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Episode 3



Writer: Mimi Annie










Emilia’s Pov




That same night as I lie on my large, soft bed, I began reminiscing over the evening’s occurrence.


After the kids hugging me, Felix had shown me the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, store house, the kid’s play house and lastly, my room. I couldn’t help wondering how a man could be so incredibly rich. He had really wanted this house to taste like he was the one living in it ’cause I guess the architect might have probably taken time in drawing the plan. The kitchen was so beautiful and he really made it look like all these American kitchens I’ve been seeing in movies. But who on earth keeps a food timetable in his house, I wondered. However, it was not just the kitchen that was beautiful but the entire building. It looked as lovely as those American houses on TV. The bathroom and other rooms he showed me where no exception, even my room. Recommend you to download TopsterStories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


Just then, Emmie, Christie and Dollie’s action flashed into my mind and I wondered why they acted so mean. Is that how American kids behave towards strangers? Hmmm! I sighed, I really need this job, if not for anything, but for the cash. I’d make a million in four months then I’d quit. Four months isn’t that long but truly speaking it looks a bit long to me. With the cash I bet I can open a boutique or a stall and perhaps trade on wholesales. I heaved.


I should quit thinking and go to bed. Tomorrow’s a big day. I put off the bedside lamp and close my eyes and let sleep take over.



Felix’s Pov




In the morning, I was woken up by the alarm. I lazily lumbered into the washroom and wash my face and brush my teeth before taking a cold bath. I hope Emilia is awake, I said as I checked the time, 6:05am. I walked into the kitchen and saw her scratching her hair and looking around the whole place.


“Any problem?” I asked and that startled her “Good morning Sir” she greeted and I nodded


“Ehmm!…………i don’t think I can make any of this” she said, pointing to the


timetable. Today’s breakfast consisted of pasta, toasted bread and milkshake.


I chuckled.


“Don’t you know how to make pasta?” I asked and she shrugged “Well, it might not be the same way you make yours” she said “Alright, let me show you” I said “Pasta first”


I picked a pot and boiled some water, and then added salt and later when the water had boiled, i poured in the pasta. I took a big spoon, stir and tasted it before draining out the water. I made a little sauce and poured the pasta into it and stirred. Thereafter, I placed it again on the cooker so the sauce could mix well.


That done, I then went ahead to make some milkshake before the bread. “Wake the kids” I said to her “I’ll take care of breakfast”


She nodded and went out




Emilia’s Pov




I walked down the passageway leading to the kid’s room. This house was so big with a lot of rooms. I took the first turn and opened the door and peeped in. it seems Dollie was awake but she sat on her bed yawning. The kids had their separate bed in the room with a study table besides each of the bed. In here smelled nice and the decorations and everything was just a typical American home.


“You don’t peep, you knock and we answer” Dollie said and yawned again. i apologized and just then Christie steered and opened her eyes.


“I came to wake you guys. You have to hurry or you’ll be late for school”



“Well, well, we’re awake so I think your mission is accomplished and besides you don’t stand at the door when you’re supposed to be inside the room” Christie said harshly and I sighed deeply.


“How about Emmie” I said “She’s still sleeping”


Dollie got down from her bed and slowly walked to Emmie’s bed and slapped her butt lightly “Sleepy head its morning”


Emmie groaned and turned over without opening her eyes. Christie came down too and slapped Emmie’s butt so hard that the latter woke up with a start.


“What the hell did you do that for?” she screamed with anger and I couldn’t help giggling


“I don’t think it’s funny” Christie said to me and I kept a straight face and said gently




t, just get out of bed, shower and dress up”


I closed the door but before leaving I heard someone’s voice


“Christie, I thought Dad said you should learn some manners around her” I shrugged, I didn’t just care. With the cash, I’m okay.




My next point of call was the twin’s room. Like the rest of the rooms, it smelled so nice. They kids laid on a trundle bed and the bed cover were light green in color, same with the pillow case. I went first to Kathie and shook her gently “babe, wake up it’s morning”


She yawned and stretched herself and opened her eye. I picked her up and placed her head on my shoulder then I shook Jackie gently and he groaned loudly before opening his eyes and I picked him up and together we went to the washroom where I helped them brushed their teeth and take their bath. I dressed them up in their uniforms and we walked to the play house to pick their school bags.


Together, we walked to the dining. The other three were already seated and their father had already dished out breakfast into their different plate. I helped in feeding Kathie and soon their school bus came over and I took them out. Minutes later, I came back and went ahead to pack Jackie and Kathie’s plate. Just then, the doorbell rang and I went to get it.


When I opened, a man walked in and said “hi” and I greeted him “New nanny?” he asked and I nodded


“I’m Gabriel” he introduced himself and stretched out his hand for a shake


I smiled “I’m Emilia” and we shook hands


I left for the kitchen and he took the kids to school and I later cleared the table and took the plates to the kitchen.


“Emilia” I heard my name and I knew it was Felix calling me “Yes sir” I answered and hurried out of the kitchen


“Come, there’s something I need to let you know before I leave for work”













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