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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 15




………… ……….




………..Kim Sonya……..


I could feel my energy regain as a glow from my body came out




I Screamed and broke through the woods that where on me, the room which we were staying in had collapsed


“Park sung!!”


I Screamed his name searching through the entire room and using my angelic hearing


I tried but I couldn’t hear anything




I cried out as the realization filled me


He was dead, he wasn’t coming back


“Who are those tears for?”


I heard a familiar voice as i turned quickly


It was park sung


I stood up and flew to him throwing myself on him and hugging him so tightly


“Asshole !”


I cursed giving him a hard knock


“Hey what was that for?!”


He squeezed his face in pain


“For pretending to die! ”


I rolled my eyes


I’ll do it again if it means I’ll be getting hugs from you” He smiled at me as I looked up to him


I was still in his arms as it began raining


The fire had quenched but we didn’t move an inch


Slowly he lowered his lips to mine and kissed me


“Hmmm *clears throat*”


I broke the kiss quickly as I turned back to see lee min and other gathering the place


But the faces I recognized was lee mins angry face and Soo bin’s (you are in trouble) face


” I was thinking you were in trouble”


Lee min said in a sad voice “I didn’t know it was a set up for you and your lover boy”


He groained angrily and walked away as other people sighed and began leaving


“Lee wait”


I Screamed as I tried to chase him but Park held my arm and shook his head slightly


” Don’t”


He muttered under his breath as I took in a deep breath and watched as he walked off scene


What have I done?!


tears sprung up in my eyes




………..LEE MIN………….




I walked slowly and sadly towards the house, it was far, really far but I didn’t mind


Some people who had reconized me had started wispering but I didn’t even turn back


Little drops of rain started dropping and it was then I knew the meaning



Back when I’d read Kim Sonya’s diary, she had mentioned something about tears and rain


Whenever she cried the rain fell


But I didn’t see the need, I mean she was already in the arms of the person she truly loved , she should be happy right?


The rain or rather tears of an angel soacked




I patted my forehead and began running back to the house


Maybe I should call teayong and know what’s up


I haven’t spoken to him in a while




I had left with park and Soo bin back to my apartment


I didn’t know what came over me when I’d allowed park to kiss me


We didn’t say anything to each other , we were just silent , mostly because Soo bin couldn’t stop running her mouth about Lee min being angry and stuff


I was angry at Park , he shouldn’t have kissed me , he shouldn’t have stopped me from following Lee min


He drifted into the parking lot and placed the car in park as I opened my door quickly and got off it trialing my way upstairs without looking back


I went inside the house as I saw Lee min scrolling over his phone and he looked up at me and then stood up immediately and went into his room banging the door close





I muttered under my breath as I took in a deep breath and climbed up to my room and I was feeling pains again


I had over used my powers and now my remaining 4 wings had appeared again and I began floating


Oh no!!


Not now, don’t!!


I pleaded to my self as. Two had disappeared , it. Was remaining two


I fell lifelessly on the ground


“Lee mim”


I muttered under my breath before I went uncouncious


…… LEE MIN……



And now she’s using that telepathic thinking to call me



She kissed park too why don’t she call him ? Am sure the telepathy would work on him too




I heard her slow voice in my head as I rushed to her room She was on the ground and her two wing we’re out


I carried her quickly to the bed and ran a cool water , her temperature was high I know i should me terrified , I mean , my girlfriend is a gumiho!!


Not my girlfriend actually but still what difference does it make? We kissed


But still sge also kissed that asshole over there so it didn’t mean anything to her


Maybe she just enjoys going around kissing guys that make themselves available


Like you! My mind shot at me


As I rolled my eyes


Her wings we’re disappearing slowly until it went back in and she gasped immediately opening her eyes slowly


“You came ”


She spoke up surprised to see me as she sat up slowly


I bet it hurt


“Don’t try to move, you are not fully healed yet”


I assured helping her


“Am sorry for what happened with park, I swear i didnt know he was going to do that”


She apologized as tears rolled down her eyes


My heart hurt


“Hey it’s fine”


I replied cleaning her tears slowly and pushing a strand of her back to her ears


“Why did you come back? I thought you wouldn’t”


She faced down starring at the blanket


Because” I replied lifting up her chin and leaning closer to her as I sat on the bed “saranayo (I love you)”

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I replied as she starred at me shocked and I dragged her closer joining my lips with hers and kissing her deeply













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