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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 9




………… ………..










He pulled out of the kiss in a shocking manner


“Oh my God !! Am sorry I shouldn’t have done that, I don’t know what came over me”


He pleaded quickly as I couldn’t help but smile


It’s fine really, it was just an accident” I replied


An accident that I actually enjoyed


Anyway I didn’t say that out, it was in my mind


He stood up quickly from the bed and went away


Okay… That went well


I really have to see soo bin, if my wings has started disappearing, it means I don’t have long to stay


If not anyone, Soo bin should be aware of it


I read about wings of angels, they are the main source of our powers As it goes, so does our powers


I had 7 wings now so I wasn’t as strong as when I had 8


I have to visit her …I stood up quickly from the bed and went to my room to bath


Of course I was still in Lee mins room and I can’t use his bathroom


I mean, what if he accidentally enters?



I’ll be busted!!






….. LEE MIN….






“You can’t imagine teayong, I didn’t even know when I did it”


I explained to my best friend teayong over the phone


“Dude,you are totally in love with her”


“It isn’t love, it was an accident”


I glared


Hey , am going out for a while, I wanna go see Soo bin” Kim annoced as she left and I returned to the call


Who was that?”


Teayong asked


“Oh, that was Kim , she is going to her friends place”


“By any chance is it Soo bin’s house? ,The girl you told me about? ” Teayong quried


” Umm, yeah…, Why ask? ”


” Nah, nothing.. just curious”


I heard him giggle a little over the phone




I cut the call and let out a deep sigh


There was absolutely nothing to do in this house


It was totally boring… Or maybe I should check out the library again There must be something of interest in there


I went down to the library which was built as a secret room Crazy but true


I started at the time glass again, the sand up had reduced a great deal since when last I’d been here


It was at the bottom now


I rolled my eyes at it and turned to the books


all the books were neatly arranged with their names bodly written at the corner I rode my hands accross the books


How to live peacefully with humans, trying your inner angel, how to control your power , what happens when your wings disappear, How to cast a spell


OMG … What’s with all the angel stuff


A book actually caught my eyes


It was written -what happens to Angels when their wings disappear-What’s all this?



I took the book as I saw the name , it was Kim Sonya She wrote the book, she was the Author


Another thing that shocked me was the date in which the book was written 1747


How would she write a book that is older than her?


I mean, she isn’t even up to 30


Something isn’t right here


I took another book quickly as I opened it to check the Author The name was “LIVING PEACEFULL AS AN ANGEL” WRITTEN BY- — DOC Β· KIM SONYA 1865



And to worsen it all up, it had a picture of Kim at the back


But the picture was old , it was probably drawn back in the old joseon , she was wearing a palace back outfit, the picture wasn’t so clear but you could definitely see it was her


What the heck was going on here?


Why would her picture be in a book which is even older than my great ,great grand mother?


Why would she write a book that is older than her?


Some thing is not fitting up for me


…. something’s not right!!


And I have to find out what exactly it is














I glared at the guy who was wearing a mask and blocked my way with a knife


No one saw because I was in the hallway, no one else was there


“Stay away from Lee!”


He warned, I couldn’t see who it was it was because he was with a black face mask, it was only his eyes



..or what?”


I laughed as he was really sounding funny


“It’s funny to you?”


He glared bring out a knife


“Does it still look funny to u damsel?”


He swang the knife as I dogged it …


He was serious!!

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I tried to use my powers to push him off edge


But nothing worked


.and he tugged the knife as it sank into my stomach


I was bleeding out as I fell down on the ground


He laughed and left


As my vision was blurr


And finally















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