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By uc Beverly




~Episode 2~


…………(Blow Jax)……….




{ Kim Sonya }


“Your fired!!”


The onwer of the coffee shop screamed as I heard everyone gasp in terror


Animida!! (No) Mrs Cho…. You can’t fire her…. None of this was her fault” Soo bin spoke up to Mrs Cho in a shaky voice


Do you know the damage you have caused? We have just lost one of our best customers”


She screamed


Am out of this danm coffee shop … Soo bin save ur energy!”


I glared walking out and banging the door behind me as the reporters filled me


“What’s your name miss?”


“Did you know who lee min was? ”


The noise and camera lights blinded my eyes




I screamed as they all fell on the ground …. My powers definitely….. I ran to my










……..Lee min…….






“Are you okay young master?”


One of the security men asked as I opened the door to my apartment


” Do I look like am okay!?…. I just got the embarrassment of my life you idiot! ”


I fired at him as he bowed his head down.. ..



I need you to get me every detail you can about that coffee girl” I ordered


Ye young master”


He nodded and left as I relaxed on the sofa…. That girl will pay for what she has








(Phone rings)




“Wey?! ”


I answered the phone angrily as i could hear the laughter in my bestie taeyong’s voice


“Dude ..what’s that on the news?….. imagine the headlines… popular Korean actor


lee min gets his ass kicked by some coffee shop seller ”


You laugh one more time and I’ll uproot your tooth”


I’d like to see you try…… although I doubt that… seeing as you were taken down


by a slap ”



It wasn’t a slap you pervert !! It was a blow” I squeezed my face


Yeah.. I’d love to hear more about it when I come over… having a music practice in a minute”


The sooner you go …the better for your tooth”


You wish!”


He squinked and cut the call as I took an ice block and pressed it on the side of my












Kim Sonya’s POV)




I teleported myself back home as soon as I lost the reporters that surrounded me


who needed there stupid job anyway?


Besides after 3 months I’ll be back home and everything will be perfect


humans are crazy people to be with


I brought up my hands as my diary came floating to me and i glanced through the write-ups and pictures


I had all the pictures of my best events and interactions with people over the 700 years I was on Earth


it’s been really great beign here but like they say ..theres no where like home


I yawned falling helplessly on the bed






……..The next morning…..




,….Lee min’s pov……






“Young master we got information on the girl that attacked you yesterday” The security guy barged into my room


I hope it is worth it ..if not he is fired


” yes?…go on”


I sat up reluctantly


“She is Kim Sonya and she works in the coffee shop ….she’s 24 ,they don’t have an


actual date of birth or any thing …”


Is that all?”


ye young master …that’s all we could gather ..she has no ref number or anything ”


Is she a ghost or what?… who doesn’t have a ref number!”


I screamed angrily


” Do u love your job?”


I glared at the security man


” ye ….yes”


He stargged bowing his head


“Then get me an accurate information on that blow Jax”


I ordered as he bowed and left …


And I stood up from the bed and took my bath to get ready for work


We we’re shooting the movie today .. I have to look my best


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…… Kim Sonya’s POV……






….. Knock knock….




“nukayo?..” (whoes there?)


I answered as Soo bin came in


I was sitting on the couch and watching a movie show


“Whatcha doing?”


She winked as I rolled my eyes


“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?”


“Yeah…I took the day off”




I raised an eyebrow


“Don’t be a dumbass…isn’t it obvious?


…come on dress up…we are going shopping!!!”


Soo bin rejoiced as I covered my face on the pillow tiredly


” Don’t even start!!….”


She dragged my leg off the couch as I landed flat on my butt “We are going shopping and that’s final!”


She gave an evil grin as I stood up before she went insane


” Fine fine!! Gimme a sec to Change up”


I rolled my eyes as she rejoiced and I clicked my fingers then the MP3 began playing my favorite song ‘kill this love’ by black pink


“Let’s kill this love!!! Yeyahyeyeahye ..ra pa pam para pa Pam”


Soo bin screamed whining her waist to the rythm


This was the most craziest friend I’ve had since my years on Earth


“I wanna see your wings !!”


Soo bin decleared as I gave her a grumpy look


“Not now ”


I rolled my eyes…..I had 8 wings ..i wasn’t like your everyday angel


I had 4 wings my right back and 4 on my left …..on the 3rd month It would start


disappearing and when all is gone


I’ll be dead if I am still on Earth when all my wings disappear


“Come on Kim …Its gonna be the last time”


She did a baby face as I smilled then the wings came out …it was white with pink flowers all over




I raised an eyebrow making them to disappear


Totally” She winked








…… LEE MIN……






Geez …that’s enough” I squeezed my face

It wasn’t a slap dammit!! was a blow Jax!!”


I screamed at my movie colleages who wouldn’t let me rest


“Guys are you ready? Show starts in a minute”


Steve announced as we all changed into our costumes and went out to the movie avenue


I rehearsed my part again


all I had to do was say a few words, kiss Dee sung and pretend to shoot Choi Yung after he comes to fight me


simple and short.






“In 3 ,2 ,1… ACTION!!”


Director Lee screamed




“Why did you leave me for that bastered?….”


I screamed banging Dee sung next to the wall as tears rolled from her eyes “Beinayo” (am sorry)


She apologized as I pulled her close and kissed her softly


” What are you doing with my girlfriend?!”


Choi yung came out angrily and I stopped the kiss and faced him gun was at the back of my jeans was a fake gun anyway…


“She doesn’t love you!!”


I screamed as his fist tightened and he threw a punch at me ….it was supposed to be


soft ..but the idiot did it with all his might….I pulled out the gun and shot him and


blood came out ….real blood




Director Lee screamed … something was wrong …a tomato paste was supposed to be poured on Choi Yung …but it was real blood .. everyone rushed to Choi Yung as he bled out…the reporters barged in and began videoing everything


“Soeul movie star Lee Min just shot actor Choi Yung now in a movie show …he is a muderer!!”


I heard one of the reporters speak with a mic as everyone faced me …..I began


running as all the reporters followed me with there cameras….this isn’t supposed to


be happening


The gun was sabotaged ,it was supposed to be a fake gun


I was set up !! But by who ?…I dodged at a big container … they went past me


…who would want Choi young dead?


Or rather, who would sabotage my weapon


“Here he is!!”


I heard a reporter scream and point at me as other reporters turned to my direction…I kept on running until I saw a big apartment …I ran into the elevator and clicked room 7th floor , I looked down as the reporters filled the apartment some started coming up …the elevator stopped and the door opened


There were 3 door I was standing in the corridor



I turned back ,some reporters were already coming up as I entered the one on the left…. Fortunately the door was open ..I banged the door beside me and took in a deep breath


There was a little camera on the door ..I looked outside and all the reporters filled


the passage






……Kim Sonya…….






I was in the kitchen as I heard a big thud on the door and I ran out to the living room I saw a guy pepping outside …how did he get in? …oh …Soo bin must have left the door open when she left


“Who the heck are you?”


I glared as the guy turned to me sharply scared. … OMG!!! It’s is the guy from the coffee shop




I screamed




His mouth dropped completely














By uc Beverly




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