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Episode 29



Writer: Mimi Annie



Debbie’s Pov



It was a Sunday afternoon after church, I decided to pay Ben a visit. We’ve gotten close to each other these few weeks and I think I’m starting to like him but I really wanted to be careful in this one. I didn’t want what happen in my past relationship to repeat itself and I’ll make sure it doesn’t. I locked the main door and got into my milky Toyota Camry. I drove straight to Ben’s eatery. I was damn sure he’d be there.


I got there in half an hour due to the heavy traffic. I parked at one of the garage and got down, locking the doors carefully. I walked into one of the areas in the eatery where Chinese meals where offered and inquired about him. I was told he was at the African section. I strolled gently towards that particular area. Just then, my eye caught someone familiar standing beside a tree outside the building. I looked closely to be sure I wasn’t mistaken. Geez! He was the one, it was Chris. He wore a black trouser with a white t-shirt. But he looked somehow old and slim. Was he really the one? I though as I hurried out of the building to where he stood. He was facing the streets and he didn’t notice me.


When I got close, I tapped him on his shoulder and he jumped with a start. OMG! I wasn’t mistaken, it was him. But he looked so old and scrawny, with wrinkles forming on all parts of his skin.


“Chris” I called in surprise and watched as he looked me up and down. “It’s me Chris. It’s Debbie” I said and he nodded “I know” he said with a croaky voice.


“It’s been long” I said and saw tears gathered in his eyes. I couldn’t help it as I let mine slipped out too.


“What happened Chris” I said slowly “you’ve really changed” I watched as his tears dropped one after the other.


“Come let’s go sit inside” I urged him but he said no. I insisted vehemently till he accepted.


“So, tell me” I said when once we were seated “what happened” He heaved a sigh, a long, deep, sad one.


“I didn’t know” he said and the tears fell once again.


“Know what” I asked curiously


“I had Gonorrhea but I didn’t know” he said with his face to the other side and I gasped.


“What!” I exclaimed “since when?”


“I had it even when we were still dating, but I didn’t know” I placed my hands on my mouth in shock.



“And up till this moment I still can’t tell how I came in contact with it” he said and I shook my head sadly


I couldn’t believe he was suffering from that deadly disease while we were still dating. I felt the tears that had cloaked on my eye begin to fall down in drops. I didn’t cry for him, I cried for my narrow escape. I cried as I realized what happened that day was a blessing in disguise. I wondered how I would have looked like if I had given in to his s£xual demand.


“When did you realize you had the disease?” I asked after mopping my tears with my small face towel.


“Two weeks after you left” he said and I could feel sadness in his tone “the signs and symptoms began manifesting. At first I thought it was fever until it became worse and I had to see a doctor”


He paused and stared at me but I threw my face away. I couldn’t look into his eyes. It hurts. It only brought back the good, bad old memories. It only brought back the incident that happened a month ago.


“After the tests, he said I had Gonorrhea” he cried “I was shocked Debbie. I was shocked. That day I cried like a baby. I was not myself for weeks. Although the pharmacist prescribed some medications for me, it didn’t help. It had already eaten half my body”


I sniffed and wiped my eyes.


“I now live life all alone. All my friends and girlfriends have all rejected me. I’ve been sacked from work place and the company’s house I lived in and the car they gave me for the work have all been taken away. I now live life on the streets, roaming around looking for shelter, wishing I knew all this things would happen. It’s just too painful……………I wished I knew beforehand…………..I wished I did”


He cried and I felt myself crying too. As I looked at his teary face, the incident of that day kept crawling into my mind


. The way he shouted at me, ordering me out of his house, the manner he banged the door at my face, the way he ignored all my pleads……………Gosh! I couldn’t

recount the pains any longer. They hurt. It does.


“Babe, you’re here” I heard someone’s voice and I knew at once it was Ben. I blinked thrice and turned my face behind with a smile. He came beside me and looked up at Chris and then me.


“Babe” I said and got up and Chris did too. He brought out a brown looking handkerchief which I believed was white at first and blew his nose into it.



“Sweetheart, meet my” I paused and coughed slightly “meet Chris” I swallowed hard before adding “my ex”


“You’re welcome bro” Ben greeted and he nodded


“Chris, this is Ben, my friend” I said and he nodded and Ben smirked and I shrugged with a smile playing across my lips.




