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Episode 13



Writer: Mimi Annie



Emilia’s Pov contd..




“His name’s Ben” she said and I looked at her confusingly


“You’ve heard about him” she said and I shook my head wondering if it was the Ben I knew.


“He owns Uncle Ben’s eatery” she said and I screamed “You came with him?”


“Yea” she said and I stared at her for a long time before my face dropped and I held her shoulder


“I’ve heard he’s a good man, though I’ve never set eyes on him. But……………….take your time on this one babe” I told her and she nodded


“I’ve heard” she said and turned to survey the entire kitchen “Are you doing all this alone?” she asked and I shrugged “It’s my duty” I chuckled “I applied for it” “What do you mean? Where’s Susan?”


“Who knows? Debbie I can handle them myself, I’ve always done it”


“Ben told me to come help you out but I didn’t know I was at Felix’s house. It’s so beautiful” she complimented while I nodded


“So where did you stopped” she asked as she opened the lid on each pots


“I’m done with the salad and the cupcakes” I said “egg rolls and doughnuts are ready. I’m working on the jollof rice after that I’ll make fried rice” “Felix asked if I could make any Yoruba soup but I said no”


“I can make Ewedu” said Debbie and I remembered she’s been in Lagos a little longer before me


“Alright, let’s set to work” I said and we started. While I cook the rice, Debbie made soup and Amala


We finished everything thirty minutes before the party started. We started serving. The party was held in the beautiful lit garden. All tables had five chairs around it. The kids sat on one and I served them snacks with ice-cream, then I hurried to attend to other guests. I could sight Debbie moving from one guest to another.





Susan’s Pov




“What do you think you’re doing” Felix said loudly


“You’re here making up while Emilia rots in the kitchen” he said


“But then what was her job?” I asked, irritated at Felix outburst “I thought she was employed for that”


“Why would I work as a nanny when I’m not one?”


“Susan you better change this attitude of yours. You better go down there and help her out”


“Babe please” I said and raised my right palm “that’s enough. Why the hell are you screaming? I thought I wasn’t enough for you that’s why you brought her in” “Oh!” he said slowly, raising his brows “is that what you can say? Is that it?”


I kept quiet and looked away but from the corner of my eyes I could he was staring at me in anger. Who cares!


Seconds later, he walked away and I breathed. For Heaven’s sake I just made new nails and can’t afford to get it broken or ruined.


When I was done make-upping, I picked my IPhone and walked downstairs after checking my exotic dressing for the last time. I walked to the garden where the party was held and saw the kids sitting under a coconut tree talking with each other. I sighted Felix sitting with Ben, I smiled and walked to them


“Hi Ben” I greeted and took a seat beside Felix. He was smiling before I came but when I took a seat he frowned. I rocked his shoulder gently and touched his chin “C’mon babe, I’m sorry” I whispered to his ears and looked into his eyes. “If you want me to accept that apology, do well to serve the guests too”


Geez! I looked up at my nails and then my expensive clothing and back to his face. “Are you doing it or not?” he asked and I made a pathetic face but he ignored and turned to Ben


“It seems Doc. is here” he said to Ben


“OMG” Ben exclaimed “he’s the one. Let’s go”


They both stood up and walked away without a glance at me. I banged the seat angrily. I took out my phone and log into Instagram, checking updates and new Ankara fashions. I felt thirsty soon and luckily I spotted a girl serving drinks. She was about passing when I stopped her


“Get me a glass of fruit drink” I said to her and turned back to my phone



“Pardon” the girl said and I looked at her in annoyance. What does she take me for?


“Is something blocking your eardrums” I spat out coldly “serve me a glass of orange juice”


“And why would I serve you when you live here? I’m just a stranger helpi


ng out”


“How dare you question me” I said to her and stared angrily at her face “Sorry miss” she said “but I can’t serve you. You aren’t disable so I think you should get it yourself”


I stared at her in surprise “Do you know who I am?” “Like I care” she said, hissed and walked away


I felt stupid, I felt dazed, I was in shock. I’ve never been insulted in my entire life. How dare she? I fumed with anger and turned around to see the people moving around happily. Susan grab control, grab control, I whispered to myself.


At that instant, I saw Gabriel and I called to him. He came to me “Get me a glass of orange juice”


He nodded and left for the kitchen and came back minutes later after which Felix and Ben came with two of his men and sat around the table.


“Meet Susan, my girl” Felix introduced me to them and I blushed and shook hands with them.


“She’s beautiful” one commented


Ben supported “Of course she is”


“Susan could you please get me two more glass” Felix said and I nodded and stood up reluctantly. Why couldn’t he send those girls serving around here? I got into the house and at the same time I was chatting on Instagram. I leaned beside the wall and checked out some make-up samples posted on Instagram. Wow! They looked good. I’ll try it.


I met Gabriel in the kitchen packing some drinks. That rude girl was there too and she held a tray, packing in plates of food while Emilia dished them out. “Someone should get Felix two glasses” I said and checked my phone again Some minutes later I looked up to see no one had carried out my order.


“What’s wrong with you all?” I shouted “Get Felix two glasses. He won’t wait for you forever”


“But ma’am we’re busy here, why not help us do it. The glasses are in that cupboard above you” Emilia said slowly and I glared at her. “Are you talking to me?” I asked but she shook her head



“For goodness sake, babe why you acting like you afraid of her? Who’s she? I’m sure Felix sent her to fetch the glasses not us” the rude girl said “Debbie” Emmie called gently


“What’s it” she answered and hissed. She took the tray and walked pass me, pushing me out of the way. I wanted to hit her back but I had a video call from my boss so I held myself and we began talking. I didn’t know how long I had spent in this kitchen and I didn’t care but I guess it was way too long when I heard a familiar voice


“Susan what are you doing? Where are the glasses?” It was Ben and he stood by the door.


“Shhhhh” I placed my finger on my mouth while producing that sound. The rude girl came in just then and eyed me


“I’m making a call” I whispered to him and turned to my phone once again “Emilia please where do you keep the glasses here” I heard him asked her “That cupboard” she replied and from the corner of my eyes I saw Ben removed the glasses, rinsed them and walked out.


I heaved and smiled, that’s better. I didn’t want to miss this new contract for anything.





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