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Episode 28



Writer: Mimi Annie


Susan’s Pov




I stirred the pot for the last time and tasted it. It seemed okay. I closed the lid and wiped my hand with a tea-towel. I was already sweating like a Christmas turkey when I took the pot off the cooker. I dished the soup in Felix’s favorite plate and made a little Semovita, just as Lara had shown me. I pray he eats it or else I’ll be so sad.


Actually, on coming home, I met no one in the house, seems they went out; like they always do. It has become a daily routine ever since Emilia came into the painting.


I was still in my room when I heard voices downstairs. i dropped my phone quietly on the bed and walked hurriedly to the mirror to check myself. I arranged the small top and slapped my hair a little to the right before walking out.


At first, I peeped into the sitting-room before descending the stairs. The kids were the only ones around. I let out a wide smile as I walked towards them. “Sweetheart” I greeted and touched Dollie’s hair but she flung my hand away. Well, that didn’t touch me a bit. I just walked over to Emmie but she also gave me a cold shoulder. I looked up at Christie and she got up and walked away and the rest followed. I felt as bad as a rotten egg as I stared at them walking out of view. I sighed and turned to the kitchen. There, I met Emilia, she was preparing dinner. I walked past her and filled a glass with water.


“Unbelievable” I heard her say and I dropped the glass and saw her holding the lid of the soup pot. She was staring at the soup with a mockery expression boldly written on her face.


“Are you for real?” she said but I just stared at her.


She covered the lid and turned to me and stood akimbo “And you think you can buy back his love with this?”


She was really getting on my nerves, but I didn’t want to act stupid ’cause of Felix She chuckled “you know what, I don’t think Felix’ would love to look at this trash twice” she said, referring to my food.


“And how is that your business” I barked “get this straight young lady, no matter what you do or give him he’ll never love you. I know this man so well, he’ll never” She rolled her eyes, “and who said that? Look dear, I have just the right antidote to cure his soul so even………..”



I cut in “spare me the trash, you know, I don’t know if you charmed him or not, all I know is he’s just using you and you know what, I pray you don’t regret this things tomorrow”


She laughed and held her tummy “I won’t regret anything sweetheart, Felix is such a loving and caring man whom every woman would love to hold tight. His kids are just the best and seeing such opportunity as this, knocking at my very door, I can’t let it pass by”


“I’ll suggest you dump this thing in the wastebin ’cause it’ll be useless after I give them this” she said, pointing to the food on the cooker.


She winked and shook her butts “you have a long way to go if you think you can get him back ’cause I don’t think he even has the time to look you twice”


This was too much, it was just too much. I ran inside my room and cried gently. I felt so angry, so angry at myself. Imagine that low-life talking to me anyhow she wants all because of Felix. Gosh! I swear I’ll make her regret this.


Few minutes later, I wiped my tears and washed my face. As I got to Felix’s door, I heaved a long, deep sigh. I knocked gently and I heard his voice.


“Who’s there?”


“It’s Susan” I replied quickly though in a low tone


I waited for some seconds expecting him to usher me in but he didn’t. I held the doorknob, bent it slightly, pushed and the door opened. He was sitting at his study table, working on his laptop. I walked over and stood quietly beside him. He didn’t even care to look up neither did he say a word.


I dragged my hands around my neck, scratching it slowly and gently as I thought of how to start.


“i……..i………..i……….i wanted…………..i wanted to ………… to know if


you’ll like to” I paused and said the three last words slowly, almost in a whisper “have dinner now”


I watched as he lifted his face for the first time since I walked int


o the room.


“Did I hear you say dinner?” he asked sarcastically and I nodded stupidly He scoffed “you know, I can’t remember the last time you asked me such”


Tears began dripping down my cheeks and I fell on my knees and cried holding his blue shorts.


“Babe, I’m so sorry for everything have done, please forgive me” I cried and bent my head.


