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Episode 32Final]



Writer: Mimi Annie



Susan’s Pov cont.




Geez! I almost slumped, plan?


All this was a plan?


“You planned it all” I asked with puzzling eyes


“We’re sorry Susan for making you go through all that pain” ben said “it was meant to test you and that was all”


Lara coughed a little and I looked at her and saw what appeared to be a smile hanging at the corner of her lips.


“Lara” I said “where you aware of this?”


She shrugged


“Let’s say, we planned it together” she said “the four of us”


“Well you see” Ben began “that disdain attitude of yours really sucks. Felix was always complaining to me about your lackadaisical behavior and besides I’ve witnessed it many a times. Did you know how much you hurt him back then? It was just too much Susan. You cared less about them, all you were after was your work and the huge amount following every contract you signed” he paused “So he really needed help and at that moment this was the only answer I could provide”


The tears came again but this time it was expressionless “Felix why?” I cried and he frowned


“You started it, you started it the day you starved my kids’ all because of your damn job. You of all people should know I don’t joke with my kids. You knew that so well yet you went against that. It was just too much, it was too much and the pains where making me want to go wild. I was so mad at you the day you left for South Africa, ignoring my kids’ welfare”


I cried the more as I listened to him.


“But one thing was that I couldn’t bring myself to hate you. I couldn’t” he said “I couldn’t do that because I love you and I still do no matter the wrongs. We all have our own flaws and sometimes in life second chance should be allowed” he paused


“I’m sorry babe for the pains I made you undergo. I still wanted to see if the old you was still there”


I cried and held his legs “Babe I’m sorry too. I felt so stupid when I realize I was chasing wealth and fame and hurting people that mattered to me. I’m so sorry” “It’s okay” Felix said and pulled me into a hug


Emilia coughed a little and I looked at her


“Don’t get mad at me okay?” she said “we had nothing doing with each other. It was all a prank okay? At least now you now know where you belong as well as your duties to them. Everything you see us do or talked about this past weeks was all a fake. Felix loves you so much, that’s why he couldn’t let you go”


I smiled widely for the first time in a month.


“Thank you Emilia” I said “I’m sorry for all the bad things I said and all the names”


She smiled “it was nothing. I was ready for it”


I turned my eyes to the kids, they were all smiling.


Did they know about the plan too?


I got up and walked to them, hugging them one after the other



“Thank you for forgiving me” I said with tears of joy and kissed their cheeks. Jackie released me from the hug and handed something to Felix which I didn’t see clearly. Recommend you to download TopsterStories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


I was still with the kids’ when I felt a hand on my waist. I turned slowly and it was Felix, he had that cushy smile on his face. That smile that I always find hard to resist.


I watched as he went down on his knees and opened a small golden box.


In there, I saw the most enchanting object ever in my life.


A diamond ring!


“I’ve waited long enough for this day to come” he said “but it came to a moment I doubted if it would ever be you. But now, my fears have been tied down. I love you Susan and I all I wished for is to spend my life with you. I want you to be the mother to my kids. Will that be hard for you?” “Never” I said with delight and he smiled


“Does that mean you’ll marry me” he smirked and I giggled “I can’t wish for more” I said “I’ll marry you”


There was thunderous clapping as he slid the ring into my finger and we hugged. “I love you Felix”


“I love you more babe”


Just then, my phone rang and I picked up after checking the caller ID, it was my boss.


“Where are you?” she asked hurriedly


“I’m so sorry, I couldn’t make it. There’s an emergency at home and I’m still there right now”


“What” she screamed “have you forgotten time is money?” “I’m


sorry ma’am” I apologized


“This is ten million I’m telling you” she shouted.


“I’m expecting you before tomorrow, okay” she said and I kept mute. I actually didn’t know what to answer.


I turned my eyes and stared at the faces before me. I looked from Felix to the kids,


Emilia, Ben, Lara and finally Felix again.


I smiled


I think I’ve found the answer.



I’ve come to learn that family was far more important than material things. You could lose them and still get exactly the same type but it’s so hard to lose a love one and get the same replica.


I once lose them and I wasn’t ready to lose them again.




Not when I found love staring right into my eyes.


It conquers all things. What shall it profit a man to be called rich yet he lacks happiness, peace, love and care.


I was not ready for that anymore. I’ve known my stand now and I won’t slide back Never!


“Are you there?” I heard Helena’s voice at the other end.


I breathed long and deep before replying “I’m sorry Helena but I won’t come anymore. I think it’s high time I return the love and care I once throw away and stand up to my weak points”


“What?” she shouted “you mean you ain’t coming anymore” “Exactly ma’am” I answered


“Look if you turn down this offer, our deal is over”


I laughed “you can keep the deal ma’am ’cause right now what I’ve got is far more important than that”


I heard her hissed and the line went dead.


I turned to the family and smiled and Felix winked at me “Did you mean what you said?” he asked


“Every bit of it” I answered and he grinned before bounding our lips together in a soft kiss.


I heard clapping but I didn’t care.






Emilia’s Pov




Life felt so good right now. I couldn’t believe I was now an Executive at Classic Ventures. Staying at the Felix’s was worth it. I now had a flat and car of my own. The kids do come around to spend the weekends with me and it was always fun.


At Christmas, Felix and Susan left for Paris to spend their Christmas holiday and the kids’ travelled to Chicago to spend theirs with Granny Colt.


Life was really good. So, so good.



What was left in my life now was my own prince charming and I believed I would meet him soon.










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