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Episode 25



Writer: Mimi Annie



Susan’s Pov contd.





“You mean you even take a bath together” I screamed in surprise.


“Any problem with that?” Emilia said scornfully


I bit my lower lip in anger and clenched my fist. I can’t stand here and watch this bitch act mistress before me. As soon as she was out of view, I rushed towards the bathroom, throwing my bag away to God knows where. As I got to the top of the stairs, I saw her holding the doorknob of Felix’s room in a bid to open the door. Like lightning, I rushed forward and threw the door open and walked in. Felix was sitting on the edge of the bed when I got in. I fumed with anger and stood akimbo. “What’s this supposed to mean?” he barked at me and I flinched. Geez, he had never for once raised his voice that way at me.


“Felix” I screamed “what has come over you”


He scoffed “your insanity………oh yes!…………that’s what has come over me”


I widened my eyes in disbelief. I felt disorganized at the moment “Alright, let me get this straight” I said “is this for real?”


He laughed out loud and long “you think I’m pretending? Do I look like some sort of kid?”


I gasped


“You mean you and Emilia are ………………” my tongue got stuck. I couldn’t


spit out the word. I was jolted into a land of utter confusion.


“Babe, aren’t we taking our bath any longer?” Emilia asked and I hissed


“You know what” I said with a cunny smile hanging on my lips “no one is taking a bath with anyone”


“And who are you to say that?” Felix asked and I turned to him.


“Your girlfriend” I answered brazenly


“As well as her mistress” I pointed to Emilia Emilia chuckled “that was then” she paused


“Not now” she completed and walked towards Felix, slowly, calculating her steps.


Felix pinched her nose and she giggled.


“Great, that’s it” I shouted and dragged her out of the room. Though she fought back, I won the game.


I closed the door with a bang and turned to Felix who stared at me as if he was going to crush the bone out of me.


“What the hell was that?” he barked.


“What has gotten into you” I fired back “you know this was exactly why I didn’t want another nanny in this house”



“Now, tell me” I said “tell me what’s so fascinating about that low-life that you can’t find in me”


“Watch your tongue woman” he said rudely “Emilia is not a nanny and she’s not what you think”


“You know what?” he smirked “I’d say she’s far better than you if compared a million times”


Geez, he just gave me a shocker. How can he compare that prostitute to me? “How dare you measure her up with me” I barked at him


He pointed a finger to my face “don’t you get me pissed this night, I’m telling you, you might not like what I’d do”


“Oh really, do it” I shouted and hit his chest severally “I’m daring you to do it, go on, do it, do it Felix”


I didn’t realize when tears began dripping from my eyes, with a choking voice and teary eyes, I said slowly “do your worse Felix, do it” I cried


He pushed me away and I fell on his bed.


“Listen to me, no matter what you do, have it at the back of your mind that you never measure up to that girl in any standard. She possess outstanding qualities you could never imagine. She’s understanding, indulgent, easy going, empathetic, appreciative, concerned and a lot more”


“She even has what it takes to satisfy a man’s stomach” he said “one thing you find difficult to do. Now tell me, how do you expect me not to fall for her?”


“The kids are already in love with her” he paused “did you watch Emmie’s competition on TV? I bet you didn’t……………. ’cause you would have heard when the young girl professed her love for her nanny”


My mouth went agape, was he serious? Yea, I watched it, but then, apart from not being able to cook, I could see myself possessing all the character he had just listed and moreover I could tell the kids love me too.


But do they still love me as before? That question hanged on my lips. “You see” Felix began once again “you can’t even defend yourself”


He hissed and before closing the door to the bathroom he said “I don’t want to see you here when I come out



Felix you’re crazy, I muttered under my breath and lay down quietly on his bed.


I’m not going anywhere.


He came in few minutes later and realized I was still in the room “You didn’t get me right, did you?”




“I’m talking to you”


“I’m sleeping here tonight” I cried


“Really, then so be it” he said angrily and walked out of the room.


I got up and opened the door and followed him


“Don’t you dare follow me” he warned in a manner that I found offensive and I felt dazed and lean on the wall. I watched as he opened one of the guest rooms and walked in. The tears came again, but this time, they were rushing like rainfall.




The next morning, I woke up by the touch of someone. I opened my eyes slowly and blinked, taking a good look at where I had laid. Geez, I wondered how I got to the kids’ playhouse. I turned my face to look at the figure before me. it was Kathie. She was staring at me silently, all dressed in her uniform. It seems she came in to pick her school bag. As I looked at her, hot tears stream down my cheeks and I sat up on the divan I had been sleeping on and picked her up


“Babe are you mad at me?” I said weakly and she just stared at me.


“I love your dad so much but I don’t seem to understand why he’s being this way neither can I fathom my wrongs before him”


Kathie kept looking at me and I cried the more, she wouldn’t understand. I tried cleaning away the tears but the more I did that, the more it gushed out. The pain was unbearable


At that instant, I watched as her little hand slide over my face.


She was cleaning my tears.


“Dad loves you too” she said and I cried the more


No he doesn’t anymore, I wanted to shout…………………..












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