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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 10




………… ……….










“Unnie (big sister) I can handle the company, I’ve been C.E.O since 19” I rolled my eyes as I assured my big sister over the phone


I was in a big limo as my driver drove and bodyguards were with cars following me at the back


I am from Gongju and there is a business deal and I have to stay at Seoul until the deal is done


We had already booked a hotel at Guwanchi Enterprise


I was born in Seoul but raised in Gongju and I hadn’t been back here in Seoul for the past 18 years


Things have really changed


I looked around joyfully as my eyes caught a glimpse of something


It looked like a hand, In a hallway


“Stop the car!!”


I ordered as the driver hit the break and so did all the cars that followed suit


“Is anything the matter?”


One of my bodyguards asked pooping his head out of the window


Ignoring the question, I opened the door And went into the hallway, and of course the bodyguards followed me


A woman was lying down lifelessly on a pool of her own blood




I Screamed as I ran up to her


“Guys help me take her to the car!”


I ordered as my body guards just stood there staring at her


“Boss we can’t do that!, You don’t even know who she is ” one of the bodyguard Replied


She may be a criminal for all we know” the other one crossed his arm I starred up at them with anger , how dare they disrespect me?!


“Consider yourself fired!!”


I glared and carried the girl up to the limo



Take me to the apartment now and hire the best doctor” I ordered showing as he nodded


I knew that my bodyguard, Ex bodyguard to be precise was Right, I didn’t know anything about her, she might be dangerous


Who would just stabb her and let die out here?


I can’t take her to a hospital for now until I know about her true identity


“We are here”


The driver replied as I carried her up stairs to my flat and dialled my sister’s numbers


“Unnie, send a new batch of bodyguards to my apartment”




Let me guess, you fired them” Her voice was flat


Yeah, they were being stupid, just send me a new batch” I replied cutting the call


I entered the flat , the doctor was already waiting


I dropped her in the guest room bed as the doctor checked her over and applied spirit to her wound


He let her rest after he brought her out of critical condition


And said that i should contact him when she woke










……. LEE MIN….






“Soo bin , did Kim sleep at your house yesterday?, ”


I asked Soo bin over the phone


No she didn’t, I didn’t see her yesterday” She explained


“What do you mean you didn’t see her?, She clearly said she was going to your house yesterday but she never came back! ” I Screamed as she gasped




Your kidding right?!, Kim wasn’t at my house” She glared


“Then where would she had gone?!”


“Did you try her line?”


“It is switched off , I’ve been trying it since last night”


“Oh no !! Could it be that….”


She began saying and then she was quiet


Could it be what?” I asked


“Please hurry to the library and check the time glass”


She ordered


What why?”


Just go!!”


She Screamed as i ran to the library, the sand in the upper side of the glass was still there but it had reduced


“There is still Sand there”


I reported as she took in a deep breath


“What does that prove?”


I asked confused


“She’s still alive,but something is wrong”


She replied


Now this is werid


“How would you know?”


I asked and she cut the call ….there is something they are hidding!!


What is it?!














Kim where are you!!


I thought bout walking up and down in my apartment


If what Lee min said was right, if there’s still sand in the time glass then it means she’s still alive


I hope


She doesn’t have any enemies or friends ,where would she be?
















“Where am I?”


I turned as I saw the girl standing at the passage I was preparing dinner


She wore my white shirt because her gown was already soacked in blood


“Your awake?”


I smilled


“Who are you”


She raised an eyebrow


“Oh sorry , I didn’t introduce myself earlier, am Park yung”


I walked up to her and brought out my hands to her as she looked at it and starred back at me


“Where am I?”


She questioned as I took in a deep breath and brought down my palm


“Have a sit, I’ll explain everything ”


I requested taking 2 cups of lemonade she was hesitant a bit but later sat on the sofa


I joined her and handed the coffee over to her


“I found you unconscious on the hallway ,you were stabbed and I helped u and paid a doctor to help you”


I explained as she took in a deep breath and took a sip of the coffee in her hand “By chance, do you know who stabbed you?” I asked slowly as she turned to me


I didn’t notice before but I did now


She was beautiful, she had long lashes ,a smooth oval face, long black hair and natural pink lips



She looked like a goddess


“I don’t, he was masked”


She replied sadly trying to move but held her tummy groaining in pains


“Don’t try to move,you are still hurt, the doctor said you have enternal bleeding” I held her


Am Kim , Kim Sonya, thanks for helping me” She said in a calm voice








…..LEE MIN….






I searched through the drawers in Kim Sonya’s room for any clues that might have led to her disappearance


I went to the book shelf in a corner of the room ,there was a red book with hard cover


She wrote




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I know it’s wrong to read people’s private stuffs


But I need to know if it says anything about her disappearance ,this is almost 46 hours


I read through the entire diary











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