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It’s a nice and quiet Sunday evening i am preparing dinner while the girls are watching television. We went to church in the morning then went grocery shopping for the week. I also took the girls out for lunch then we came back home and started watching movies and playing games.


This has become our Sunday routine ever since Tasha left, Taylor and Talia are adapting to life without her and i am slowly trying to get over the hurt and pain she caused me.


I quietly sing to the song playing in the background as i stir the stew i am cooking upon the stove, glancing at the children so often, just to make sure they are fine.


I haven’t yet gotten a nanny for them, i am still looking for the right candidate, my children come first on my list, i want them to be safe at all times.


When i finish preparing dinner, i finally set the table i didn’t cook anything fancy, just stew, rice and some salads.


I am about to call the girls to the table when a knock sounds at the door, i am not expecting anyone this evening i wonder who ever is at the door. I head for the door and open it Anna is standing on my doorstep.




“I was in the neighbourhood so i thought i should pass by and check how you and the girls are doing.”


“How thoughtful of you,” i smile back at her.


“Cane i come in?”


“Of course,” i step aside to allow her pass. She enters the house and closes the door behind her back.


“Something smells good in here,” she says


“I just finished cooking.”


“I am starving,” she responds


“Then let’s go and eat.”


“Girls, food is ready.”


“Coming,” Talia responds


They come rushing into the dining room a minute later.


“Hey girls,” Anna politely greets them.


“Hey Auntie Anna,” they respond in unison before they sit down and i dish up for them.


Dinner is a quiet yet pleasant affair, i am sitting at the head of the table as usual, Anna is sitting to my left, Talia is on my right side and Taylor is sitting next to me.


After Dinner, the girls finish their movie while Anna helps cleans the kitchen as i clean the dishes.


“When last did you talk to Tasha?” she asks


“It’s been a while.”




“Why do you ask?”






“It’s nothing.”


“You are sure?”



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“Okay,” i can see that she has something on her mind but i won’t push her to tell me what it is, she will tell me at her own time.


“And how are things moving between you and Patrick?” She frowns, “I broke up with him.” “What? When?”


“A week ago.”


“What happened?”


“The relationship wasn’t working out.”


“I see.”


“I am in love with someone else.”


“The married man?”


She shots me a look, “He isn’t married anymore.”


“Congratulations, your wish has finally come true.”


“Thank you.”


We quietly finish up cleaning and head back to the living room.


“Girls it’s time for bed,” i tell them




“Good night Auntie Anna.”


“Good night.”


I guide them through the hallway to their room. I help them change into their pajamas then they brush their teeth and get under the covers.


“Sleep tight,” i kiss their foreheads and turn around to leave the room. I am about to turn off the light when Talia calls out to me and i stop.


“Yes princess?”


“Read us a story before you leave.”




I grab a book from their shelf and sit down on the edge of the bed.


“What are you going to read for us?” Taylor asks


“The secret lives of princess,” i respond.


“Yes,” her face beams with excitement.


I open the first page and start reading the story in a soft voice, by the time i get to the tenth page, both girls are fast asleep. I place the book back on the shelf and kiss them both on their foreheads before i leave the room.


“Are they sleeping?” Anna asks


“Yes, finally.”


“I want us to talk,” she says




“It’s something serious.”




She stands ups and paces back and forth for a moment as i silently stare at her, i can tell she has something on her mind.


“Spit it out,” i say


“I don’t know how to say this.”


“Come on, i am your friend, you can tell me anything.”


She breaths deeply but still no sound comes out from her mouth.


“Tell me,” i demand


“Can i get a glass of wine first?”


“It can’t be that bad!”


“Just get me the wine please.”




I head to the kitchen and pour her some wine i walk back into the living room and then hand it to her. She takes a large sip and sets it on the table.


“I am all ears.”


“Look Fred, i know this will sound crazy but i am in love with you and i want you to marry me,” she says.


For a moment there, i am speechless, i don’t even know if i heard correctly.


“What did you just say?”


Without responding, she gets down on one knee and pulls out a small box, she finally opens the box to reveal a ring. More interesting stories from


“I love you deeply Fred, i have always been in love with you, you are the married man i have always told you about, i have tried everything for you to notice me but you keep acting as though i am invisible, i can make you happy Fred and i can take care of the girls as though they were my own. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me Fred Sakala,” she says tears streaming down her face.


I am shocked into silence and i all i can do is shift my eyes between her face and the ring in her hands and here i thought i had seen it all, lord this is so embarrassing, why would Anna choose to humiliate herself like this.


“Please,” she pleads.


I shake my head,” Anna this is absurd, what the hell are you doing?”


“I love you Fred.”


“You and i are friends.”


“I don’t want to be just a friend anymore.”


“Just get up and leave,” i say


“Is that a no?”


“Leave,” i yell


“Tasha is gone and never coming back, you will be happy with me,” she cries


“Even if i wanted to remarry, you would be the last person i would think of marrying Anna, i love you like a friend, you are like a sister to me, i am sorry but i can’t marry you.”


“No,” she rises to her feet and grabs my hand,


“Please stop embarrassing yourself like this, i don’t love you, i never will.”


“Fred?” her voice chocks with emotion as more tears pours from her eyes.




I can’t believe Anna would do this she has straight up ruined our friendship. How did i not see this coming? Tasha was right after all, this woman has always had her eyes on me and to think i defended her several times.


“You are leaving,” i yell grabbing her arm and leading her towards the door.




I still can’t believe that Fred rejected me and he kicked me out of his house like some prostitute. I know i acted childish and out of order but i am desperate, i am in love with Fred and i can’t help it.


I am scared that Tasha might come back to him, Trish just found out that her sister’s husband was the man Tasha has been seeing and things are rocky between them.


I know Fred loves Tasha a lot and he might want to take her back i honestly don’t know what to do anymore. My heart is aching, i feel lost and alone. All i want is a man to call my own, why did Fred do me do that to me?






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