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Close some doors not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance but simply because they no longer lead somewhere.”




My heart is heavy & my soul is wrecked, i have tried to get through to Kai but no avail, he has made it clear he doesn’t want anything to do with me he actually told me that he can never love a woman like me. I swear i am devastated, i don’t even have anyone to talk to right now, Fred is my only option but how i do i go back to him after everything i did to him? Will he forgive me? Will he take me back?


If there is something i am sure of in this life, its Fred’s endless love for me, i know i hurt him when i left but i am willing to make amends, i am willing to make things work this time around. I will be content with what he has to offer.


The sound of my ringing phone startles me from my reverie bending low i grab it from the stool. I glance at the screen and joy instantly floods through me, it’s Kai, he had actually blocked and blacklisted my number, maybe he has changed his mind about me, maybe he wants to reconcile.




“Hey,” he responds.


“Kai? Is that really you? You don’t know how excited i am to receive a call from you.”


“Don’t get your hopes high,” he says




“We need to talk.”




“We have a lot of unfinished business, are you free? Can we meet up around lunch time at the Italian restaurant near your work place?”




“See you.”


He hangs up before i can respond but who cares, what matters is that we are going to talk and if luck is on my side then maybe we are going to make up. Anyway i rise to my feet and quickly rush to my closet to choose something elegant to wear for this lunch date.


I got some few weeks off work i need to work on myself before i can officially face the public.




“Done,” he frowns as soon as he ends the call.


“Was that so hard?” i ask


“I just don’t understand why you want to meet Tasha. What do you want to tell her? Do you think Kenzie will be happy if she finds out you are meeting up with Tasha?”


“Who will tell her?” i ask


“No one.”






“Kai thank you for setting up an appointment for me and Tasha, leave the rest to me. You just concentrate on apologizing to my sister so she forgives you.”




“Thank you,” i laugh before i grab my bag and walk out of his rented apartment.


I forced Kai to call Tasha, i told him to make it look like he was asking her out on a date so they can talk but in reality, i am the one meeting up with her and not Kai. Let the games begin.


I spend the rest of my morning running errands and when it’s finally time to meet up with Tasha, i get ready and drive to our meeting place.


I spot Tasha the second i walk into the restaurant wearing a purple dress, cleavage bursting out of the low-cut front. She is more beautiful in person than in photos, i must say.


“Hello,” i say when i get to her table.


She looks up at me, “Hey.”






I pull out a chair next to her and sit down she looks at me with a questioning look.


“Can i help you?”

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“My name is Trish, Kenzie’s sister,” i say


“And what can i do for you?”


I laugh, “I see you are all dressed up, you were ready to meet up with Kai, my brother in law,” i say placing emphasis on “brother in law.”


“What do you want? Where is Kai?”


“He is not coming, i am here representing him.”


“Kai sent you?”


“No, i came on my own.”




“You and i need to talk but first things first, i need a drink.”


I grab the bottle of wine which is on the table and open it before i pour myself a drink then i take a large sip.


“What exactly do you want from me?” she asks


I laugh, “My sister hasn’t stopped crying because of what you did to her,” i say


“And what did i do to her?”


“Interfered in her marriage, you slept with her husband and even got pregnant for him.”


She laughs, “Kai asked me out, i am not at fault.”


“Did you know he was married when you accepted him?”


“Yes but he told me things weren’t stable.”


“And you believed him?”


“He never gave me any reasons to doubt him. I know your sister is hurt but i am the victim here, i just lost my child and the man i thought i would spend the rest of my life with doesn’t want me anymore.”


“And who is that man?”


“Kai,” she responds rudely


I try to remain calm as i pour myself another glass of wine i am trying by all means to hide the anger building up in me. And i thought she would be remorseful, what sort of a woman is this?


“Kai is a married man Tasha, you need to stay away from him, move on and find someone else for yourself, leave Kai for Kenzie.”


“How about you tell your sister to back off, why is she forcing herself on a man that doesn’t want her? The fact that he cheated means that he doesn’t genuinely love her.”


“I am warning you.”


“You and your sister can go to hell for all i care, just leave me alone,” she yells as she rises to her feet.


And that’s the straw that breaks my resolve i stand up too and grab her hand, “How dare you fix your mouth to say some shit about my sister?”


“Truth hurts.”


“Home wrecker that’s what you are ndiwe che chi hule,” i scream catching the attention of everyone in the restaurant. “Find your own man, leave mine alone leave him oh,” i scream


“You are embarrassing me,” she whispers


“That’s what i want let the world see that you are nothing but a pathetic home wrecker,” i scream


“I could do more to you, i could ruin your reputation if you continue running after Kai.”


“I am sorry for messing up your sister’s marriage, i will stay away from Kai,” she says.


“You will?”




“Cool,” i let go of her hand and as she turns to walk out i start screaming, “Hule! Hule!” and the crowd joins in, she runs out as if she is being chased by criminals, this is just a warning, if she dares to go anywhere near Kai, i will have no option but to post her on facebook, i will ruin her reputation if i have to.




Tears pour down my face as i rush towards my car i haven’t been this humiliated my whole life some people even got videos, bet they will upload them on social media. I feel so drained right now, i need someone to talk to, maybe this is the right time for men to head over to the house and make amends with Fred.




The girls and i are watching a movie when a knock sounds at the door, i didn’t report for work because Taylor is unwell and she has been a little clingy.


“I will get it,” Talia says then she stands up and rushes towards the door.


“Mommy!” she exclaims.


My heart skips a bit, Tasha? What is she doing here?


“Mommy! “she screams again.


“Mommy is here?” Taylor asks softly


“I think so.”


“Okay,” she responds before she closes her eyes.


“You want to see her?”


She shakes her head, “No.”




A moment later, Tasha walks into the living room she has Talia in her arms. She puts Talia down and finally comes face to face with me her gaze meets mine and my demeanor changes.






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