Sat. May 11th, 2024



Solomon: Good morning, Claudia


Claudia: Good morning, Solomon. I’m really sorry for what happened; I hope you don’t hold it against her. She is only young and naive..


Solomon: on the contrary, I should be apologising to her. I think I was stupid to have thrown her out so quickly. She might harm herself or run into harm’s way..


Claudia: as if you know exactly what’s happening right now. I am worried sick about Julia.


Solomon: where is she?


Claudia: I can’t tell. I have my heart on my hand as we speak. Over the weekend, I took her to the hospital to have the pregnancy terminated but it happened that the department was closed in that hospital. So we were directed to go to another hospital far from here. I was tired so I told her we would go the next day.


We both got home and I went upstairs to get some sleep, when I woke up and came downstairs, Julia was nowhere to be found. I looked around and saw a note that reads “don’t bother looking for me. Thank you for everything”


Solomon: no way!!!!! What???? Did she say where she was going?


Claudia: I wish.


Solomon: Have you reported it to the police


Claudia: no. I am scared the police might accuse me of kidnapping or even killing her.


Solomon: have you asked around?



Claudia: the gateman said he saw her carrying a small box, crying and leaving the compound on that same day we went to the hospital..


Solomon: shit! Where is sapphire?


Claudia: Sapphire has refused to eat or talk to anyone since then. She’s posted it all over her social media platforms. She even promised anyone who finds her a reward of hundred thousand naira.


Solomon: awwwww! I need to talk to her please. She’s a very intelligent young lady, I’m sure if we team up, we might find her. Where is she please?


Claudia: come with me…( )


Solomon: Good morning, Sapphire



Sapphire: go away from me!



Solomon: please, don’t do this now. I promise to find your sister okay? Even if it’s the last thing I did before dying. I promise


Sapphire: How can I trust you or even any human being! You all are wicked! None of you understands what it means to be subjected to living a life you would never have chosen were you given the chance


You were probably born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You can’t understand what it means to try to get a plastic spoon for yourself!


You had the time to save her and turn her life around, what did you do? Kick her out into the world that has been awful to her! She is probably dead


She’s probably in hostage


She’s probably being tortured by evil people.


I hate you!


I hate Claudia!


I hate the world!


I hate whatever brought me to it!


I hate me! I hate everything!



Go away!!!!!!



Claudia: forgive me, baby, I’m really sorry.


Sapphire: get your filthy hands off me! Don’t touch me!


Solomon:Jezz! What have I done! Sapphire please, I need your brains to assist me with finding her. I pray nothing has happened to her. Just come with me; I am positive we will find her


Sapphire: And if we don’t?


Solomon: we will, I promise, please… **************************************************


Hadiza: young lady, how can I help you?


Julia: I.. I…I am looking for someone to talk to.


Hadiza: well, You need to put yourself together first. You are all shakey and can hardly get the words out of your mouth. Sit down, I’ll get you food and drink and then you can talk to me.


Julia: thank you, ma


(Hadiza went into the kitchen and came back with food and water, Julia gulped the whole food and water down before you could say ‘hunger’ seeing how fast she ate all the food, Hadiza asked if she wanted more but she declined and instead asked for more water. She was given water and the opportunity to state her mission…)


Hadiza: so what is it you wanted to tell me?


Julia: Ma, someone directed me here. He told me that you house and feed pregnant teens until they give birth and you look after the baby afterwards


Hadiza: Yes, we do. Are you pregnant?


Julia: Yes, ma


Hadiza: How far gone?


Julia: I’m not sure but the doctor said 3 weeks


Hadiza: How can you not know how far gone you are? When did you have the s£x that resulted to this?


Julia: I didn’t have s£x, ma


Hadiza: hian! I’m confused. You didn’t have s£x and you are pregnant? Artificial insemination?


Julia: Huh? I don’t understand.


Hadiza: never mind. Who is the father of your child?


Julia: I don’t know, ma.


Hadiza: interesting! Alright, when did you have your last period?


Julia: I am having my period as we speak…


Hadiza: oh Lord! Unless this is some very very rare case, then you are not pregnant.


Julia: I swear to God ma, the doctor said I am pregnant and my auntie said so too


Hadiza: hahahaha! Alright, if you say so. I’ll get our doctor to do a pregnancy test on you. Okay?


Julia: Yes, ma..


To be continued

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