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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 7




………… HIS HEART………..








“Surprise ”


Soo bin flew in flinging her arms around


“Gezzz ,Soo bin what are you doing here?”


I sat well bringing my legs down from the couch and so did Lee min As she gave me a death stare and then turned to Lee min


“Hi am Soo bin”


She smiled bringing out her hand as he shaked it and smilled


What the heck!!


I stood up and dragged her by the ear to the balcony


“Gimme a sec with her”


I smiled at Lee as he laughed


“Jealous as much?”


She raised an eyebrow at me


“What? No!!”


Screamed “Am not! ”


“Yeah , like i didn’t just catch you guys in the act”


Soo bin laughed


” Shooo, in what act? ” I glared


“We weren’t doing anything , it was just a hug”


” yeah totally”


She rolled her eyes ” am still wondering what on Earth happened to the angels-don’t-hug-boys rule”


” You are exaggerating”


I Screamed as she laughed


I’ll catch you one more time”


What are you doing here anyway?” I raised an eyebrow at her


Oh… I thought something happened to you, there was sun but the rain came down, it was unusual until I remembered that was part of ur powers so I was worried”


She explained as i took in a deep breath


“Am fine , you can go now”


I rolled my eyes pushing her out of the house


” You can just say you need some time alone with Mr handsome”


She wispered as I covered her mouth and pushed her out closing the foor behind


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I checked my phone , it was a text from Soo bin


‘a time alone with your handsome prince’


She typed and put a shy emoji at the back


She was lying … I didn’t want any time alone with him


Do I?




….. LEE MIN….








She turned to me breathing heavily like she had just carried 50 litters of water “You alright?”


I asked as she nodded and cane back to the solfa falling lifelessly on it


“How are you feeling?”


I asked as I took up her index finger that had been hurt from the sharp know


Does it still hurt?” “No, I can’t feel a thing”


“I’ll need to dress the cut so it won’t get infected” I replied unwrapping the bandage slowly


I opened it but i couldn’t find any cut


It was like as if it never even Happened


“Huh?” I looked confused at the finger “where is the cut?”


I asked as she drew her hands out from mine quickly and starred at me sadly


“I have to go to bed goodnight”


She stood up and turned to walk away as I stood up quickly and dragged her hand turning her back to face me


“Am sorry, did I do anything wrong?”


I asked sadly as she dragged my hands off hers and ran upstairs to her room banging the door hard


What happened?


We were cool just now , did I do or say anything wrong?














I sat on my bed as heavy rain kept on falling


I was sad ….. I was really sad!


I know Lee didn’t deserve the treatment I just gave him


All he has done today was make me happy and save me


Am not heartless or anything, it’s just that …


It’s not possible, I can’t go any closer to him


Not now


Not when I have a short time to go


I raised my palm as my diary came floating towards me Am angel, his human


It’s just not right, it isn’t how it should be


i have to avoid him at all cost


















I took my bath and dressed up as I went downstairs


Lee was already awake,he was preparing something in the kitchen as I walked past him


He turned to me but I didn’t look at him



I took a cup of water and drowned it as I turned to leave but he dragged me and spurn me over


Pinning me the counter as I struggled to get off his grip


“What do you think your doing?”


I Screamed at him


“Why are avoiding me?!”


He asked angrily


Am not avoiding you ” I glared “let go of me now!!” “Not until you tell me the truth, what did I do wrong?”

He asked sadly as i felt like my heart was beign ripped apart


“I need you out of my house right now!”


I Screamed as he let me go immediately


His face was really sad now


My heart was literally breaking into a thousand pieces


He turned and left the house


He actually left!!


It wasn’t easy but this was the right thing to do ….if he stayed here any longer


Things would have gotten bad








….LEE MIN…..






What did I do wrong?


I walked to my house silently as a heavy rain soaked my entire cloth


We were doing so great


What went wrong?






I paid a cab and went home sadly, …. thankfully none of the reporters were there


I went straight to bed








*12;00 midnight*








I groained in pains falling down from the bed as my wings appeared


It was eight


It began shinning brightly but it caused me grave pain


I was in pains as I could feel one of wings disappear


If felt like I was going to die


“Lee min”


I wispered slowly before falling lifelessly on the ground








….LEE MIN…..






“Lee min”


I jerked up from the bed as I heard Kim Sonya’s voice in my head


She wasn’t here so why would I hear her voice


I remember, I left her house yesterday


“Please help me”


I heard the voice again but I was fully awake I check the time, it was 12:08


What’s all this….could Kim be in trouble?


“Hurry hurry”


The voice was harsh this time


I ran to the garage and took my car


I was the only one on the road, the whole street was empty


I drove hurriedly to Kim’s house as I entered her apartment


It was open


I ran upstairs to her room as I saw her lifeless body on the ground


“Kim Sonya!!”


I Screamed in agony







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