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Episode 14



Writer: Mimi Annie



Emilia’s Pov




The party ended by 11pm but Debbie, Ben and Gabriel stayed back to help clear the mess. We spent an hour or so tidying up and although Felix insisted the trio



sleep over they didn’t agree and so they went home. Felix offered to dropped Gabriel and Dollie went with her new friend, Ben. But before going, she had introduced me to him.


“Ben, meet my best girl, Emilia” she had said And turning to me she said “Emilia, meet Ben”


I smiled and shook hands with the tall, heavy, bearded man, owner of Uncle Ben eatery.


“Never knew it was your friend working here” Ben said to Debbie and the later giggled. We talked a little more before they bade us goodbye.


I later went in for a long, warm shower before coming out of the washroom. I dressed in my nighties and lay on my bed face-up. I was so tired.


Hardly had I close my eyes, I heard loud voices, like someone scolding another. I opened my eyes wide and got down from bed. I opened my door and tiptoed to the sitting room where I realized the noise was coming upstairs and moreover it was Felix. Perhaps, he was shouting at Susan.


Serves her right, I thought as I lean on the nearest wall and folded my hands. What manner of woman behaves the way she does? After snubbing the food preparation and serving, she wasn’t even bothered about the clean-up. i wonder how Felix came across her type. She doesn’t deserve him, not the least. He was way too good for her.






“Susan for the love of Christ, what’s your problem” I screamed at her. I was at the verge of losing my temper.


“Felix what the hell are you talking about?” she barked “take a look at me” She turned around “do I look like a caterer? Moreso, do I have the looks of a waitron? I’m pretty sure you don’t know what you’re saying”


“Are you trying to tell me that you need to get the looks before you can do that?” “Exactly darling, exactly”


“Felix, define nanny” she said and stood akimbo “now define a date. C’mon, can’t you see the striking difference?”


“Susan for goodness sake, your attitude out there was way out of place. So unwelcomed” I said and watched her roll her eyes.


“My friends and I waited almost an hour for you to bring those glasses. What’s this rash behavior all about? Huh”



“Felix please, I’m so tired I’ve got to sleep” she said and got in bed and yawned “tomorrow’s a big day”


I couldn’t believe my ears. She was really climbing to the tip of my temper. I stared angrily at her and walked out of the room. I went downstairs while calling Emilia’s name. she didn’t respond, maybe she had dozed off already, but this was so important. I knocked twice and her door and she opened up.


“Follow me” I said to her and she blinked twice before trailing behind and together we walked to Susan’s room. I held open the door for her to walk in and she did reluctantly. Susan got up the moment she saw us.


“Now Susan, from tomorrow you’re taking over the affairs of the kids” I spat out angrily and then turned to Emilia “I’m giving you two days off. Susan will take your place”


No way!” Susan shouted “you can’t do that”


“I’m sorry, but I guess I already did” I said “Emilia you can go…………and please


you’ll be leaving tomorrow morning”


I didn’t want to hear whatever Susan had to say so as soon as I completed my statement, I walked out of the room and Emilia followed behind. I went straight to my room where I rested for the rest of the night or rather dawn. ****




Susan’s Pov




After serving the kids and clearing the table, Emilia left the house. I watched with frustration as she opened the front door and walked out. I couldn’t understand why Felix was doing this to me. What’s the big deal in not joining in cooking? He was just getting angry over nothing. Moreover, that was Emilia’s work. As the nanny, that’s her job not mine. I bit my lips and stared at Felix who sat in the sitting room, waiting for Gabriel. He didn’t utter a word to me since we met this morning. I heaved and thought about the number of chores I was to do before I could rest.


No way! i can’t do that


“Felix, I think this is madness” I said slowly and walked to him.


“How do you expect me to………… tidy all these mess in the house before


the kids get back”


Felix glared at me angrily “the same way you see Emilia do. And not just the mess, you’ll make lunch. You can check the food timetable for that”


“You ain’t serious about this, are you?”


He scoffed, “you took it for a joke?”


The doorbell rang and he got up and picked his briefcase. He opened the door and without a last look at me, sauntered out. He got in the car and Gabriel drove off.


I stamped my foot several times on the floor before taking a seat in the sitting room. I later walked to the kitchen, where I had breakfast.


After breakfast, I felt sleepy and soon I was on bed, sleeping for hours. I got up some time later and checked the wall clock, 11:56am. Geez! I haven’t done anything since morning, neither have I prepared lunch.


I went to the kitchen and stared at the timetable for a long time. I knew I won’t be able to prepare anything here but at least I could fry. I peeled some potatoes and yam and fried them but as usual, most of them got burnt and I had to throw them away and fry another.


And then, my cell phone rang and I checked the caller Id before picking up. it was my boss


“Hello ma’am” I said


“Hurry up, I’m in Abuja” she said “I’ve got another contract in South Africa and we’ll be leaving tomorrow”


“So do you want me to come to Abuja now?” I asked


“Of course, we’ll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Flight has been booked. I need you here so we can sort some things before leaving”


“I’ll be there soon” I said and she hung up. I took the pan from the cooker and


turned off the fire. I rushed to the washroom where I took a quick bath. I dressed


up quickly and makeup before leaving.


Wow! Another contract.




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