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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 5~




…………(TIME GLASS)………..










“Please stay with me”


I pleaded holding Lee min’s hands tight as a drop of sweat entered my eyes


I didn’t know what was happening, until I fell unconscious , the portal back home had already started opening up and it was calling out for me


That was what happened, I was so scared … Not because I was going … But because if the portal doesn’t open fast enough before my wings disappear


I would never really make it to the portal , I would disappear


The time glass down the library was the only thing I had for calculating the time I had left … And it wasn’t much


I closed my eyes and everything went blank
















“Taeyong you won’t believe it !! …and I still can’t figure out who set me up and why”


I explained to my best friend over the phone


“You’ve got to think dude, who would want Choi young dead? And who would frame you? ..did Choi have any enemies?”


He asked consined …teayong is more of the mystery finder


Well me , I have no interest in those kind of things


“Guy my brain is blank ”


I inhealed sharply








I heard Kim Sonya’s voice at the passage as I turned to her softly


“I’ll call you back”


I cut the call quickly and stood up to go and meet her


” How are you feeling ”


I asked checking for her temperature


“How did you get to that room?”


She glared at me crossing her arms


” Uh. ….umm about that”


I scratched the back of my hair lightly ” it was the only empty room i found yesterday night so I took it , my back was killing me yesterday”


I explained as she took in a deep breath walking to the solfa as she sat down and I joined her


“Thanks for yesterday”


She said trying to hide a blush


” it was nothing, you were in pains and i had to help you”


I smilled as I noticed something, her eyes were brown….I swear they were blue


yesterday “would you like to watch a movie with me tonight?”


I asked as her eyebrows raised


What?” She asked


I mean, you don’t seem to be going out lately ,I know it’s because of what I did”



I squeezed my face shamefully… this was the first time I was ever gonna apologize to someone. ..a girl for that matter “am sorry for making you lose your job, I really am ”


I apologized deeply as she held my hands and smilled


It’s fine really…besides I was gonna leave anyway”




I Screamed as I was taken aback by her word …where was she leaving to?


Don’t have funny thoughts ,am not gonna miss her or anything , I mean whoes gonna hide me if she leaves


“To where?”


I asked as she shivered a little letting go of my hand


“No where special….just leaving the country for a while”


She spoke up almost immediately


As I took in a deep breath …even if she’s leaving I can still visit her


Why would I like to visit someone who punched me?


“What happened to you last night? You were burning up”


I asked turning to her as she took in a deep breath


” I just had a fever”


She responded as I placed my hand on her forehead












i felt butterflies in my tummy as he touched me, his hands were cold but soft


I shouldn’t be this close to a human, really I shouldn’t


But what can I do? ..he saved my life


“Come on, go get dressed ”


He ordered as I raised an eyebrow at him


Um ..why?” I asked softly


We have to get you to a medicine store …your temperature is still high” He explained


How would you know?”


I crossed my arms at him


” Um, I literally just checked it now”


Oh that was what he was doing when he placed his hand on my forehead


“But you’re in hiding remember?”


I reminded hoping he changed his mind


I knew there was no need for a hospital to be involved because I knew exactly what was wrong with me


I was disappearing slowly…it was time for my wings to go


“About that, I can just cover my face with a cap ,I won’t be noticed” He replied


But your well being is what’s most important” He added as I gave up


I wasn’t going to win the agurement …I nodded and went up to my room


Then texted Soo bin showing her a picture of what I was planning to wear for the movie


It was a black lace long dress


Soo bin harshly declined …and of course you didn’t think soo bin will just skip blabbing about the going-out-to-watch-a-movie as a date



I kept on reminding her that if was just to buy drugs but typically Soo bin


Always exaggerating everything


Well to cut the story short, after a whole lot of selections of cloth


There was an actual agreement, I wore the black jean pants and crop top which had Harley quin’s picture on it


And finally she approved …but she kept on insisting that it was a date


“For the one hundredth and fifth time ..!! It is not a date”


I’d told her….but to no avail


I mean was I expecting any better from a love queen?








I dressed up and losed my ponytail hair as it fell in my shoulders and I put a light lipstick then went downstairs as I saw Lee min


He was already dressed


He was in a white poly with long hands which he folded and wore a leather jacket and of course a cap


He was stunning


It was hard to control myself but I did it anyway


He looked at me the same way, his eyes full with surprise




I asked as he gaze scanned me “if you don’t like it I’ll go chan…”


“No no, Kim you look…ho…. Beautiful”


He starmmerd as I gave a smile and we entered my car


He drove actually …I didn’t have time to learn how to drive a car but I do have one


And I can drive but it’s stressful so I avoid driving it






….. CLINIC……


” Did you get what you wanted?”


The clinic store onwer asked as Lee placed the drugs he had purchased on the counter


“Yes that’s all”


I smilled at him , because Lee min tried to keep a low profile… less talking and no eye contact


I mean .you Know the Korean reporters, the can even identify him from his voice


“You guys look good together”


The clinic owner smilled at us as we both looked at each other sparingly


“Oh no!!…we aren’t together!”


We both denied quickly as the clinic owner looked disappointed


Well that’s a shame cuz you both look good together” He replied as I felt like I was suffocating


Thanks for the drug”


Lee min made a grin holding my hands and dragging me out of the shop into the car


We didn’t say anything to each other



We just tried not to make any eye contact at all …he kept on sneaking looks at me from the side mirror but anytime my gaze met his


He just cut it


We stopped at the cinima and went in


He paid the bill and got us a seat with some popcorns , we sat together as the movie played


I wasn’t a fan of movies actually but I’ve never watched horror before , the movie was named oh my ghost


It was super scary and was giving me the chills


More than once Lee grabbed my hands whenever a scary part came up and sometimes he just threw himself at me cover his face in my top


Yeah am talking about the half cut Harley qwin top


It reached a romantic part where there were kisses and I slipped my hands under his as he held it tight


Don’t get me wrong ..I don’t have a reason for doing it


I just wanted to know how it felt like


The movie was over and we decided to go for a walk before going home to ease the tension of the horror movie we just watched


He told me a lot about him self and it was just then I realized


We had a lot in common …yes I was an angel but there were things I did like


And it turns out , it’s his best too








We kept on walking and talking it was already evening and people were everywhere


Mostly lovers … they were all doing romantic stuffs and having fun


There were street lights everywhere …and then I felt someone drag me out of the road as a reckless driver passed with full speed


“Watch where your going”


Lee min Screamed at the driver still holding my hands as I just realized what happened


I was almost hit by a car but Lee saved me


I was starting to feel cold and was shivering … Lee didn’t let go of my hand , he was a little bit shy I could feel it but despite that …he didn’t let go and I didn’t try to force it out either


I just let it be as waves of air blew pass my and my lips started clashing


I bet he noticed, because almost immediately he turned to me slowly


“Are u cold?”


He asked as he stood in front of me


All I could do was nod and he pulled out his leather jacket and wore it on me

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“It would keep you warm ”


He smiled as rain began falling


He didn’t move and neither did I …we just stood there staring at each other…the rain soaked him hair and he was more handsome as the slept on his face


The instant rain didn’t suprise me because I knew the reason


I was the reason



It rains whenever my heart shifts


Whenever there is a shift of emotion






I just don’t know which emotion that is














So the rain isn’t ordinary


Na wa o



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