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Episode 16



Writer: Mimi Annie



Felix’s Pov contd.




“Dad are you gonna marry her”


I gasped and looked at their faces. They were all staring at me. I gulped hard and looked away.


“I need to get something upstairs” I excused myself and walked out hurriedly. That night after dinner, I lay on my bed thinking about Jackie’s question. Too bad I couldn’t give them an answer. I turned over, picked my phone and scroll through my gallery. I clicked and view all my pictures. I was still too angry to call Susan. I didn’t want to have a bad night. Tomorrow after work I’ll make sure I meet up with her sister.


As I stared at my pictures of the kids and of Susan, my thoughts went wild till sleep captured my eyes. I woke up the next morning by the alarm and helped



Emilia prepare the kids for school. The twins got into the school bus and Gabriel dropped the girls and later dropped me too at the office.


Work was tense as usual but at least I was able to see Susan’s sister, Lara.


I went to her workplace. She had a large beauty salon in Lekki and they dealt with hairdo, makeups and anything ladies.


I arrived at five in the evening and as usual they were at work. They all exchanged greetings with me and when Lara saw me she screamed,


“Hey Felix, long time dear”


I chuckled “yea, it seems work has been hiding us from each other” “You can say that again” she said and we laughed


After the laughter had died down, she asked “what can I offer you?” I waved her off “no, don’t bother, I’m okay”


She let out a slight frown “not when you come visiting me. You know me so well” I giggled, “Alright, I’ll just take………………..”


She cut in “I know your favorite, cheese and yoghurt”


I smiled and she shrugged and sent a young girl who later came back with the snacks.


“How’s work?” I asked when we were seated at her office


“We’re doing fine. Though it stressful, it’s the profit we’re aiming at” I chuckled and bit the cheese


“So how’s it going with my baby sis?”


I heaved a long sad sigh


“She’s still being naughty?” she asked seeing the dejected look on my face


I dropped the snacks on her table and stared at space. I didn’t know where to start, I was lost for words.


“Susan’s just becoming………………….” I paused, searching for the right word


that might fit in perfectly “one hell of a headache” I completed “Like seriously, after I had advised her?”


“Well, I’ll say it’s a little long since we saw each other. Let me say, a month now, but we’ve been communicating on calls. She’s just been moving from one place to another, having big contracts far and near. She’s now becoming a big woman” “And I guess that’s where the problem lies” I said disappointedly “Susan has now turned black ever since she became famed. She cares less for the family, my own kids. Last Sunday, I hosted an evening party at home and as my date, my woman, she didn’t even have a care in the world about the food preparation, neither did she joined in serving the guest”



“And then, when the party ended, she didn’t join in the clean-up as well. She was right there in her room making up and going through her phone all the time. And when I scolded her she claimed those kind of works were for nannies and house helps”


“Geez” Lara exclaimed


I continued “to show her I was annoyed by her actions, I gave our nanny a two days break in which Susan would take care of the kids for those days. But could you believe she left the house yesterday for South Africa without my knowledge” “Like seriously, so how did you get to know about it” Lara asked in a surprised tone


“She later called in the afternoon and told me about it” “What’s wrong with that girl for goodness sake” cried Lara “She didn’t even care to prepare lunch for my kids”


“What!” Lara shouted “”Now she’s gone from weird to freakish. That’s totally out of place”


“I surely don’t understand why Susan is acting this way. I love your sister so much but I can’t understand why she’s being this way. I can pardon her for anything but for the fact that she starved my kids, that offence is too grave. You better talk to her about t


his cause I’m getting sick of her behavior”


“Oh Felix…………………i…………….i………….i don’t know what to say


again. Susan’s my sister. I know her very well and I know what she can do. But this, this is so not good”


“Don’t worry dear, I’ll talk to her” she assured me “I really think you should” I said and sighed


I spent some more time with her before leaving. The kids were in their room when I got home. After taking a quick shower, i went in and hugged them and spent an hour with them before going down for dinner. Emilia served me white soup with pounded yam for dinner. I told her to make it for me. I missed eating locals, my kids won’t like it being prepared at home.


“You’re such a good cook” I commented when she came to pack the plates. She smiled slowly and said “thank you Sir” and went into the kitchen


I got up and stretched myself “Emilia get me a glass of fruit juice. I’ll sitting at the garden”


I walked outside and the cool breeze brushed past my face. I sat on a chair and crossed my legs. Here felt so natural.



“Here’s it Sir” Emilia said and I took it from her and she turned back, walking towards the house.


“Emilia wait” I said and she stopped on her tracks and turned her face slowly “Come over” I gestured with my hands “come and sit. I want to ask you some things”


Reluctantly and shyly, she walked towards me and pulled out another seat, sitting few feet away from me.


I chuckled “don’t be afraid”


She nodded and I dropped my glass on a low table besides me “You know I’m dating Susan, right?” “Yes, I know”


“And you’ve been seeing her behaviors, right?” “Yea I do”


“Why do you think she behaves the way she does?” I asked desperately, trying to see if I could get an answer.


“I don’t know Sir but I think everything happens for a reason. She might have a reason for being that way”


“And what reason would there be for that” I asked humbly as I looked up at Emilia and our eyes met but she threw her face away.


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