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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 6




………… RAIN TEARS………..




…..LEE MIN….




We stood there as rain soaked us , I didn’t move and she didn’t either


We just started at each other , the rain had soaked her hair as it became light and soft



“Your shivering”


She said as 8 could feel my whole body dripping water


“Come on lets get back to the car”


I replied holding her hand and dragging her as we walked under the rain






…. IN THE CAR…..


We entered the car as the water still dripped from our bodies soaking the car I removed my polo and squeezed out the water outside .










He pulled off his cloth and squeezed it outside as I could see his bear body


He was fully muscular with six packs


I couldn’t stop staring at him as he turned to me when he noticed what I was doing and I removed my eyes shyly


“Turn around”


He ordered as I raised an eyebrow




I asked as he rolled his eyes


“Why should I?”


“Because I wanna tie your hair, it’s dripping water on your clothes”


” Oh ”


I took in a deep breath turning as my back faced him


He grabbed my wet hair and tied it up into a bun softly


I wouldn’t lie, it felt better


He took in a deep breath then turned on the car ignator as we drove silently to the house


…… LEE MIN…..


We reached the house as we both entered , there was an akward silence, she walked up to her room


She was shy, I could sense it


I went to my room and showered as taeyong called my line and I picked it up


“Hey man , how was the date?”


Taeyung asked in his witchy voice


” It wasn’t a date!”


I reminded “but it went good , thanks for the clothes… They really helped alot” I smilled


” Your welcome, although I wasn’t pretty sure it was gonna fit you ”


” Nah , it did ”




I heard a little scream downstairs as I cut the call and ran to check it out


I saw Soo bin holding her hand tightly as blood came out and a knife and an orange was on the ground


I bet she was trying to cut the orange and the knife cut her



I ran up to her holding her index finger and placing it under running water in the sink


“You have to be careful when using the knife”


I advised as I washed off the blood I didn’t look up at her because she was starring


akwardly at me


“It’s really sharp”


I added


“I know I just wanted to cut the orange and it slipped”


She explained sadly as i gave her an akward look and motioned for her to sit at the tiled flour near the small pool


“Stay here, I’ll go get some bandages”


I ordered placing a towel on her as she nodded slowly still looking surprised and calm


I walked out to the kitchen drawers insearch if the bandage


This didn’t look like the blow jax that had punched me earlier , this one was new


She was soft


I mean you can’t tell me someone who punches so good can’t use a knife


She isn’t as tough as she looked the days before


Or maybe that was just a cover up , this was the real her


And I won’t lie


I liked her that way


Finally I found the bandge as I returned to her picking up her hand and tieing it around the cut finger


“Try not to injure yourself frequently”


I warned








what the hell happened to the spoilt brat, idiotic, badass , strong hearted guy from the coffee shop??


This guy was a totally different person


He saved me 3 times in a day


Typical superhero


“Hey would you like to watch a movie?” He asked as the atmosphere became akward


Yeah sure .. I’ll just Change up” I smilled as he helped me up


I felt a spark as my hands touched his


I knew he felt it too because he was shocked …I went upstairs and changed up into one of the bump shorts Soo bin bought on our last shopping


We watched the movie , it was a tragidy and I could feel my heart rip apart as I began crying and he turned me over and hugged me tightly


And I knew he was grinning too


“It’s just a movie ”


He smiled as he cupped my face in his hands


“I know, but it shouldn’t be this tragic”


I Screamed as he smiled


His eyes not leaving mine


I couldnt help but blush a little, his hands were hot this time


He looked at me camly with his brown eyes as he rubbed my checks gently


Then he brought his head closer


*Door opens*


We both shocked as he left my checks immediately and we just stared at Soo bin



“Surprise!! ”


She Screamed swinging her hands as she smiled


She was holding a white bag



What the hell is wrong with this girl










Moment spoiler




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