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Episode 26



Writer: Mimi Annie



Susan’s Pov contd.




After the kids’ and Felix had gone out, I walked to the bathroom to take a shower. I


then dress up in a simple cloth and walked downstairs to the sitting room. I picked


the remote control and switched channels on the TV. I clicked on Fashion TV and


sat down to watch. Few minutes later, I felt thirsty. I couldn’t call Emilia to get it


for me so I had to go get it myself. I went into the kitchen and picked a glass which


I filled with cold water and gulped it down in three seconds. I filled another and


also finished it immediately. I didn’t have the appetite to eat, so I just took three


chocolate from the refrigerator and filled a glass with milk. I was about going into


the sitting-room when I heard a voice in Emilia’s room. It seems she was talking to


someone. I leaned my ear on her door and eavesdropped; she wasn’t talking to


someone but herself, but then I couldn’t believe my ears as I listened to the words


she spoke.




“Yea, it’s just a matter of time, then, Felix will be all mine” She paused


I wonder why he didn’t notice this beauty the very first day I came” She chuckled


“I guess he was too blinded by fake love, love in pretense” She paused


“You know, I’ve never seen a woman as foolish as that Susan. She’s just a complete fool. How can she forsake this sweet family all in the name of work?” She paused


“It’s not like I’m saying it’s bad to work, no, as a woman you’re supposed to work too so you can support your man. But then, when you’re so much involve in your work than your family that’s stupidity. The woman is a supporter and not the head and as such, while the man works, the woman’s role is to support”



“Yea, her main role in the house is to take care of the home. A woman is the foundation of the house while the man is the pillar. If the house is on a faulty foundation, when it collapses, the pillar falls as well”


“She might say she can’t do all this since she’s not yet married to him, but then, by their fruit you shall know them. The way you act at the early stage already defines you. You can’t tell me you’ll do what’s supposed to be done when you’re married to him, that’s a lie, a very big one.”


“A woman should always be there when the family needs her ’cause the heart of a woman is more reflexive to emotions than that of a man. That’s why children tends to be more close to her than the father”


“And moreover, how can a woman of her age not know how to cook, that’s just the most annoying of them all. You know, if there’s anything that truly attracts a man to woman, it’s her cooking. A woman who can’t cook can never know how to take care of her family ’cause our duty begins in the kitchen”


She paused


“Well, since she can’t do any of these, I’ll just walk in and fill the gap, after all they say opportunity comes but once”


She laughed


“Now, I can see the kids really loves me, that means by the time I display my cooking prowess plus by super beauty to Felix……….I’ve won the race”


She shouted and clapped her hands


“Geez………..i just can’t wait to walk with him on the aisle”




“What the heck” I muttered under my breath as closed my mouth with my palms. Was she serious? Is this what she was planning? Gosh! I blinked my eyes. I couldn’t think straight and I could feel the tears coming. The glass dropped and broke and I threw away the chocolates and ran upstairs to my room and cried my eyes out.


“Felix, why are you doing this to me” I cried as I tried searching for answers through my tears.


I didn’t even know how I felt right now. This is too much, it’s just too much. Is this what he wants? Is this really what he wants? A breakup


I wished someone could help me at this particular moment. I couldn’t go to my sister. She’ll only end up feeding my ears with her holier-than-thou advice. I wished someone could help me talk to Felix.


I wished someone could help me ask him why he was treating me this way. But there was no one, no one I could go to


I cried at that thought and soon I was sniffing.


Just then, I remembered Ben.


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Why didn’t I think of that earlier on?


I stood up from bed and washed my face. I applied some make-up on my face and dressed up before picking my bag and hurrying out of the house. *




Ben’s Pov




I laughed loud “and you really want me to believe that?” “Of course” said Debbie “I’m serious”


I was communicating with her on phone and it always felt good speaking to her.


“Alright, when are you coming around” I asked with a funny smile on my lips.


“I don’t really know” she replied “lately my schedule is so tight that I hardly have time for myself. You know Christmas will soon show up” “I know babe” I said sadly “I just miss you”


She giggled “miss me? But I was there last week”


“It’s a new week now and moreover, it’s five days since you visited” She laughed and I frowned slightly


“Babe please, let’s meet out please”


“No way”


“I’m on my knees babe”


“It’s still a big no”


“I’m crying”


She laughed even more “fine, I’m coming over on Sunday” “That’s still too long, four days from now”


“Are you complaining?” she asked and I chuckled “Of course not”


Just then, I saw someone coming towards my direction. I looked well and saw it was Susan. I was standing at the garage but yet I didn’t see when she passed through the gate, I must have really been engrossed in the call.


“Babe, I need to go now. I’ll call you later” I said to Debbie and she hang up.


Susan came to a stop just few feet from where I stopped.



“Susan, welcome” I said with a wide grin and she smiled weakly and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.


“You look so pale” I said gently as I touched her cheeks and she smiled again. “I………ehmm……….i……..i went to the restaurant and your manager said you’re home, so I came” she said and I nodded.


“Can we sit? There’s something I need to talk to you about” she said and I stared at her.


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His Kids and I






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