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Episode 30



Writer: Mimi Annie



Susan’s Pov




I washed my hands gently in the silver sink after making some cookies and cakes. It was the kids’ lunch. Although Emilia had already made lunch for them, I choose to make my own meal. I wanted to show them I can be good and that I can be the



woman they needed in their life. They were about coming to the end of their exams week and as such they closed early.


After washing my hands, I went to my room to shower and rest a little. I was awoken by the laughter of little children. I got out of bed and yawned, scratching my left arm. I went to the washroom to wash my face, after which I arranged my clothes as well as tidying my hair and tying it in a bun.


I got downstairs and saw them having lunch already, they had been served by Emilia.


I walked to the dining area and pulled a seat to sit down.


“Welcome cuties” I said with a wide grin but neither of them looked at me. They were so absorbed in their meal.


I turned to Kathie, she was eating her food gently. i caressed her hair gently “Hope you’re enjoying your lunch” I asked and she nodded


I smiled and looked at the others. Dollie was staring at me and I winked at her. “I made some cookies and cakes, who wants to eat?”


Dollie coughed slightly


“You made cookies” said Emmie


I nodded “wanna taste. It’s yummy”


Jackie laughed “Emmie, remember last time?”


The kids laughed and I smiled weakly, it was embarrassing though. At that moment, Emilia came out of the kitchen and sat with Kathie. She picked her spoon and help fed her. I got up and walked into the kitchen. I opened the pan where the cakes and cookies were kept and placed them on a flat silvery plate and covered the pan once more.


“Here’s it” I said to the kids the moment I walked in I placed it on the table and they stared at me with a surprise expression


“Go on” I urged “trust me, it’s taste good”


Christie scoffed “say that to the rats at the churchyard” I sighed sadly


“Just try it” I said


I watched as Kathie looked at Emilia and shrugged. She picked a cake and bit it slowly, chewing it slowly while the others watched


“It’s nice but too sugary” she said and Emilia chuckled


“You might get stomach upset dear” she said and I rolled my eyes “What’s wrong with her eating it” I growled at Emilia


“She said it’s too sugary” Emilia said “don’t you know too much sugar at a go isn’t good for the body?”



“Let me taste it too” Emmie said but she picked a cookie and bit it after grinning at her siblings.


She nodded her head “I think the cookie’s great” “Try it” she said to her siblings


Jackie picked one too and ate “I like it”


“It tastes good” Kathie said after taking a bite on Jackie’s cookie.


I looked at the other two, they were just staring at their siblings, unsure if to eat it or not. Recommend you to download TopsterStories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


“C’mon just try it. I bet you’ll love it” I said but they continued staring at their siblings before finishing up their meal. When the kids were done eating, there were seven cakes and four cookies remaining in the plate.


“Don’t you still want to eat them?” I directed the question to Christie and Dollie. Dollie shrugged and picked a cookie and ate it cautiously. As I watched, I saw a smile slide across her cheeks but then it disappeared as quickly as it came.


“It’s good for a try” she said and picked one for Christie. She collected and took it reluctantly to her mouth and bit a little piece. She chewed it slowly and gently. “I’ll say it’s great” she said and dropped back the remaining piece in her hand into the plate and strode to her room, Dollie fell behind. I smiled


I was really progressing


At that moment, my facial expression changed as the thoughts of Felix spelled in my head.




Later in the evening, around 5pm when Felix got back, I had prepared chicken sauce with rice but he refused to eat it. I pleaded and cried to him but he didn’t want to hear me out, instead he preferred eating Emilia’s food.


Upon all my pleadings and cries, he refused to talk to me. He didn’t even want to look me twice. I picked my cell phone and put a call through to my sister an


d she told me she was coming. That alone gave me a bit of hope. Felix would never go down on my sister’s word. He had never done that. He held her in high esteem. Lara arrived thirty minutes after the call and we all sat in the sitting room.


“Lara” Felix called “I told you about this already. I’m not going back to her and that’s final”


“Felix please, you can’t do this” Lara pleaded



“But you’re aware of everything that I’ve transpired between us before this painful breakup”


Lara sighed “I know but you know sometimes people are bound to change. Please Felix just give her a chance”


“I respect you so much Lara, that’s why I don’t want to get annoyed” “Lara” I cried “please don’t stop begging him, please”


My sister only shook her head and I cried the more. I felt my world crumbled, I rushed to Felix and held his legs while I knelt before him.


“Babe please don’t do this to me” I cried, trying to make him feel a bit of pity for me but then I got the greatest shock of my life.


He pushed me away and held Emilia’s hand and they both walked out of the room, leaving me staring with mouth ajar. I turned to my sister, her head was bent slightly and she muttered words I didn’t hear clearly.




The next morning, I woke up with throbbing pains all over my body. I walked lazily to the washroom where I brushed my teeth and took a shower. When I was done, I stepped out of the tub and walked into my room, drying my hair with the towel in my hand. I sat at my dressing table and picked a body cream. Just then, my phone rang and I picked it after checking the caller ID. It was my boss, Madam Helena.


“Good morning ma’am” I greeted and she replied.


“Can you make it to Abuja now” she said and I wondered why she took me by surprise.


“But why now?” I asked “it’s still too early”


“There’s this contract I’ve just signed via internet but I know the controller. He promised to pay us ten million after the job”


Ten million.


I gasped


“I’ll be there ma’am” I said


“Yes, hurry up. We don’t have forever ’cause it appears we’ll be starting work very early tomorrow”


“I wished I knew earlier I would have booked a flight” “Don’t worry but be fast, okay?” “Okay ma’am”



Immediately the call ended, I wondered if what I said was a good choice. I wanted to show Felix I’m changed but it seems he was too blind to see it. It was better I got out of this house than stay and be humiliated. A tear dropped from my eye and I blinked.


Be strong girl, you’re strong


I encouraged myself


I dressed up quickly and packed some clothes into my luggage. I even forgot to ask Helena the duration of the said job.


After I was done packing, I checked my time. It was 9:30am.


I walked downstairs, rolling the bag behind me. I heard the kids’ voice as I walked pass the passageway leading to their room. Today was a Saturday and as such they didn’t go to school.


I was even surprised when I saw Felix come downstairs too but he was dressed already and he held some files in his hand. It seemed he came back to picked them. He walked past me and opened the door and got out, leaving it ajar for me. When I got out, I closed it back. He didn’t even bother to ask me why I had the luggage with me. Well, it’s obvious it was really over. He no more cared about me. I sighed and rolled the suitcase to the gate. At that moment I heard someone groaned, I turned my back and saw Felix holding the left mirror on his car.


I stopped to be sure it was a minor groan but then, it came again and he groaned even louder, holding his chest.






“Felix” I shouted and ran to him but before I could hold him he slumped on the ground.


“Somebody help……………” I screamed as loud as I could with tears in my eyes.


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His Kids and I





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