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Episode 27



Writer: Mimi Annie




Ben’s Pov contd.




“Can we sit? There’s something I need to talk to you about” she said and I stared at her, then I shrugged


“well, I was about going out when you came in, but it’s alright. Let’s sit under that shade”


She nodded and together we strode quietly to the sunshade beside the pool. She sat on a seat and dropped her bag on the table and I sat on the other seat opposite her. “So, what is it you really want to tell me” I broke the silence She sighed sadly and looked away “It’s Felix”


“Geez, what’s wrong” I asked and she looked at me in a way that showed she was surprise at my actions.


“What” I asked confused


“You mean you don’t know it?”


“Know what?”


“That Felix is having an affair with Emilia?” she said and I swallowed hard “Don’t pull my legs Susan” I said and she screamed



“I’m not lying. I got back from South Africa to realize something had been going on between those two for quite a long time now and yet he claims to love me” “Wait” I held my right palm up “the Felix I know wouldn’t do such. He’s my best friend and I know him so well”


She scoffed “really, I think you need to see it yourself”


“Susan calm down let me get this straight” I said “you mean Felix and Emilia are dating?”


“You heard me the first time”


“I’m shocked” I said


“And so I’m I. Felix is just changed. When I met him five months ago he wasn’t this way. He’s too matured for such things as this. How could he fall in love with his own employee, not even one with a class but a nanny, can you imagine?” “What are your evidences ’cause I still find it hard to believe this?”


Her face twisted and I knew at once she was angry at my statement


“Since you find it hard to believe” she said “why not ask him yourself. I’m even surprise, as his best friend you don’t know what’s going on” I shook my head “I don’t”


She bent her head slightly and coughed a little before looking up at me “Ben” she called and I answered


“You among others should know I love Felix so much” “I know you do and he does too”


“But why is he doing this, why? He won’t even tell me what I’ve done wrong. It’s unusual of him”


There was a moment of silence after which I cleared my throat


“I don’t know what to say right now, but don’t worry I’ll talk to him and put you in the green light”


She nodded


“I’ll really appreciate if you do” she said and picked her bag.


“Are you going?” I asked and she nodded


“So soon, why not sit let me serve you a drink first” I suggested “Don’t worry I’ll be fine. I just need to go home and rest” I shrugged “if you say so”


“I thought you said you were about going out before I walked in” I nodded “yea, that’s right”


She smiled and stood up, with her bag in her hand “Thanks Ben for your time” I laughed “it’s nothing, I’m happy to help”


She giggled and walked out and I followed beside her


“Can I drop you off” I asked and she hesitated a little before accepting






Susan’s Pov




Ben dropped me at Felix’ place but I couldn’t go in. it will only make me feel bad and I couldn’t go to Lara also but I had no choice. It’s better she makes me feel bad than that harlot in there. I picked a cab and it dropped me at Lara’s salon. When I walked in, I met her fixing a customer’s hair.


“Big sis” I greeted and dropped my bag and most of the staffs greeted me. She looked up at me and smiled “don’t worry I’ll be with you in a jiffy”


I nodded and dropped on a cushion besides the pedicuring section. The pedicurist was less busy ’cause she didn’t have a customer at the moment. “Folake” I called and she looked at me


“When you’re done with your snacks, I need you to make my nails”


“I’m not doing anything now ma” she said “I can make them now if you want” I stared at her mockingly “I said finish up first”


She agreed reluctantly and soon she was working on my nails.


“Hey be careful” I warned as she almost cut through my skin.


She was done in half an hour and I turned to see my sister holding a hair spray. She was done too and she wanted to spray it on her customer’s hair.


Few minutes later, we were sitting


in her office.


“What’s up now?” she asked and I told her everything that happened that night, as well as what Emilia said this morning.


“Now who’s at fault” she asked me but I looked away “Are you pinning this on me?” I asked


“Of course, from what you just said, Emilia will soon take up your place ’cause you’re neglecting your roles in respect to your career” she said


“Emilia’s right, you start now to show Felix how you would act when he marries you. Babe sis, please I beg you, start now to act as a wife. When you work, have your would-be family at the back of your mind” “So what are you insinuating” I asked



“Go back to Felix and show him you can be more than Emilia. Show him you’re much more than what he thinks ’cause right now he thinks less of you which is so bad”


“But one problem here is you can’t cook. You never wanted to learn when you were a kid. Mum and dad over-pampered you and I guess now you’ve seen the result”


I bent my head in shame. I knew she was right. At first, I didn’t have a second thought about all those things but now I think I see points in her words.


I raised my head slowly and fixed my eyes on her “What do I do?”


“What’s Felix best food”


i thought for a while before replying “Ewedu” i answered “he loves Ewedu soup” “Good” she nodded “we’ll make a list” i swallowed hard “Alright”


“I’ll buy the ingredients while you do the preparation” Lara said “But sis, you know i can’t prepare it” i said slowly and sadly.


she heaved “i’ll state out the procedure on a list. You know i can’t help you do that too”


i nodded “i understand”


“Good, get me that paper”


i picked up a plain piece of paper on the table for her and she collected it “First you…………”


i watched in silence as she listed everything one after the other.


i almost cried as i stared at the list


This is going to be hard. I pray they love the meal.


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