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Episode 11



Writer: Mimi Annie



Emilia’s Pov




The next morning, I and Felix prepared the kids as usual and when he was about leaving he said to me,


“Gabriel will bring to you the kids’ kits for their tour tomorrow, okay?” I nodded and he left.


“Emilia!” Susan called the moment I wanted to begin my morning routine. I hurried over to her room and met her sitting in front of her dressing table applying her almighty makeups. It seems she was leaving today ’cause I somehow overheard Felix telling her she should be back in a few days.



“Arrange this room and pack those clothes in that bag” she directed her finger at a few clothes lying carelessly on a corner of her bed. The rest was all over the bed. I picked her big blue bag and arranged the clothes neatly into the bag. I later hung the rest in the drawer before sweeping the floor. I soon heard that clicking sound which happens when one takes pictures. I stole a glance at her and she stood in different positions taking a snapshot.


“Dear Instagram, here I come” she said with a smile and touch the button and it went “click”.


Is this the kind of wife that will take care of these kids? I sighed, threw away my face and finished up the sweeping. Immediately I finished, I made to go out but she stopped me.


“I’m feeling hungry all of a sudden, get me salad with a glass of fruit juice” she said and I nodded and was about working out again when she stopped me. “Hey, you don’t nod when I talk, you answer with words, get that?” “Yes ma’am” I answered


“That’s good; I’m just trying to teach you some manners so you’d avoid embarrassment”


Look who’s talking about manners, teach who manners?


“You can go” she said in her usual oral accent. As I walked away, I wonder if this was actually the way she speaks when she’s with others. I still can’t believe she could talk to me in the face after disgracing herself last night.


I later brought in her food and then began my morning routine. While I was still on it, Gabriel dropped the touring kits with me and also drove Susan to Abuja where her services were needed. I finished everything in three hours then I set out to prepare lunch. I couldn’t make what was on the timetable so I chose to fry some potatoes and cook pasta with corned beef. Thankfully, there were leftover cupcakes from breakfast, Christie and Dollie could eat that.


Immediately I was done, I showered and dressed up. I checked the time, the kids should be back by now but they weren’t. Oh Gabriel hasn’t returned. I took out my phone I dialed Felix’s number but I couldn’t get through. Maybe he was busy, that’s why he didn’t answer or perhaps he didn’t see it. After waiting for about thirty minutes, I got worried sick, the time was a minutes to three and the kids were yet to arrive. I dialed Felix number again and luckily he picked up.


“Hi, Emilia” he said before I had the chance to render my afternoon greetings “Good Pm Sir” I greeted and he replied


“I’m afraid the kids aren’t back from school” “Seriously, where’s Gabriel” Felix asked


“He was to drop Susan but he isn’t back” I responded.


“Alright, I’ll sent someone to get them” he said “but you should have done well to inform me earlier”


“I did Sir but you weren’t picking up” I defended


“Oh! I guess I was with some of my clients then but don’t worry they’ll be back” He hung up and I tucked my phone in my apron pocket before going over to the kitchen to serve myself lunch which I ate in my room. Some minutes while I was about rounding the remaining meal on the plate, the doorbell rang and I heaved a deep, grateful sigh.


I opened the door to see three angry kids, Emmie and Kathie’s face was expressionless. The two girls shoved past me and I took the twins in. “Why on earth did you guys have to keep us waiting” Dollie asked angrily “Gabriel wasn’t back so I decided………………..” Christie cut in “spare me those tales will you?”


“Emilia get me something to eat I’m hungry” said Emmie. I looked at her in surprise. She just climbed upstairs and the next thing she was back with water dripping from


her hair.


“Did you take a shower?”


“Yep, I did”


“That was too quick” I said “and besides, why don’t you like drying your hair after every bath”


“And how’s that your business”


I smiled at her and went over to the kitchen where I filled a plate with pasta and corned beef and another with the fried potatoes. I handed it to her with a glass of orange drink.


“I want to take pineapple today” she said and pushed the glass away. I picked it up and disappeared to the kitchen, returning again with a glass of pineapple drink in my hand. I dropped it beside her plate and followed the twins to their room. I wonder why she didn’t complain that the food was out of the timetable.


The twins had a quick bath ’cause I could see they were extremely hungry. I took them to the dining were I served them. Christie and Dollie frowned at the food and I gave them three cupcakes each on a plate with a glass of milk. Everyone ate in silence and soon they stood up one after the other muttering a “thank you”.


I and Kathie were the only one left in the dining room. She helped me pack the plates and cleaned the table. I was so grateful.





When we were done with the dishes and cleaning, I picked her up and we walked upstairs to their room, but then I heard sweet music as before, coming out of the girls’ room. Kathie got down and ran to the door.


“I know that song” she said “it was one of Granny Colt favorite”


“Come let’s go” she nudged me but I hesitated yet she kept on pleading. So, I crossed my heart and accepted. She pushed open the door without knocking and Christie frowned at her


“Kathie never knocks” Dollie said and I walked in


“What are you doing here” Christie inquired, her eyes on me. I wanted to say something but Kathie saved me.


“I asked her to come in” she said “she said she enjoys our songs and wants us to sing for her”


“Yea” I said “where do you guys learnt to sing that beautifully”


“Granny Colt, she taught us how to sing and told us a lot of interesting stories” Dollie answered.


“I’m really missing her” Emmie said


“I missed her more” Jackie chipped in and I smiled


Emmie said happily “Remember dad promised we’ll be spending Christmas there. I just can’t wait”


“I would have loved to meet her too. From your reactions, it seems she’s really sweet” I said with a wide grin


“Excluding dad, she’s the sweetest person ever” Dollie said holding her chest.


“I missed Granny Colt, I missed Chicago, and I missed the food, fun, views and the serene environment. I just miss home” Christie said


“This is home Christie” I corrected her and she shot me eyeballs


“This isn’t our home, most importantly not my home. I just hate it here” she screamed


“Calm down girl” said Dollie “I hate here too but what’s there to do?” “How many days would you guys spent on your tour” I changed the topic. “Just a day” Dollie answered and I nodded


“Whoa! I just remembered something” Emmie said and popped out her eyeballs and a smile crossed her lips.


“Dad’s throwing an evening party next week” she said “Oh my!” said Dollie “how could I forget”



“I love parties” she screamed and jumped around the room in delight and we all laughed.


Watching them talk and cracked jokes, I couldn’t help laughing at the slightest silly jokes they made. I think I’m beginning to love the girls. It’s just one step at a time, you know.







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