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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 11




………… ……….






….. LEE MIN……


“what do you think you are doing?!”


I turned as I saw Soo bin glaring at me


It’s not cool to go through people’s stuff you know” She added


“Did you know about this?”


I raised an eyebrow at her


I don’t know what you are talking about


Yeah, I thought so ”


I rolled my eyes, it was obvious she was lying


She rubbed her shoulders tensed up


“Look, I don’t know what you’ve read in there or what you think you know but


none of it is true”


She crossed her arms



“Jinja?(really?) ,You must be kidding me because am sure of what I read and you ain’t gonna tell me otherwise!!”


What did you read?”


Well, turns out our Kim Sonya isn’t human, and that explains the time glass at the liabrary and all the acient books”


I blurtted out and she took in a deep breath looking defeated












I laid on the bed as I felt a huge pain on my chest



My chest was on fire



I rolled down hitting my head on the ground as blue flames formed a circle around me


After a minute or two I was floating , my 7 wings appeared again, I wasn’t concious of what was happening but I wasn’t ready to scream


I didn’t want park Sung to see me like this




I groained, as I felt two of my wings disappear


!!Two !!


How was that even possible?, I didn’t have much time here anymore, I can’t stay here I have to go


“O. M. G!!”


I turned as I heard a glass cup break, park sung stood at the door as his mouth dropped open , it seemed like he was bring tea and due to shock, it fell from hi hands


“What are you?!”


He Screamed in terror as I felt all my energy leave


And I fell lifelessly on the ground and everything went blank




I was fast enough to catch her head before she fell completely


The 5 glittering wings at her back had disappeared but she was lifeless


I was Afraid!!, Danm afraid!!


I mean what would you do if you were me?, I couldn’t call the police, if I did they would just lock her up and disect her


I didn’t know what she was , a fairy or an angel but I just placed her on the bed and studdied her closely


She is really beautiful


I didn’t freak out as much as I should because I did believe that mystical creatures exist


I saw one when I was 9 but it looked like a fox but it was also human


I reported the case to my dad who later called the cops and she was disected, that was the last I’d heard of her


And I wont let that happen to Kim Sonya


I filled a bowl with cold water since she was burning up and placed a towel on her head trying to calm her temperature



“Lee min”


She called out slowly without opening her eyes


Who is Lee min?


……….. Lee min………


“Did you hear something?”


I asked Soo bin who had just finished explaining everything about Kim to me


“No what?”


She shook her head


“I thought I heard my name, it was Kim’s voice”


I explained trying to listen for more sounds


Did you guys by chance have any physical contact?” Soo bin asked akwardly


Umm, duh, we live in the same house, of course we’ve shaked hands” I rolled my eyes as she smirked


I don’t mean that dummy, I mean like sΒ£x or kiss or any intimacy” “Oh,” I blushed a little ” what about it?”


Did u? ”


She raised an eyebrow


“Umm, kind of ” I suirked ” but it was just an accidental kiss, nothing special” I explained


Well I guess ur so-called-accidental kiss has bounded you with the angel” She rolled her eyes


What do you mean bounded?”


I quaked a little


“When an angel has an intimacy with a human, no matter how small it is , as far as affection or love was connected to it , it bounds both parties together, she can communicate to you no matter the distance”


” Look , I don’t know what you believe but it was just a one time kiss ”


“well, you can deny it all you want”


She rolled her eyes


” Wait a sec, you said we could communicate right? ”


My eyes flew open


” Yes”


She nodded ” ofcourse, why didn’t I think of it, can you try contacting her?”


“I don’t know if I can , I don’t even know how to”


Just try meditating


….. SOO BIN…..


I had explained everything to Lee but I didn’t tell him that she was leaving very soon


I didn’t tell him that the time glass represented her life on Earth


It was her choice to tell him about her leaving


“Is it working?”


I asked as he closed his eyes


Maybe it would if you stopped talking and keep your mother closed” He rolled his eyes as I frowned


………KIM SONYA……..



I opened my eyes slowly as I saw a towel on my head and I sat up


“How are you feeling now?”


Park yung asked removing the towel and soaking it in the bowl of water




I starmmerd


I knew he saw me transform why was he still here?


“You saw everything didn’t you”


I kept a serious face


” I did ”


“Why aren’t you scared?”


“Because you aren’t the first gumiho I’ve met




…….LEE MIN……




i exclaimed standing up quickly


“Why? How?”


“Just come with me”


I ordered leaving with the car key


We went into the house I saw in my imagination and I saw a guy pressing a towel on Kim’s head


“Who are you and what are you doing with my girlfriend!!”


I glarred angrily











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