“Please” I continued “please don’t deny the meal, please”


“And how I’m I sure it’s not poisoned” he said and I looked up at him and threw


my shoulders in a “God forbid” manner


“Why would I do that?” I asked gently


“Because you hate me” he said


“C’mon babe don’t say that, you and I know it’s not true, you and I know that’s a lie. I love you babe. I love you so much”


He scoffed “since when, when last did you care about my well-being or that of my family”


“Please Susan I don’t want to get pissed off tonight, I’ll advise you just leave” “No” I cried the more “babe please don’t say that please, don’t reject my food, please. I took time and effort to prepare it. it’s special babe, just for you. I want to show you that I am changed, I’m changed now babe. I am”


“Susan it seems you’re deaf” he said “I said I don’t want your food. Emilia is preparing dinner for me and I’ll be okay with that”


“Emilia” Icried “what has she done to you. What has she done to you Felix, what” “What you can’t do Susan, what you can’t do. She’s just the kind of woman that I want. She knows how to treat my family and she knows how to make my children happy. If there’s anything I want in a woman right now, it’s someone who can make my children happy, someone who thinks about the happiness and smiles of my kids as well as someone who is always there when I need her, when the family needs her”


“But Susan, you possessed no one of those. You just this lackadaisical lifestyle, nothing pricks you when it comes to my case. Your work is always your top priority. This nonchalant attitude is just out of hand and I need a break. I so much appreciate the good old days and I won’t forget them. But for now, I think this is where we say goodbye” he ended, shut his laptop and walked out.


“No” I shouted and ran to him “Felix please don’t do this…………………..I beg


you, don’t…………………….I want to change Felix………………Can’t you see I




….. It’s all for you and the kids……………………..I


’ve realize my wrongs and I’m very sorry”


“And you realize them at a wrong time too” he shouted and I flinched. He pushed me off his hold and walked out of the room, banging the door behind him.


I jumped around in the room, shouting and wailing, throwing away everything that came to my reach.


“Don’t do this please…………………” I shouted



The next day, I was feeling a bit better after coming back from Lara’s house. Although, I didn’t want to come back, Lara wouldn’t let me stay in her house so I had no choice than to come home. When I walked into the sitting-room, I met Kathie and Jackie dancing around the room. They were singing a birthday song and I wondered who was having a birthday.


Happy Birthday to you


Happy Birthday to you


Happy Birthday, my dear friend


Happy Birthday to you


I forced a weak smile the moment they turned their faces to me.


“What’s all the excitement about?” I asked curiously


“Today’s Emmie’s birthday and Dad is celebrating it at Uncle Ben” Jackie replied with joy


“Whoa!” I exclaimed “can I come along”


“Sure” he said “but you gotta hurry ’cause dad we’ll be leaving soon”


I nodded and ran upstairs to my room, where I washed my face and dressed up before making up. I came out of my room and shut the door after checking myself on the dressing mirror. Christie and Dollie were just walking towards my direction ’cause we were all going to take the same stairs.


“Emmie didn’t tell me today’s her birthday” I said with a grin


The girls stared at me blankly, they were beautifully dressed and their gown was just perfect.


“And what would you have done if she had?” Dollie asked “I would have provided the cake”


They laughed out loud which made me feel embarrassed


“Sorry to disappoint you Miss Baker but Emilia baked the cake already” Emilia did wha


t? I sighed and smiled weakly.


“No problem but I’m still coming along” I said


They were about leaving when they stopped dead on their tracks “I hope you ain’t dreaming of following us” said Christie


“Geez!” Dollie exclaimed “I’d suggest you stay right here, your presence would be a crowd, okay?”



“And I bet you’ve got new nails to make and big contracts to sign” she added and Christie laughed.


“You’re right Dollie” said Christie “the one on her feet seems to be wearing off” “And you can use that opportunity to learn how to make good food” someone said and I looked up to see Emmie walking gently towards us. She was wearing a red dress that fitted closely to her body. It looked like a bride’s wedding gown and it was so beautiful, as it swept itself on the floor.


“I don’t need you in my party. You’re a disaster” Emmie said and walked away while the others followed behind after having a good laugh.


I didn’t realize I was staring at them all this while with my mouth ajar. I touched my eyes and realized tears had covered them.


Did those children just said that? I wished someone could tell me it’s a dream.


I was still standing there when Felix came out of his room. He just walked pass me and climbed down the stairs without a word. Soon, Emilia joined. I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful she looked on her short red gown with red heels and a red purse to match.


“Everyone ready” I heard Gabriel’s voice. I didn’t even see when he walked in. “Yei!” the kids screamed and I watched as Felix and Emilia intertwined hands, then Felix pecked her cheeks.


“You look so beautiful” he said and she blushed.


The kids walked out and they followed and shut the door.


Just then, I felt my legs wobble and my knees bent slightly. I went down slowly, slowly, slowly, and landed on the floor with a thud and my mental screen went dark. I was lost in oblivion.


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