to make dinner, I wonder why I slept so long. I made rice cereal and served for dinner.


“There’d be an evening party this Sunday” Felix announced at the table “Would Susan be there?” Dollie asked and sip a little water


“Yes” Felix answered “she’ll be back on Saturday. At least to help Emilia out with the cooking”


I almost laughed, Susan helped with the cooking? Impossible






The days rolled away so fast that soon it was Saturday. That evening, Felix and Susan walked into the house, I greeted her but she didn’t reply and I didn’t let that bother me. On Sunday evening, preparations for the party began in earnest. There won’t be many guests. Just a few business counterparts and some friends, that was all. I was alone in the kitchen moving from making salad to the rice on the cooker while Susan was nowhere around.


I felt so thirsty, so I took out a bottle of water from the refrigerator where I cooled down myself. At that moment, the door opened and someone came in. I couldn’t believe my eye as I screamed out loud


“Debbie” I shouted and she hugged me while we laughed “What are you doing here” I asked and she shrugged “Well, I came with someone” she answered


“That guy” I asked although I felt convinced he’d be the one She nodded and smiled


“I’ll like to meet him” I told her “by the way, what’s his name” “His name’s Ben” she said and I looked at her confusingly


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His Kids and I

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