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Dr Gibson: hi Hadiza, i have just done a pregnancy test on the young lady you sent to my office and she isn’t pregnant. I mean how could she be on her period and claim to be pregnant!


Hadiza: beats my imagination too! what do you think?


Dr Gibson: send her away, i think she is one of those desperate girls looking for people to defraud. She thought we would pay her and buy her child. Make her understand that we are an NGO committed to helping destitute pregnant teens! this is why people are no longer willing to help anyone because we have these scammers everywhere!


Hadiza: she does appear a bit naive to me, though. She said the doctor and her aunt told her that she is three weeks pregnant and she seems to believe them a lot.


Dr Gibson: Oh come on now! don’t fall for this cheap scam. Do you expect her to act sophisticated? of course she practised her role very well. Naive and living in Abuja? found her way here all by herself and you think she is naive. Don’t be surprised she is a university student who probably ran out of money.


Please send her away. Her results came back negative so we have no business with her unless you want to take her home and keep her. Our funds are very limited and we must spend it on what is genuine and related to the goals of the organisation.


( Hadiza went back to where Julia was seated. She had dozed off on her chair as a result of tiredness, woken by the tap on her shoulders by Hadiza, she got up in excitement expecting that her claims of being pregnant had been confirmed, but unfortunately, it was a different news…)


rossy’n’you: does anyone ever wish something was true for a moment even if that thing isn’t so good? okay let me put it this way, i am sure Julia wished she was pregnant at that time even though she would not have known how the pregnancy came about. Being pregnant seems to be the only thing that would get her a place to lay her head tonight… where is miracle pregnancy when you need it! anyway, i guess i’m just daydreaming right now. so! lets get back to it!


Hadiza: hello, young lady! awww! you must be very tired aren’t you!


Julia: yes ma. i am pregnant right? i told you the doctor said it!


Hadiza: unfortunately, you are not. Someone must have lied to you or gotten something wrong. Our doctors here are the best in the country and pregnancy test isn’t that complicated compared to other complex issues dealt with by medical experts. I mean these guys, bring out your brains and fix them back so to think that a medical practitioner would get pregnancy test wrong is unbelievable!


Julia: I don’t understand, ma. i don’t need a brain surgery. i only wanted pregnancy test to prove to you that i am not lying.


Hadiza: that’s what i am trying to say because our results say the opposite of your claim. You are not pregnant, i’m afraid and we can’t keep you here as you do not meet our requirements. There are other charities that help people who are destitute and you may benefit from one of them. I could suggest one for you not too far from here.


Julia; God! what is the meaning of all these. One minute i am accused of being pregnant and dishonest, the next minute i am told the opposite! can someone define my life for me please! Ma, could you please come with me to tell my aunt that i am not pregnant, please?


Hadiza; I really would have done that for you, but you see, i am the only one on duty at the moment so i must not leave here until someone comes. However, i can get our doctor to write you a report confirming that you are not pregnant, you can show it to your auntie and if she doubts it, she can give us a call. I am so sorry i could not help you; i hope you find help somewhere else. For some reasons, i don’t believe you are lying to me…


Julia, i am not lying ma. I swear! life has just been tossing me about and i understand that may have made me look like a liar but i am not. I am as confused as can be. I left my aunt’s place because she wanted us to abort the baby i believed i was carrying and i didn’t want to kill my own child even though i didn’t know how she entered inside of me. Ma, i am not lazy, i know i can raise this child i just need a job



Hadiza: anyway, there is no child. i would suggest you go back to your auntie and explain to her. also, whenever there is doubt about any medical report, it is prudent to have that test redone somewhere else. What does it take!


Julia: please ma, help me. i am getting weaker and weaker and my vision is getting blurred. I fear for my life and safety. if i walk out from here right now, i do not know where else to go and the streets are unkind to young woman. Can i please go home with you and become your house help free of charge, just give me food and a place to sleep. I don’t mind sleeping in the kitchen i just don’t want to spend the night on the street.


Hadiza: Oh lord help me! Julia, i am a mother of a sixteen year old and if i tell you that seeing you like this isn’t crushing me deep down, then i am lying. You see, it is exactly one week my husband was buried. that explains my black garments and shaved skull. but that is not the matter, the matter is that my late husband’s brothers are accusing me of killing their brother so i could inherit all his properties. They have sent i and my daughter out of the property and i am currently living with my younger sister pending when i will be able to get myself a place. She is recently married and lives in a two-bedroom apartment with her husband so, we are already inconveniencing their new marriage and it wouldn’t be wise to bring you in too. But this is what i would do, i will give you five thousand naira; across the road, there is a bed and breakfast Inn where you can pay three thousand naira to spend the night and they will also give you breakfast before you leave in the morning. Spend the night there, tomorrow morning, come back here and i will take you back to your auntie, okay?


Julia: Thank you so much ma’am God bless you. I am so sorry about your husband’s demise. May his soul rest in peace.


