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Episode 21



Writer: Mimi Annie



Emilia’s Pov contd



Susan kept hitting my door but I just sat quietly in my room. When she’s tired she’d leave. And as I had expected, i didn’t hear her pound again after some time. I heaved and lay on my bed and smiled. She’s really stupid.


The kids came home few minutes later and I served lunch. We were at the table when Susan walked in. she touched Dollie and the latter shook her hands off her shoulder


“What do you want from us” Jackie asked her in a loud, angry voice


“Don’t you have more contracts to work on?” Emmie asked after drinking half a glass of water.


“Christie” Susan called and walked to her.


“Christie baby” she said “you know it’s not my intention”


“It’s not always intentional, is it?” Christie spat at her and it seems she was shocked.


“Emilia passed me the teapot” Christie said and I helped her fill her cup.


From the corner of my eyes, I could see Susan glaring at me.


I chuckled


She left the kids and walked away and I somehow felt pity for her but she deserve the treatment by the way.


While I was making dinner by 5pm, she dressed up and went out.




Susan’s Pov




I felt dejected as I sat in the cab, I didn’t know what to do. I had to see Lara, my elder sister. When I got to her salon, I found out she had close for the day. I hurried to her house and got there in half an hour. She was making dinner when I arrived. She hugged me and I could tell she noticed my pale face.


“What happened kid sis?”


All the tears i had been holding came pouring out in torrent.


“It’s Felix” I said through tears.


“Oh my!” she exclaimed “what happened”


I cried a little more before I was able to speak though my voice was choking “Felix’s in a relationship with our nanny” “What?” Lara shouted and I cried the more


“How was that possible? I hope you didn’t go against my advice again” she said “remember I told you to be co-operative and follow his advice”


“Did you do that?” she asked and I cried again


“You see, your man is your head and as such you’re supposed to succumb to him in every right thing”


She came to me and held my shoulder “I know you so well ’cause you’re my sister. You never listen to any man. You always want to be yourself and look where it landed you this time. You’ve lost your man. You’ve lost him. I’d advise you go home and apologize”


I got angry. I came here so she could follow me home and talk sense into Felix but here she was, telling me to apologize.


“Apologize for what” I asked angrily “have I ever cheated on him? Have I ever insulted him? Of course not, what then have I done wrong that needs an apology?” “Now this is why he put that nanny in your place” she said “this character”


I flared up “I thought you were my sister, I thought you were supposed to side for me but here you are siding with Felix when you know he’s wrong”


“Felix isn’t wrong” she said gently but I got angrier and picked my bag “If I ever come to you for advice again” I paused “call me a fool”


I banged the door and walked away




Felix’s Pov




I returned late in the evening and at that time Susan was in the sitting room and the kids had been put to bed. I was served dinner by Emilia and i asked her to join me and she did. It appears she wasn’t shy around me again. We ate together, laughing at each other’s joke. I glanced at Susan’s direction and saw her walked towards us. She banged on the dining table and we jumped with a start.


“Susan have you gone nuts?” I asked


“Yes I have” she replied “and it’ll continue this way if you don’t throw this harlot out of here”


“Hey young lady” I said gently “mind the way you address me or you won’t like what I’d do to you” Emilia said and I was surprised and at the same time happy at her guts.


“What” she shouted “Felix did you hear that? Did you?”


“Of course I did” I answered calmly “and you better watch your mouth” “Geez! Felix you’re siding with a commoner over me?”


“You might find her as a commoner, but to me she’s far more than that”



Emilia smiled “did you like the meal” she asked and I nodded “Of course” I said w


ith a smile “you’re always the best when it comes to that”


She made a face “awnnn” and I chuckled and hit her shoulder playfully “Let’s go sit in the garden after this, there’s something I need to show you” I said and she shouted a big “wow”


“No one is going anywhere” Susan said and I couldn’t help laughing at her. “Such things like threat” Emilia said and I laughed again


“Felix” Susan cried “why are you being mean to me? Why?” “What have I done to deserve this?” she said


I shrugged with a smile “Susan it’ll be better if you travel again ’cause you’re of no importance here”


“What do you mean I’m of no importance?”


I began “The fact is that I and Emilia are up to something. I would say, loving you was the best thing that has ever happened to me, but then, I came to realized that it would never work between us. I really appreciate the time we’ve spent with each other. You’ve always wanted to be an independent woman and I guess I need to honor that request. If you think I should be ashamed of me putting up with my employee, sorry, you got that part wrong. I’m a father of five and as such my woman should be someone who would have time for the family. You’ve played with my heart and my kids’. You took the love and care we rendered to you for granted. I wanted us to get married and at the end, take care of these kids together but it seems you really appreciate money over us, why then are you making a scene when you’re not supposed to?”


“I’ve also come to realize you lacked certain qualities I need in a wife. You can’t cook, neither can you clean. Nothing on earth matters to you except your work. You’re too lazy to be my woman. I’ve endured you a long time thinking you’d change but it seems every day you act your worst. I’m sorry Susan but I’m not sure we can continue this path”


Immediately I completed my statement, I put an arm around Emilia’s shoulder and pulled her close to me, making her sit on my laps.


“Let’s go to the garden” I said to her and she nodded. We were about standing up when Susan rushed on me and held me.


“Felix please don’t do this, please”


I turned to Emilia and smiled and she smiled back



“Susan please, let me be” I said calmly and we walked out on her. I could hear her wailing and shouting my name.




Susan’s Pov




I sat in the living room crying. No one came to me, I sat there all alone. I had no one to rest my heavy head on. Then, I remembered my sister, and then the insults I rendered on her. Stupid me, why the hell did I say that in the first place, I cried


I didn’t know what to do.


I woke up the next morning to see myself wrapped on a sofa. Couldn’t believe I slept here all night. I looked up at the dining area and saw the family having breakfast. As disheveled as I was, I walked out of the house and picked a cab.


I need to see my sister…




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