Chris’ Pov




I stared at the man before me. He was holding Debbie by the waist and I felt kinda jealous but then what can I do, I caused it all and now I’m living a life of regrets. “Sweetheart, meet my” she paused and I wondered what she wanted to say next. “Meet Chris” she said and I felt my heart missed a beat. She didn’t even recognize me as her former date. I felt weak and stupid as I stood there. And just when I was lamenting to my inner territory, I heard her say “my ex”


A smile gleam on my cheek as I shook hands with the rich, popular Ben whom was standing at my front.


At first, I thought they were dating until she said, “Chris, this is Ben, my friend”


I forced a weak smile again and shook his hands once more.


I watched as Ben smirked at her and she smiled at him. I couldn’t stand it anymore. For some time, the pain of my present ailment left me and it was replaced by the pain of losing the most precious thing that has ever happened to me. But then, if I didn’t let her go, I wondered if she would have also suffered from Gonorrhea too although she turned down all my s£xual urges. I was just happy for one thing, that I had spared her the pains she would have experience now. I was so happy that she was now living a happy and cheerful life. It was so sad.


“Chris” I heard Debbie’s voice and I lift my head slowly to realize the latter had been calling my name for like thrice now. I had been lost in thoughts that I didn’t hear her voice.


“Ben asked what you’d like to take” she said but I just stared at her.


“Are you okay?” she asked and I shook my head, then I nodded and shook my head again.


What was happening to me? I couldn’t tell. I just turned my back and walked hurriedly out of the eatery with tears in my eyes.



Susan’s Pov




I tip-toed to the balcony where it Felix and Emilia where seated. I leaned beside the wall and eavesdropped on them.


“Wow, it’s so beautiful” I heard Emilia’s voice.


“Yea” Felix said “look, you spilled your drink on your skirt” Emilia laughed “and I didn’t see it”


“Here, let me wipe it out” Felix said and there was a minute of silence after which Emilia said.


“I love this one”


Felix chuckled “that was at the beach” he paused


“The good old days” he said and I knew at once what they were discussing about.


It seems they were viewing the pictures we took the last time we went to the beach.


“Whoa, Emmie’s eyes is scary” Emilia said and they laughed.


“You know what” said Felix “sometimes I wonder why it had to be this way. I couldn’t believe I could love someone so much as this” “It happens you know” Emilia said


“Yea, I know” he paused “well, let’s say that’s in the past ’cause right now you’re all we need here”


Emilia laughed “stop it, I’m blushing”


“And what if I don’t stop” Felix said and the next thing Emilia was laughing hard. I wiped the tear that dropped from my eye and got out of my hiding place to where they were seated. I knelt in front of Felix and looked him straight in the eye but he threw his face at the other direction.


“Babe, please” I begged “I’m so sorry. I want you to believe I’m changed. I’m changed babe…………I am”


“Felix please…….i still love you babe. All that happened in the past was just out


of ignorance. I promise I won’t go back to my past……..I promise you”




usan what the hell is wrong with you” he barked and stood up from his seat “it’s over between us. Can’t you get that into your dull brain? Huh?”


I gasped and screamed the more, holding his leg and bowing slightly. “Babe please don’t say that……….please don’t”



But he didn’t want to hear me out. He just shoved me away and walked out. I sat on the floor crying my eyes out as I stared at Emilia. She grinned, picked her glass and walked out too.


I felt like dying, I felt like running mad, no, this was just a nightmare. It’s a nightmare.


I sat there for half an hour before standing up slowly, and walking to my room. I dropped to the bed and turned on the MP3 lying on my bedside table. Just then, Westlife music “Maybe Tomorrow” began playing.




Can’t believe it’s over


That you’re leaving


Weren’t we meant to be?


Should have sensed the danger


Read the warnings


Right there in front of me


Just stop, let’s start it over


Couldn’t I get one more try?


Maybe tomorrow


You’ll see that you’re mine


You’ll realize I could change


I’m gonna show you I’m in it for life


I’ll get you back some day


Maybe tomorrow


I forgot to be there


I was selfish


I can see that now


I should have got to know you


Should have held you


When your tears fell down


Just stop, don’t make me beg


Tell me that you’ll stay the night


Maybe tomorrow


You’ll see that you’re mine


You’ll realize I could change


I’m gonna show you I’m in it for life


I’ll get you back some day………….


Wait a minute


Just hear me out


This time I promise


I’ll put you first


Turn around now


Your heart can’t let you walk away


I’ll do what it takes


Maybe tomorrow


You’ll see that you’re mine


You’ll realize………..




I couldn’t help the tears as I listened to the song. It made me cry non-stop. Why is this happening to me? I cried as I find it hard to get the answers and soon I drifted to sleep.


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