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Episode 24



Writer: Mimi Annie



Dollie’s Pov




We were all inside our room when suddenly Emmie burst in. she was grinning all ears like someone who had just won a medal. Well, I shrugged, she sure won one some hours ago.


“What did Dad say?” Christie asked and we waited impatiently to hear her reply.


“He congratulated me” she said


“Just that?” I asked


She laughed “The other is a secret”


I rolled my eyes and she giggled


“C’mon Emmie just spill it out” Christie begged but Emmie shook her head and we frowned.


“Alright” said Jackie “you can keep it to yourself”


Emmie only laughed and I got pissed off that I picked my novel and began reading at once.


Just then, I remembered something.


“Emmie, did you really mean what you said earlier on TV” Emmie arched her eyebrow “which was?”


“I mean the one you said about Emilia” I stressed out “you told the public you love her”


She smiled and nodded “yea, I guess I do” She paused “she did it for me. Something only Granny Colt would do”



I smiled at the mention of Granny Colt. I so much missed her. I wanted to see her aging face again.


“I miss Granny Colt” Christie said “I still remember when we were coming back to Nigeria”


Jackie laughed “Then, you and Dollie went hiding underground”


I giggled “I keep wondering how they found us. That place was so secret” Kathie coughed and all eyes fell on her and she shrugged.


“Kathie why did you?” I made a slight frown that faded in a second


She frowned too “how could it be me? I didn’t even know where you were hiding” “So you mean those ghosts in Crumbell story tell us out?” Christie said


We laughed as we remembered Crumbell Ghost story, a vampire story.


“That story looked so real whenever Granny Colt told us about them” I said and Emmie nodded.


“Yea, they did” said Christie “it kinda looked real when they attacked the farmer’s house”


“What if Granny Colt was just making that part up ’cause it was scary” Emmie said and I nodded


“She might have” I supported “she loves doing freaky things too. Like wearing those black dresses with a mask during Halloween”


“Halloween” Jackie shrieked “I love the plays and shows” “Yuck” Kathie muttered “they’re so scary”


“Remember the one with the vampire masked” said Christie to me and we laughed, remembering how he had chased us through a tunnel after we had scribbled on a mask. How we escaped that hot chase was truly magical


“I believe they’re just for fun” said Emmie


“Yea they are but they sometimes look real” I said “just like in movies”


“Can you remember that vampire’s song?” Jackie asked “Granny Colt said she was the most powerful of them all”


Kathie covered her ears and said in her usual tiny voice “no please, don’t sing that, it’s creepy”


We laughed at her, she was always in Granny Colt’s arm whenever the latter began the song.


“Talking about songs” said Christie “I kinda feel like singing” “Me too” I said


“Yea” the others agreed


“Remember Maria” Jackie said and I smiled. I loved that lady “Yea, sound of music” Christie said in delight



“Let’s sing my favorite thing” I suggested. It was one among my best songs “Here we go” said Emmie




*Emmie’s Voice*


Raindrops on roses and


Whiskers on kittens


Bright copper kettles and


Warm wollen mittens


Brown paper packages tied


Up with strings


These are a few of my


Favorite things




*Dollie’s Voice*


Cream colored ponies and


Crisp apple strudels


Door bells and sleigh bells


And schnitzel with noodles


Wild geese that fly with the


Moon on their wings


These are a few of


My favorite things




*Christie’s Voice*


Girls in white dresses with


Blue satin sashes


Snowflakes that stay on my


Nose and eyelashes


Silver white winters that melt


Into springs


These are a few of my


Favorite things


*The twins’ Voice*


When the dog bites


When the bee stings


When I’m feeling sad


I simply remember my


Favorite things




*Jackie’s voice*


And then I don’t feel so bad……………………






“”Geez, Jackie you ended badly” Christie said with a frown and Jackie rolled his eyes


“I’m sorry, it was a mistake” he apologized and we nodded “Hey, look at this”


Kathie said and handed us a picture. It was Susan’s “How did it get here?” I asked confused Kathie shrugged “I picked it over there”


She pointed under our wardrobe. I stared at the picture, taking in from head to toe. She was wearing a tight blue jean trouser with a yellow polo and she looked so beautiful with that cute smile on her face.


“Do you think dad’s gonna marry her?” Emmie asked and we all gave her expressionless gazes.


“I don’t seem to understand it too” Christie said “though she’s good, she has a lot of flaws”


“Yea” Jackie agreed


“I think I like Emilia better” said Jackie


“She’s so caring, considerate, compassionate, kind” he paused “And a lot more” he completed.


Christie sighed “I think everyone has his own weakness. I wish dad could see that”






Susan’s Pov



This night, I couldn’t spend it with my sister ’cause I was really missing Felix. I just wished he could see that I care about him but one thing I didn’t think it right to do was the apology. Why would I apologize on what I haven’t done? He should be the one apologizing ’cause all this while I was unaware he was making out with his nanny. It hurts to think of the event that took place a night ago.


Lara dropped me in his car and I walked over to the gate after waving a goodnight to her. Musa opened the gate and bowed as usual, something I found embarrassing. “How many times have I told you not to bow to me” I said angrily “Do I look like your traditional ruler, huh!”


“Walang kalai, madam I no vex” he said “I sorry if I vex”


Geez! I can’t believe I was still standing, looking at this dummy. I hissed and walked away. I didn’t have his time. I pressed the doorbell and checked my time, it was nine o’clock on the dot.


The door opened and Emilia stood beside it, hands akimbo. She was tying a towel. What the heck was she doing, perambulating half-naked in my man’s house. It seems she doesn’t know her place. I stared at her angrily, hissed and walked in. just then, I heard Felix voice.


“Babe who’s that”


“it’s Susan” Emilia replied


I heard him hissed


“And I thought it was someone important” he said “Come over, let’s take our bath. She knows the way in”


My jaw dropped at the mention of “bath”. I myself have never done that with him.


Emilia giggled and walked out on me majestically.


“You mean you even take a bath together” I screamed in surprise.


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