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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 8












….. LEE MIN….








I Screamed as I rushed up to her carrying her limb body up to my room


Just like before, she was boiling hot


I took a towel and soaked it into a cold bowl of water and kept on pressing it on her forehead and chest


What is wrong with her? Does she have a sickness that I don’t know of?


Does it have something to do with that time glass?


Or maybe I should break it




She wispered as sweat followed down her forehead


The cold towel was still on her but she was sweating deeply


“Yes Kim, am right here”


I rushed to her holding her hands tightly and leaning on the bed


She didn’t open her eyes


She just kept on shaking her head in pains ,it seemed like she was fighting in the dream or something


“Lee min”


She muttered out again faintly not noticing my presence


I became very scared


What was going on


“Bianayo (am sorry”


She wispered under her breath as I took in a deep breath and went closer to her


The lights began shaking


It was going off and then on


“Look , Kim no matter what are facing right now, no matter how mighty and powerful it is … You are not alone….. Am right here with you, I always will be” I wispered in her ears as I heard her take in a deep breath and relax


Everything went back to normal


The lights were steady again and her temperature came down as I placed my hands on her forehead


She opened her eyes slowly


Blinking open an close as she sighted me


She sat up quickly and hugged me tight


Really tightly, I held her back and patted it slowly


“Ku-mup-ta (thank you)”


She spoke up faintfully


” Am sorry for leaving, I shouldn’t have”


I drew out from the hug slowly and held her face gently


Drops of sweat still hovered around as some strands of hair covered her face


I gave her a warm smile as I pulled the hair away from her face ducking it behind her ears




She tried to speak up but I placed my index finger on her lips stopping her


“Shhhh ”


I brought my lips closer and kissed her forehead lightly “You need to rest”


I wispered and she looked down at me


Can you stay with me?, I don’t want to be alone” She pleaded as I nodded


I placed her head on the bed making her to lie down then climbing into the bed with her










He climbed into the bed with me


He was keeping his distance , I noticed , but I didn’t want that


I wrapped my body around him as he held me tight


I felt alive for the first time in 700 years






….. LEE MIN …..








” Hey”


I turned back as I heard Kim Sonya’s voice behind me


I was at the kitchen preparing breakfast



Yes am a celebrity but that doesn’t mean I can’t do things


“Hey, your awake?”


I turned smilling


“Yeah, thanks for yesterday”


I said as she blushed a little


” No biggie, how was your night?”


I asked and I regretted it as the words came out


I was horny all through the night


Her entire body was pressed against mine…. And controlling myself isn’t one of my


good qualities


“Umm… Cool I guess”


She blushed a little “what’s for breakfast?”








….. 7 hours later……






” Aww something is in my eyes”


I groained in pains as i covered my left eye pretending like something flew inside


Kim Sonya and I were playing a game (rock,paper sissors) together on the bed of my room


No funny reason we were just bored


“OMG … What happened”


She jerked up quickly leaning towards me


“Just blow this eye”


I said hurried as she nodded leaning futher as I grabbed her legs and wrapped it over me , she feel in my body

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She didn’t do anything, she just stared at me


We looked at each other for a long time , I was still holding her tight


I cupped her face with my hands and dragging her closer as I brought my lips closer to hers and kissed her


I f**king kissed her












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