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Episode 22



Writer: Mimi Annie



Susan’s Pov contd




I looked up at the dining area and saw the family having breakfast. As disheveled as I was, I walked out of the house and picked a cab. I need to see my sister.


I got to her residence in half an hour and met them having breakfast. Well, Lara just got married five months ago and she was yet to have a child, so right now only the couples lived in the house.



I bowed my head in shame as I walked towards them. And as I had expected, Lara came rushing to me. She held my hand and lifted my face gently.


“Oh my!” she exclaimed and heaved a sigh


“I knew you’d come back” she said and I cried


“I’m so sorry” I wept “i…..i…..i…….i……I didn’t know what came over me”


“I’m sorry” I pleaded and my sister wiped my tears and hugged me.


At the process, I cast a quick look at the dining and saw my sister’s husband staring at us.


“What’s going on here?” he asked “what’s wrong?” I wiped my tears and let out soft sobs.


Lara turned to her husband and said “I’ll be back” And to me she said, “Follow me”


I follow on behind her as she headed for her room. I felt so bad that all I thought of was to let the tears fall bit by bit. I was just weak and I felt pains all over me. I watched as my sister opened the door to her room and walked in and I followed slowly.


“Get in the bathroom and wash your face, or probably take a bath” Lara said and I nodded. I walked to the bathroom and sat in the tub and turned on the shower. I felt refreshed and energized as the water slide over my entire body. I let the water run that way for ten minutes or so before the thought of applying soap on my body cross my mind. I spent almost an hour in that tub before I dried myself and wrapped a towel around my boobs and on my hair.


When I came into the room Lara was nowhere around but she sure left some clothes on her bed for me to put on. I walked over to the dressing table and checked out my face, tracing my hands over my eyes and then sliding down to my nose, then my mouth.


I looked away and sighed


Next, I picked a moistening body cream and applied on my skin, lathering it gently all over my skin. Then, I pulled out a drawer and brought out Lara’s makeup kits. I applied a light makeup on my face before pulling on the clothes Lara dropped for me. When I was done, I opened the door and walked to the sitting-room but Lara wasn’t there. I went ahead to the kitchen and that’s when I heard the clanging of plates.


“Are you done?” she asked and I nodded. She was washing the dishes and drying them with a clean towel.


“I feel good now” I said to her.


“What really happened?” Lara asked



I sighed as I recalled last night’s incident “What else, other than Felix and his nanny”


Lara shook her head “and it seems you really feel comfortable with the new development”


“What do you mean I feel comfortable?” I asked “would you have felt comfortable yourself?”


“No way” she replied “I’m saying that ’cause the way I see it you don’t want to fight for it. If you really love him and still wants him, then I’d advise you fight to win him back”


I scoffed “you really need to see the drama back there maybe you’ll believe that he doesn’t want me anymore”


“And you know what, it hurts” i screamed


Lara chuckled and wiped her wet hand with a clean, white hand towel “tell me kid sis, do you still love Felix?”


I eyed her angrily “for heaven’s sake what kind of silly question is that, you know I do”


“Then do what’s right” she said


“Which is?”


“Go and apologize and make up for lost times” she said and I stared at her with fury in my eyes


“You know that’s the problem with you” she continued “you think you feel too big to apologize to your man”


“But what have I done wrong that I need to apologize” I screamed.






Emilia’s Pov




Tomorrow, Emmie would be going for her inter-academic competition and we were studying immensely in the playhouse. We were working on French and I asked her some questions which she answered smartly. Next, we settled on Vocational Studies and then Bible Knowledge.


“Next question” I sai


d and she nodded


“What’s the greatest commandment in the Holy Bible?”



“Love thy neighbor as you love thy self” She answered as quickly as I had asked her.


“You’re right” I said and she smiled


“Next please” she cried


“What are the first five books of the old testament called?”


“The Pentateuch or the book of laws” she answered “I remembered Granny Colt telling us about them”


I nodded with a wide grin. i was really impressed.


“Next question” I said “Who was singled out in the Bible as a man after God’s heart”


She thought for a while, rolling her eyes over and over again and that made me laughed.


“Can I spill it?” I asked but she shook her head, no I shrugged “then say it”


“Was it…………………ehmm……


…………..ehmmm…….” she stammered not knowing what to say.


“Alright, that’s all. I’ll spill it” I said “it was ……………….”


“David” Emmie shouted cutting me short.


“Dying minute” I said and we laughed.


I asked her more questions and she answered ninety percent of them. We were about rounding up when the twins walked in. they had been sleeping all along. I checked the wall clock, it was time for dinner. I got up and stretched myself and yawned.


“I’m going in to prepare dinner, you can still continue if you want to” I said, directing the statement to Emmie


“I’ll rather stay in my room and do that” she said and I shrugged. “Emilia, I want to join you in the kitchen” Jackie said and I laughed “Me too” Kathie added


“No sweetheart, I don’t want you two to get hurt, okay?” They made a naughty face and I couldn’t help laughing “Fine” I agreed “let’s go”


Together, we walked into the kitchen, I wanted to make jollof rice with salad. I picked a pot and rinsed before measuring the rice into it.


“Emilia, what should I do to help” said Kathie.


Although I wouldn’t let her, she kept on insisting and I had no other choice than to give in.



“You could at least help me wash the carrot” I said and packed some carrots into the sink. I pushed a stool and placed it beside the sink and put her on it.


“Emilia I want to wash too” Jackie cried and I laughed and placed him on another stool.


“yeiiiii” he shouted in delight and I laughed.


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