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Episode 19



Writer: Mimi Annie





Emilia’s Pov




Today was a Saturday and as such the kids did not go to school. After a light breakfast, I went ahead to do the house-cleaning. It was tiresome but all the same I didn’t care. It’s now a month ever since I began work at the Felix’s. I was now free with the kids and most especially Christie. I couldn’t believe the once stubborn, mean and nasty Christie could turn so caring and lighthearted within a twinkle of an eye. Whenever I remember my first day here and the harsh treatment I got, I couldn’t help smiling ’cause I knew I had made it wasn’t easy.


And now, I was most happy because that silly timetable had been dumped in the trash can, I couldn’t wish for more.


“Emilia, it’s time for my study” Emmie shouted from up the stairs.


I nodded with a smile “I’ll be there soon” I said and she walked away. I was done with everything; all that was left was for me to dispose the trash can. After that, I washed and dried my hand before taking off my apron and hanging it on its hook. I closed the kitchen door and went upstairs to the playhouse where I saw Emmie and Kathie. Emmie was going through a textbook.


“I’m here”


I said and she looked up and heaved a sigh “At last”


I pinched Kathie’s nose and she giggled and jumped on a sofa.


“What will we be studying today?” I asked


“English Grammar and Vocational Studies” she replied


“OK, let’s start with English Grammar” I said and she handed me the textbook for the subject and I flipped through the pages.


“First question” I said “what’s preposition and give me examples”


I watched as she rolled her eyes before replying


“Prepositions are words that connect nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence Example include; under, on, in, at, by, to, across, near, off and a lot more”


She paused


I guess I’ve tried” she said and looked at me unsure if I’d applaud her or not “You’re right” I said to her and she giggled


“Yea, but you see, from your textbook, prepositions also describe the position of something, the time when something happens and the way in which it’s done” I explained further and she nodded.


“Now, what’s a noun clause” I asked again and she scratched her hair gently. She waited for few seconds before replying


“It’s a dependent clause, acting as a noun” she said and I nodded “You’re really doing well each day” I said to her


We studied for over two hours before it was lunch time. I served them lunch and we told stories after singing. The kids took a nap after that and I also rested. The twins slept in their room and the girls in theirs. While they rested, I also decided to have a rest too




Felix’s Pov




I returned home from work that evening to meet the children playing football with Emilia. I must say they were really getting along so quick. I got into the house without their notice and took a long, warm shower before coming out, all dressed in my sports outfit. When the kids saw me, they ran to me and hugged me and I peck their cheeks each.


“Welcome Sir” Emilia said and I nodded


“I’ll go in and make dinner” she said and was about walking away when I stopped her.


“Let’s continue with the game” I said and the children giggled.


She accepted timidly and we began the game over again though the kids couldn’t play a thing, it was fun. Then, they all left the field and sat under a coconut tree and it was now me and Emilia on the field.


“It’s been long I did this” I said to her as I bounced the ball intermittently on the grassy ground “Let me see how strong you are in soccer”



I stood as the goal keeper while Emilia was the player. No matter how she tried, Emilia couldn’t score a single goal. I caught all her shots and the kids laughed at her and at the same time, cheering her too.


“You really are a good footballer” I mocked “I dare you to score a goal, I’ll get you a PC”


The kids laughed at my words and I couldn’t help laughing too. Emilia tried again for four times but I still caught it before it could land on the net.


“Who’s there” she shouted and looked towards her right.



Who’s it” I asked and she pointed at a shadow. It seems someone was there. I walked a few feet and realized it was just the shadow of palm fronds. I chuckled and walked back to the game area and at that moment, Emilia kicked the ball and it rolled gently into the net.


I screamed, I had been tricked


The kids shouted with glee and laughed at me


“She did it dad”


“She scored”


They sang in my ears but all I knew was, it was cheating


“She cheated” I defended but no one wanted to hear my part of the story even when they knew it was true


“She cheated” I shouted, reluctant to agree with them but my kids wouldn’t let me win as they all stood up for Emilia.


And then, I knew I had to fulfill my promise.






Susan’s Pov




I took a cab at the airport and arrived at Felix’s house in two hours. It was 5:19pm.


I got in to discover that no one was home. I wonder why Felix didn’t pick me at the


airport even when I called him yesterday and even this morning that we’ll be


arriving Nigeria today.


Was he still mad at me?


I hope not ’cause I want to make it up to him



I used my key to unlock the door and walk into my room where I undressed and had a long bath. i dressed up when I was done and sat up to makeup. I was about taking a nap when the doorbell rang. Before I could get there, the door was already opened and the kids were in the sitting room.


“Sweetie pie” I smiled “I’m back”


I said to the kids but they frowned. I knew I was wrong for leaving them that way, but I had no choice and now I want to repay for my wrongs


“I’m sorry cuties” I said to them but they looked away and I felt bad. I heard voices outside and I walked out to behold the most ridiculous sight in my entire life.


Felix and Emilia holding hands, laughing and pinching each other What the f**k!


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His Kids and I



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