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Episode 1









Felix’s Pov




Gring! Gring!! Gring!!!


The alarm rang in my ears and I woke up with a start and checked the time,


6:00pm. I gasped, Oh no! I rushed out of bed and hurried into the washroom. I picked my toothbrush and added some toothpaste. When I was done brushing, I showered and dressed up in a simple clothe. I walked into the kitchen and unhang the apron which I wore and tied round my waist.


I looked up at the food timetable, cupcakes or pancakes. I decided to make both. I brought out all the ingredient needed and started preparations. An hour later, I was done. I then went ahead to make tea which I finished in a couple of minutes.


All set and done, I went to the kid’s room. I went first to the twin’s room and I shook them gently


“Wake up cuties, it’s morning”


Jackie groaned and tried sleeping again but I shook his right shoulder and picked him up, likewise Kathie.


Together, we went to the next room where Emmie, Christie and Dollie stay. With two sleeping kids around me, I couldn’t shake the trio. I decided to put Jackie down and that did it. I shook the three of them


“Hey sleepy heads, it morning”


Emmie groaned so loud and pull up the bedcover. I took it from her and she frowned.



“Dad just two minutes pleasssssseeeeee” she pleaded but I gave her a no for an answer. Christie and Dollie were wide awake and they walked into the bathroom for a shower. I left Emmie and took the twins to their bathroom. I gave them their toothbrush and help them brush their teeth. Next, I bathed them and dressed them up in their uniforms. We walked to the dining table and I placed their different plates before them and put two pancakes each and also dropped a cup of tea with it. “Where’s Emmie” I asked them


“She’s still dressing” Christie said and bit the pancake in her hand “Sorry I’m late” she apologized


“You’re always late” Christie said and Emmie rolled her eyes before picking her fork and thrusting it in one of the pancakes.


They all ate in silence and I filled Jackie and Kathie’s lunch pack with four cupcakes each. The other three didn’t like carrying a lunch pack, they prefer cash. They said lunch pack was childish. When I was done, I turned to see Kathie working on her meal like a snail. She’s always slow. I pushed away my food and picked hers.


“Come closer so I can feed you”


She got up and moved to me. I cut the pancakes into small pieces. I picked one into her mouth and made her drain it with the tea. Five minutes later, she had finished her breakfast.


“Oh! Lest I forget, your new nanny will be here this evening” I told them but no one said a thing. I shrugged and check the time, it was 7:26am. Just then, the telecom rang and I picked it up.


“Hello” I said


“Wala kalia, Oga, school bus have land” said the voice at the other end. That was Musa, our gateman. I chuckled at his grammar and said okay before placing back the device.


“Sweetheart your bus is here” I said, referring to the twins and they nodded and picked their schoolbag.


They said goodbye to their sisters and I took them out to the gate where I handed them over to their mistress in the bus. She and the driver greeted me and I nodded and waved at them.


“Dad, how about the fees we told you about?” Christie asked immediately I came back.


“What fees” I asked confused


“Touring fees” Dollie answered


I widened my eyes and laughed “I’m sorry I kinda forgot”



I went into my room and pulled out one of my drawers and counted thirty thousand naira.


Actually, Emmie is in grade 8 in Macdonald Highschool. Jackie and Kathie are both in lower grade 3 in Macpherson Elementary school while Christie and Debbie are both in Greenfield Academy but Christie’s in grade 6, Dollie is in grade 5. Their school is going on a tour to Accra, Ghana, and the tour fee was fifteen thousand naira per person.


I shut the drawer and walked back to the dining and met Gabriel, he’s our driver. He takes Emmie, Christie and Dollie to school and picks them up while Jackie and Kathie takes the school bus.


“Here” I stretched out th


e money to Gabriel “pay these for Christie and Dollie” Gabriel collected the money and put it carefully in his wallet.


“I guess we’re good to go” he said to the kids who were now set.


They all filed out and I followed behind and watched as they got into the car. Musa ran to open the gate and I yelled at Gabriel


“Be fast, I need to be in the office soon”


Gabriel nodded and zoomed off. I got in and finished my cold breakfast, actually I didn’t wanna microwave. I cleared the table and washed the dishes. Thereafter, I dressed up.


I took my briefcase and came downstairs. I sat on a cushion and waited for Gabriel. Just then, my phone beeped. It was a message, I opened and read. It was from Susan, she’s my date. I met her five months ago at a friend’s wedding. She’s a fashion designer and famous in and outside the country. Presently, she’s on one of her business trip in Accra but she promised to be back in two weeks’ time.




Good morning heartcode, I wish you a wonderful and blessed day


I love you loads




I smiled at the message and replied back. I’ll call her in the afternoon.


Then, my thoughts drifted to the new nanny. She would be the twentieth nanny I’ll be employing in the last two months. With her wonderful records, I couldn’t help wondering why she accepted a job as this. Girls of her type would have rejected it with insults on my face but I was surprised she acted differently. I sighed.



She’d be coming to my office this evening, from there we’ll come home. I sighed when I remember that Susan didn’t want another nanny but she’s not always here to see to the affairs of the kids and work was getting tense these past weeks so I didn’t have a choice


I pray the kids like her likewise Susan.














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