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Solomon: Good morning, madam


Claudia: Good morning, young man. How can I help?


Solomon: erm, I’m looking for a young lady called Julia. Am I in the right place?


Claudia: Yes. She is my daughter…


Solomon: Fantastic! My name is Solomon. Ermm, we are friends and.. and.. I’m here to see her.


Claudia: so you are the Solomon who raised and dashed her hopes simultaneously!


Solomon: I’m sorry you see it that way but I didn’t mean to. There was some mix up somewhere I’m sure she’ll understand.




Claudia: I see be back…



anyway, I’d have to be sure she wants to see you before. I’ll



Solomon: thanks!



(Claudia went in and immediately she announced to Julia that Solomon was in the house to see her, she jumped out of bed and ran to meet him. When Solomon saw her flying towards him, he opened his arms as wide as that of a flying bat and she flew comfortably into his arms.


Solomon gave her one of those long and warm hugs that says “I’m here now, everythingz gon’ be ai”. As they continued to hug and say inaudible things to each other, Claudia interrupted…..)


Claudia: someone is in love ooo!


(The pair disengaged from each other’s arms and Julia walked Solomon into the living room holding his hands as Claudia looked on in admiration…



Julia made Solomon a breakfast of pancakes and coffee as though she knew his favourite breakfast. Solomon ate all of it and just as they were about to start talking about everything that happened, Claudia walked in….)


Claudia: I’m glad you are here. She’s been very ill, not eating and losing weight rapidly. Could you convince her to go to the hospital, please. I’ve done everything I know how to, yet she wouldn’t go.


Sapphire: She was love-sick. I’m sure she’s all right now






Solomon: Julia, I’m absolutely in support of what your mum just said. You look really unwell. Get ready let’s go to the hospital.


Julia: I don’t want to go. I hate the smell of hospitals!


Solomon: I don’t think anyone likes it, but we have to ensure everything is alright with you.






Solomon: I’m going to be there with you and I promise Every thing is going to be alright…





Solomon: I promise…okay?



Julia: okay


Claudia: I’ll drive you down alright baby?


Solomon: not to worry ma’am. My driver is waiting at the gate..


Claudia: Are you sure you don’t need me to come with you?



Julia: no, I’ll be fine


Sapphire: Do you want me to come?


Julia: Yes, come with us. By the way, Sir, meet my sister sapphire .



Solomon: Hello, Sapphire, I am Solomon


Sapphire: Hi, Solomon. Nice to meet you.


Solomon: same here. Thanks for looking after her.



Sapphire: thanks for coming back.


Solomon: shall we?


Julia: How is your wife?


Solomon: ah! She’s alright. Calling me all the time, as usual. She’s actually not my wife. I call her that though. She’s my elder brother’s wife so obsessed with Africa. She’s British.


Julia: awwww! Really!


Solomon: Yes.


Sapphire: so where is your own wife?


Solomon: hehehe I don’t have one yet..


(They group got to the hospital and sat in the waiting hall with so many other patients. Dr Paul had a look and saw the amount of patients waiting to be seen, so he decided to use his student doctor, George to hasten service)


Dr Paul: George, we have lots of patients to attend to this morning, could you please see patients number 60 to 85, please.



George: sure!


Dr Paul: great! If you are unsure about anything, give me a buzz.


George: Alright, sir.


(George went straight to the hall and called for patient number 60. Luckily, it was Julia. Sapphire and Solomon went with her into the consultation room)


George: please take a seat. Just to ask, are you happy to have your friends here with you?


Julia: sure! They are family.


George: I know but I needed to be sure you are okay with it. So tell me, What’s going on?


Julia: I’ve just been feeling really weak, losing weight and having no appetite at all.


Geroge: How long has this been?


Julia: two weeks, roughly.


Geroge: is there a particular time of the day when it is worse?


Julia: Yes. Early in the morning.


Geroge: do you feel sick or get sick?


Julia: the first week I threw up a few times.


George: Alright. Just give me a minute.


(George quickly breezed into Dr Paul’s office and told him Julia’s symptoms..)



George : sir, I have this lady in her early 20s who’s been losing weight, has no appetite and has been sick a couple of times. What do you think?


Dr Paul: wearing your medical hat, What’s the first thing your mind goes to?


Geroge: Pregnancy?


Dr Paul: correct! Run a pregnancy test on her to rule out the possibility then we take it up from there.


(George went back into his consultation room, and took Julia’s urine sample. Did whatever he did and came back with a broad smile on his face)


Geroge: congratulations, madam. You are 3 weeks gone.


Julia: gone where?


Sapphire: Huh?


Solomon: I should have listened to my instincts… anyways guys, I hope you can find your way back home. Have this 10 thousand naira for that



It’s been nice knowing you all.


To be continued



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