Hadiza: Ameen. come here! (gives her a hug)


Julia: Thank you ma’am.


Hadiza: You are welcome. I must leave you now (trying to hide her tears from Julia) i’ll see you tomorrow Inshallah


Julia; See you tomorrow, ma. God bless you.



****************************************************************** ******************************************


Tina: Hi i am here to see George


Receptionist: you need to get a card first and then your number will be on your card. You don’t just come and demand to see a doctor on duty. It is done on first come first served basis.


Tina: oh shut your shameless mouth! who is here to see your fake doctors! I want to see that piece of shit that nearly gave me heart attack!


Receptionist: Madam you are being abusive and we do not take abuse on our staff.


Tina: will you shut up and get out of my way now before the devil gets an August visitor right now.


Dr Paul: Excuse me, madam! whats the matter. you are constituting a nuisance here!


Tina: am i? you are about to experience an explosion if you do not provide that your so called doctor George right now.


Dr Paul: What’s the matter? please come into my office let’s talk about it, okay?


please take a seat, madam. what exactly happened?


Tina: i was here last week with my husband for a pregnancy test. We have been married for 6 years and i have never missed my period in those six years. But this month i did and i was also having some other early signs of pregnancy like morning sickness and what have you. So, we decided to come check it out. That day, there was also another young lady with her family who came for the same test because we got talking while waiting for the test results to be she told me a few things about her life.


That bastard doctor George came back and told me i wasn’t pregnant but told the young lady she was pregnant. We went home really disappointed but my symptoms continued so i decided to do another pregnancy test somewhere else,



only to be told it is my 4th week this week!. That airhead doctor probably mixed things up! do you know the trauma this caused me?? i am suing this entire hospital for causing me such psychological damage!


Dr Paul: Oh no! I understand how you feel, madam but please give me some time to have a word with him and i will surely get back to you. We don’t have to go to court, we can settle this within ourselves please. Once again, i apologise for your experience, but i need to further investigate it.


Tina: he had better look for that poor girl and tell her he got her results wrong. Bless her who knows what she must have been going through. Also, if you find her, could you please give her my number to contact me, please.


Dr Paul: I think what may have happened is that her result was given to you, while yours was giving to her. I am by no means justifying it but it wasn’t a medical error per see, but negligence on his part. But like i said, i understand the impact of it on you especially as this is something you have been looking forward to. We will get to the heart of it and also contact the young lady once we confirm this, okay?


Tina: I will be back in three days. My husband is a lawyer so there is no way we are letting him get away with this gross negligence!


To be continued.


EVERYTHING YOU ARE NOT. episode fourteen


Solomon: Morning, Sapphire. who was it that saw her and where was she seen?


Sapphire: a friend reached out to me on Facebook and told me she was seen going into a bed and breakfast inn last night.


Solomon: fantastic! shall we make our way there?


Sapphire: Yes, i have been waiting.


Solomon: get in then.


Claudia: i am coming, guys! just a moment let me quickly take this call….





caller: hello, my name is George calling from Ivory medical centre. Could i please speak with miss Julia Anthony.


Claudia: she is not here at the moment. Can i take a message?


caller: Who are you to her, please?


Claudia: I am her auntie. She lives with me.


Caller: Okay, i am really sorry to say that the positive pregnancy test we gave her about three, four weeks ago is incorrect. We discovered that we gave her someone else’s result and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused her. We also offer to pay her the sum of two hundred thousand naira in compensation.


Claudia: Hian!!! what did you just say! Solomon! Sapphire! guess what this idiot is telling me!


Solomon: Who?


Claudia: The doctor who carried out the pregnancy test on Julia.


Solomon: What is he saying?


Claudia: He is just telling me that test was someone else’s!


Sapphire: What sort of joke is this supposed to be!


Claudia: Hello Mr fake doctor! i will get back to you! just pray nothing happens to that girl! (hangs up)


Solomon: What a joke! did i just hear him say two hundred thousand naira? i’ll personally take this up, lets go find her first!



Rossy’n’you: you had a chance to personally save her all these hassle. I really do not hate you, bro but i do not like you either. You are one of those people i cannot figure out what to do with. My mum and dad raised me well otherwise i would have called you something nasty but Rossy is a good girl..


Solomon: Rossy’n’you, i promise to make it up to her. I put my hands up, i should have known better. I was deeply in love with her from the day i set my eyes on her but i wanted to take things slowly so i don’t appear like a predator. When i had that another man had her, it left me in shreds so i decided to cut all ties and save myself the hurt.


Rossy’n’you: save the long story and go find her! you have my blessings!


Solomon: Guys, can i just stop here for a few minutes to get something..


Claudia: Oh no! we have no time. We need to hurry!


Solomon: I know, sister, but i want to quickly grab an engagement ring. I would like to get her engaged as soon as i set my eyes on her. I don’t want to waste any more time. I should have done this earlier


Sapphire: Awwwww! she really likes you and i cant wait to see the smile on her face when you ask!


