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Episode 20



Writer: Mimi Annie








Susan’s Pov contd




Felix and Emilia holding hands, laughing and pinching each other What the f**k!


They were walking towards me and I couldn’t understand what it meant. Few feet from where I stood, Felix looked up at me


“Whoa! You’re back” he said “I heard one month, right? But it’s just three weeks” I fumed in anger “is that why you’re smooching with your nanny?”


Felix laughed and Emilia joined and they walked inside without an answer to my question. I wanted to run mad at the moment, I looked from left to right, back to



front, not knowing what to do at that particular moment. Felix is walking out on me? Something is not right. Something is so not right.


I stormed into the sitting room and met them climbing up the stairs. The kids were no longer at the spot I left them, seems they had gone into their room. I rushed on Emilia and pounced on her, slapping her cheeks twice at that instant and then I turned to Felix


“What in God’s name do you think you’re doing?” I screamed, almost loosing sanity.


“How dare you slap me?” Emilia questioned holding her right cheek. “And I’ll sure do that again if you don’t take your filthy body off my man” “Susan you won’t try such” Felix said and I got the shock of my life. What was wrong with him?


“Felix, are you talking to me?” I asked with my hands placed on my chest “Of course, or is there any other Susan here?”


“Felix” I called gently. I had lost my voice in surprise. “What’s the meaning of all these?” I asked “What’s your relationship with Emilia” I cried


“Well, as you can see” Felix said and placed an arm around Emilia’s shoulder and I angrily took it away and they laughed.


I searched from Felix eye to Emilia’s.


“Susan” Felix called “don’t quote me wrong, I’m not dating Emilia” “What’s she then?” I asked heatedly


“She’s just a friend. I call her my friend ’cause she’s always there for me and my family”


I landed him two slaps


“What!” Felix exclaimed


“How dare you lie to me? What do you take me for?” I screamed but they only stared at me. Just then, we heard little voices and I looked to my right to see the kids standing quietly. They might have been observing the little drama for a long time, who knows.


“Emilia, take the kids to their room” Felix said and walked out while Emilia paraded the kids away.


“Felix” I shouted as I ran to him. I held his shirt and he stopped and stared at me “Susan, what’s your problem” he said calmly


“You” I yelled and he heaved a sigh and stared at me steadily


“I’d advise you get some rest. You might have had a long, tiring journey” he said and walked into his room and I stood there dumbly trying so hard to comprehend


what had just happened. I muttered angrily under my breath and raged into my


room, banging the door loudly.


That Emilia is so gonna get it.




Felix’s Pov




“You mean she slapped you” Ben asked still finding it hard to believe my story. I shrugged


“And what did you do?”


I chuckled “nothing, what were you expecting from me” Ben sighed deeply


“Susan” he muttered “what guts. Wasn’t she the same person that acted as if she didn’t have a care in the world about you?”


“Bro, forget about her. She was just reacting excessively. It’s common among women”


“But it doesn’t make sense” he said “is she at home now” “She went out early this morning and didn’t say a word to me”


“Keep calm bro and watch her closely before she goes nasty” Ben advised and I nodded


“How’s Debbie” I changed topic. At the mention of Debbie, Ben laughed and hit my left hand which was on the table and I joined in the laughter.




Emilia’s Pov




I was done making lunch and the kids had an hour before they arrived. After making lunch, I had a quick shower and went over to arrange the playhouse. I kept everything in order and I was done in half an hour. I was descending the stairs when the doorbell rang. I met Susan as I opened the door.


“I thought you were leaving” I said to her and I could see by the expression on her face that she was surprise at the statement. She gritted her teet



h and stared angrily at me but I hissed and turned my back to go. At that instant, I was pushed roughly to the floor and I hit my front teeth. I sat up and felt the taste of blood as I waggle my tongue in my mouth. It hurts


“How dare you” she said fiercely “How dare you”


“Have you forgotten I’m the mistress here?” she barked and I laughed


“Mistress indeed. You know what, that position was taken away from you the very day you neglected your would-be family for your so-called work” I said to her face and I could feel the fury rushing through her like a waterfall. I stood up and spat out the blood.


She opened her mouth to talk but nothing came out and I laughed and left her staring at me dumb-struck. I walked to my room and drank some water, using it to rinse the injury.


I was still in the washroom when I heard something hit the floor forcefully. I rushed out and saw Susan scattering my belongings. I pushed her away and she spat at my face but I dodged. I glanced at my right and saw the new APPLE laptop given to me by Felix lying face down. I picked it up and noticed the cracks on the face. I got so angry that I landed her a slap. She tried slapping me back but I held her hand and pushed her away and she fell on my bed. She got up and tried kicking me but I dodge and dragged her out of my room and locked up. She pounced on my door severely


“Emilia” she screamed “we’re not done yet”


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