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By uc Beverly




……. prolouge….


Have you ever been in hate?? So deep that you’d do anything till hurt that person??


Well that’s the state of our Kim Sonya, an angel who has been on earth for past seven hundred years and has less than one year to go back home but she meets with arrogant and proud movie star and celebrity, Lee Min.


Fate has brought them together but fate itself is confused about Kim Sonya and Lee Min deep hatred for each other and is convinced it’s better they don’t meet again.


A murder happened and Lee Min had no choice but to live with Kim Sonya for while till the news dies down and he believes Sonya is just so full of herself.


So they’re both stuck together.

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Park Sung the CEO of a large company comes through and saves Kim Sonya from an accident.


Now she has to choose between arrogant Lee Min or sweet and handsome Park Sung or just run away home and pretend none on this happened but that’s going to be hard.


Will she be able to overcome the love triangle ?


Or will going home be another another sacrifice she has to make?


Grab your popcorn and let’s take a ride.




















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