Solomon: could you please come with me so you help me choose the perfect ring for her.






Sapphire: why not! let’s do it!


Claudia; awwwww! how romantic! today is going to be the beginning of a great union. I will be live and direct at the wedding regardless of where you fix it


Solomon: of course you will be the mother of the bride


Rossy’n’you: not such a wonderful mother. Are you though!



(Sapphire and Solomon went into the jewellery shop and came back with this stunning precious ornament! OMG! it reminded me of the day i got engaged!. Right there and then, i prayed that Julia would be just as happy but not as shy as i was that day. I think getting engaged is more fun when you are not expecting it at all.


I had been on beautiful romantic dates with ‘brother’ and he never proposed so i wasn’t expecting it on a day we were just out on the beach. Anyway! this isn’t about me. Let’s focus on Julia, shall we!)








Kunle: Madam! Madam! Madam come o! person don die for gate!!


Hadiza: What? who died and when did i become responsible for dead bodies!


Kunle: No madam! na that girl wen come here tomorrow o! car jam am and she be like say she don die. Blood don full everywhere and the driver don run away o!


Hadiza: No way! Lord no!!!!!! where is she!


Kunle: come see am


(Hadiza quickly rushed to where Julia was lying in the pool of her own blood. Sorry to tell you the gruesome details, but her skull was so crushed you could see her brains. Her eyes were open and for some reasons, her face didn’t look like someone in pains. She instead looked as though she had a smile on her face. Again, this reminded me of when my friend passed away in my arms. Prior to breathing her last, you could see from her facial expressions that she was in pains. But the moment she took her last breath, she just looked so much at peace. May be there is rest in death. I have always wondered why we say ‘rest in peace’ to the dead!


I do not know but i said a prayer in my heart for Julia’ it breaks me when young


people die. I feel like the world loses something it cannot replace….



Hadiza quickly called the office driver and and two other members of staff who helped her bound Julia’s broken and bleeding head and took her to a nearby general hospital. And oh! did i mention to you that Hadiza took Claudia’s number from Julia yesterday in the hope that she would give her a call today and explain to her that Julia wasn’t pregnant.


Luckily, Julia was still alive when they got to the hospital and whilst the doctors attended to her, Hadiza phoned Claudia and informed her of what had happened. Suddenly, the joy and happiness turned to sadness and desperation to get to the hospital. May our happy day never turn to a sorrowful one )


Rossy’n’you: i wish…i wish… i wish we could put so much energy in helping people while they are healthy and able to benefit from our kindness as we do in trying to save them when it is almost late. i wish…. but it is only a wish. Anyways,


they got to the hospital as quickly as their car could take them and Solomon dived into the surgery room where Julia was being cleaned up in readiness for brain surgery…)


Doctor; excuse me! who are you and what do you want!


Solomon: I.. i .. i … i am Solomon..




Doctor: One would expect a Solomon to be wise enough to know you don’t barge in on people in that manner. Please step outside, please!


Solomon: she is my girlfriend! no! Fiancee! no sister…no i mean she is family!


Doctor: I see, please step aside and i will come talk to you in a minute


Rossy’n’you: Claudia and Solomon were devastated, but permit me to tell you about Sapphire. She was inconsolable.She cried so bitterly she had to be removed from the ward because she was disturbing other patients. She blamed herself, Claudia and Solomon and she kept calling out to Julia and pleading with her not to die. I managed to carry on writing only because y’all are gonna come shouting



‘next’ if i didn’t continue. But honestly the rest of this episode is written with unstable hands, teary eyes and a fearful mind. As i held my little heart in my hands and watched in hope and fear, the doctor came out and asked to see the family…)


Doctor: my name is Doctor Emeka. i am going to make this as brief as possible because i am about to go into the operating theatre to carry out a nine hour surgery and time is of the essence here. Your sister broke her skull and her brains literally moved out of its position. So ,we urgently need to carry out a brain surgery on her. But i have to let you know that her chances of survival is less than 10 percent. I will see you soon. (walks out)


Solomon: But. Doctor….


Doctor: i’m sorry but i need to commence surgery straight away. Keep your questions for when i come out.


( Solomon sat between Claudia and Sapphire holding them close to his bosom. Sapphire had lost her voice completely. she looked pale and drained. Claudia tightly shut her eyes and prayed of the longest and most emotional prayers i had heard in recent times. Hadiza sat by them shedding endless tears. I sat on the corner trying to wrap my head around how volatile life is!


Waiting in hope and fear, the doctor came out. I immediately recognised that


look…. that look they wear when everything is not okay….


he was all sweaty and panting like he’d just completed a marathon.


The minute we saw him walking towards us,everyone jumped up in unison and looked upon him like the children of Israel looked upon the snake in the wilderness)


Solomon: Doctor, that was less than 2 hours. how is she?


Doctor: I am sorry guys, we did our best but we lost her….

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