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“Oh no! My cabbages” an old man cried as he watched his cabbage cart turned over by a fat, pot-bellied man with a funny hat.


“Geez, not again” Christie said with a frown


“He’s outdone himself this time” Dollie said as she clenched her fist


“So, do we stand here and watch like always or do something” Kathie threw in and we all looked at her in surprise and she nodded and smiled.


“Alright, I have a plan” Christie said and whispered to them what they ought to do. They scrambled into the house, each coming out with his item. Thank goodness! Granny Colt was asleep.


Dollie and Jackie dragged a long slim but strong rope to the sidewalk and tied each end to a pole making the rope cross over the road.


Christie tied a baseball on a tree with an elastic rope and hid it behind thick leaves. She then tied the other end of the rope to the first rope made by Dollie and Jackie. Dollie also filled five small bags with stone and hung them beside the baseball while Jackie took some in his pocket and sat on top a tree holding his catapult firmly.


“Quick, he’s coming” Kathie announced


“Take position” Emmie ordered and they all ran into their various hiding posts. The man strode proudly along the path as he laughed at the old man with the cabbages. But his stupidity made him too blind to see the ropes crossing the path. Immediately his feet stumbled on the rope, the baseball came at full speed and hit him right in the forbidden zone. Then came the stones as they hit him from all sides in addition to Jackie’s shoot. With that completed, the children rushed in on him and dealt seriously with him as they give him hundreds of punching, hitting and kicking. When they got tired, they let go of him and dusted their clothes which looked like they had been playing football.


They were about walking away when they heard a strong but old voice “Thank you children”


The kids waved at the cabbage man and he smiled at t



hem and pushed his cart towards them. He brought out five fresh cabbages each for them.


“You did a great job”


Jackie chuckled “I’m sure he won’t bother you again”


The old man nodded and smiled widely, revealing a set of brown and broken teeth.


He waved them goodbye and pushed his cart at another direction.


“That was worth it” Christie said and they nodded in agreement “Aaaarrrgggghhhh” came a voice and they turned to see the pot-bellied man staggering up and running after them with wobbly legs. The kids laughed and ran home, just few feet away.








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