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Episode 17



Writer: Mimi Annie



Susan’s Pov




This was my first visit to South Africa and I must say it was wonderful experience. We stopped at Johannesburg. I walked side by side with my boss, Madam Helena, a Ghanaian. You see, when I was a teenager, I wanted to be a model but then I changed my mind when I got into the university. I decided to be a fashion designer,



the day I came across Helena and her work in a magazine. I just took a liking to it and now I’m so in love with clothes-making that I feel it’s the only thing worth doing.


“We’ll be meeting our contractor here” Helena announced as we walked into a long beautiful hall.


“Oh my, Look who we have here” a deep throaty voice came up behind us and we turned our faces to behold a fat, stout, white man with a frizzy hair style. He wore a grim suit and his stomach protruded out of his shirt.


“Mr. Green” Helena greeted and they shook hands I stepped forward too and rendered my courtesy “It’s a good thing you two came on time” Green said


“Follow me, Robert has been waiting for your arrival” he added and we trailed behind him. As we walked, I couldn’t help staring at the building. It was magnificent.


He opened a door to another hall, much bigger than the first. A man stood at our front, his back to us.


“Mr. Robert” Green called “Helena’s here”


Robert turned his face and a smile played across his lips.


“Welcome dear” he hugged Helena and turned to me. He stretched out his hands and I shook them lightly.


“This is my partner” Helena introduced “she’s good in the job as much as I am” Robert stared at me for a long time before saying “alright, let me show you”


He gestured his hands and we walked together across the hall and stepped outside. We all entered Robert’s car and he drove off






Emilia’s Pov




I was having a nap when the kids returned home in the afternoon. Emmie wasn’t home yet but the other four were back. Christie seemed to be crying as I saw a tear slide down her soft cheeks.


“What’s wrong with her” I asked no one in particular though I knew someone would answer.


Jackie shrugged “it seems she failed again in geometry”


I chuckled and Dollie tilted her head backward and glared at me “not funny” she said



I nodded, by this time we were walking up the stairs and I had the twins walking besides me “I know, just that she looks funny with that face”


Dollie giggled “she’s never been better when it comes to math” “Maybe I can help her” I said and Dollie laughed


“You really think you can solve geometry, huh!” she said and I shrugged


Dollie walked into their room and I took the twins to theirs. While I bathed them, we played with the water. I splashed water on them and they in turned splashed a little on me. After spending some minutes there, I dried them and dressed them up. We both walked into the dining where I serve them pasta with steak beef and milkshake. We ate quietly, Christie refused to take lunch. She was looking grave as she sat on her study table. We were still eating when Emmie dropped in. I opened the door and she waked in, smiling all the way.


“What’s itching your butts” Dollie asked with a mouth full of food


“Dollie” I called and she turned her head “bad manners. You don’t talk with food in your mouth. That’s so wrong”


She frowned slightly and then shrugged and swallowed it up.


“Guess what” Emmie screamed, jumping in the air.


We all stared at her without the slightest idea as to why she was acting so happy. “We can’t guess a thing so it’ll be better if you tell us what there is to tell” I said to her and she rolled her eyes.


“Well, well, well, I’ve been chosen along with four others in my school for an inter-academic competition with other schools in Abuja” she broke the news and squealed.


Jackie let out a slight cough “and I actually thought you had something better to say”


Emmie scowled at him and he giggled


“Wow” I exclaimed “that’s great news. When is the competition?” “In a month’s time” she replied “with a five subjects focus” “Which are?”


“English Grammar, Arithmetic, French, Bible knowledge a


nd Vocational studies”


“Oh, Oh You sure have a lot to do in a month’s time” I said to her “I’ll advise you make a study timetable”


She nodded “I’ll do that before siesta. But I don’t think I really need to study Bible




“But why”



“I know most things in the bible, Granny Colt made us read it” she answered boldly.


I nodded with a smile


“That’s cool” I said “now if I ask you a question, would you answer correctly” She nodded “that’s not a big deal”


By this time, I was done feeding Kathie but Dollie and Jackie were still eating. “Which is the twelve book of the new testament?”


I watched as Emmie scratched her head with a finger and I smiled. “Colossians, the book of Colossians” she said with a shriek and I laughed “You got it”


“Wow” she screamed out loud, hopping around the dining area


“I told you. I told you” she repeated the word over and over again while dancing around and her siblings laughed at her but she didn’t mind. “Ask another pleaseeee” she begged


I chuckled “why not take a shower and come down for lunch, then we’ll study together before siesta. Do you like that?”


“Wow, I do” she said with a wide grin and stuck out her tongue at her siblings and the kids laughed.


“I do………..yes I do………I do, I do………yes I do…..i do” Emmie sang on her


way to their room and I couldn’t help laughing.


So funny


“Emmie’s crazy” Dollie said jokingly “Super crazy” I added and we laughed again.


Emmie requested for her food in her room. She didn’t want to sit alone on the table. I cleared the dining and served her in her room, I also brought some waffles in a plate for Christie, as well as a glass of milk. I placed them on her study table. “Christie try taking this. You haven’t eaten lunch”


She was lying on her bed with a textbook in hand and she didn’t utter a word. I walked to her and held the book away from her face so she could meet my eye. “Geometry again” I asked and she scowled at me


“Emmie can help you” said Jackie behind us “she helped me with mine. And now I understand the calculations like never before”


Christie stared at him before throwing away her face to the other side. “Christie you can do it” Dollie said as she sat on her sister’s bed “Christie what’s wrong” Emmie asked gently


“Low marks in geometry?” Emmie asked softly as she sat near her sister. Christie nodded slowly “twenty percent in my test work today”


“That’s poor” Jackie said


“Yea, so poor” I agreed “but you can do it if you want to”


She stared at me but did not say anything. It seemed she was the only kid in the family who found it difficult to deal with math. I saw Emmie picked her book and looked through it.


“Oh girl! You never get less than twenty percent in all your calculations” “Geez” I exclaimed seeing the red markings on her work. They were mostly wrong. She failed all her calculations woefully.


“Check out this” Jackie said and stretched out his arithmetic textbook to Christie. I didn’t even noticed when he slipped away to get his book from the playhouse. “What for?” she asked as she flipped through the pages.


Jackie opened to a page and pointed at it


“That’s my geometry exercise” he said “I did the workings alone” Dollie laughed “this are kids work, compared to ours”


Jackie frowned


“Do you want me to show you the key to math?” I asked Christie and she sighed I sat on the edge of her bed and looked at her “do you like it whenever you have low marks as this?” I pointed at her book and she looked away.


“Solving geometry is as easy as ABC” I said gently “I can show you if you want me to, and trust me, your schoolmistress would be surprised to see you at the top in geometry class”


“Are you in” I paused “or out?”


I watched as she looked through Jackie’s book once again.


“Maybe” she said finally but I shook my head


“Not maybe. I need a yes or a no”


“I’m in” she said


“That’s good but………..” I stopped


She widened her eyes “but what”


I stared at her for some seconds with a funny smile hanging on my lips “you’ll promise to be my friend from now on”


“Geez! What has that got to do with geometry” she shouted “A lot sweetheart, you don’t expect us to be fighting in


class” I said with a smirk and she rolled her eyes.


“So are we friends?” I asked again and glanced at the kids’ faces. They were also


eager to hear Christie’s replies.


“Fine” she said at last


I chuckled “I don’t get you”


“Yes” she shouted


I laughed, always stubborn.





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