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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 4~












……….. Kim Sonya………..






“Anyasayo, we heard voices inside …is there any mysterious guy there ?” The reporters asked expecting an answer as I turned to look at the manic as he shook his head and I took in a deep breath



“Animida, I was on a call”


I answered facing them as they smiled and I closed the door and he let out a sigh


“You owe me big time!”


I pointed at him firecefully as I rolled my eyes and went to my room and landed heavily on my bed


That guy out there was gonna be trouble


I could feel it












……..LEE MIN……..






“Yah (hey) blow Jax what’s for breakfast?”


I asked yawning as she came into the living room


Aren’t you supposed to be on your way out?” She gave me a hard look




Those reporters might still be there” My eyes widened …I can’t go to prison


Look ,I don’t want you here okay?…I don’t know anything about you ,you might even be a murderer ”


I felt hurt by her words ,I mean ..I thought she understood me


Blow Jax…”


“Stop calling me that!”


She glared interrupting me


It’s not like I remember her name anyway


Okay fine what’s your name?” I asked calmly


“Kim Sonya”


She replied shifting her hair behind her ears


“Am Lee min by the way ”


I smilled hanging out my palm for her to shake but she just looked up at me and squeezed her face


“I didn’t ask what your name was ”


She rolled her eyes and walked away


” Okay..”


I wispered to myself dropping my hands down


This was the second time I was beign embarrassed by the same girl














“Soo bin you need to see him …his an asshole”


I explained to Soo bin over the phone as I sat in my room


“Come on babe”


She chanted


“It can’t be that bad right? …I mean his a f**king celebrity for crying out loud” And again I could feel my phone vibrate


I was sure she had put the speaker in her mouth again


“You just don’t get it …my instincts can never be wrong …. he’s trouble”


“Look you are going back to your world in just 3 months , babe like seriously you’ve got to loosen up ….go on dates ,have your first kiss” She screamed


” You know what ? Never mind …”


I cut the call depressed

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I mean ,what was I expecting to here from Soo bin anyway?


Romance , love, dates and kisses has always been her stuff, sometimes she makes me watch love movies thinking I was gonna loosen up


I can’t believe I was expecting her to give an advice like “Girl kick the danm guy out can’t fall in love” But instead I get


“Babe you need to lossen up …fall in love, go on dates ,do romance” Typical Soo bin ….lossen up my ass


I rolled my eyes as I felt a deep pain on my chest. ….it was burning


I feel down on the ground groaning in pains as my wings appeared in alert and


began glowing










……..LEE MIN…….






“This girl is a total Maniac ”


I thought to myself going through the books in the library


It was all old books of the old joseon (Gojoseon)



I mean when Korea was still ruled by Kings and stuffs ..this was history ,who reads this nowadays when there are morden books to read?


I turned around fustrated as I saw a glass with sand in it


More like an hour Glass used in the olden days


It’s like this girl has a thing for old things


More than half had already dropped into the down glass ,am not a fan of olden Korea but I did attend history classes back at high school , of course I did ..I mean, am not a complete idiot


And this glass here meant lifespam


…this can only mean two things


Either it was just an artifact or it was actually calculating the life of someone or something ….and if it is , someone’s life was going


Calculating from what I saw here, the sand upwards was not much … which means the person doesn’t have long to live




I heard a scream from the living room as I dropped the hour Glass carefully and ran to check it out


I saw Kim Sonya on the passage, she laid lifelessly on the ground




I Screamed as I ran up to her carrying her up as she laid on my hands


Her breathing was fast and intense and she was burning up …her whole body was hot


From the looks of it, she most have fallen from the steps while trying to come down or something because there was a briuse on her chest and fore head



She was wearing a singlet so I could see a part of her chest


A part!!


She moaned as I hurried her to NY room and laid her on the bed fastly , her temperature rose


I ran to the fridge and took out an ice block placing it on her head as her eyes were still closed was like she was fighting with something or someone in her dream


“Kim , please come back ”


I wispered softly into her ears …I had to place the ice block on her chest too in order to calm down her temperature


I unbottened her first 2 buttons exposing her chest and a little flesh of her br**st


I felt a spark ….come on ,am a man , don’t be silly


“Kim ….”


I called out slowly as she gasped for breath and opened her eyes slowly


She was sweating really hard now upon the whole ice block I had used on her


Her eyelids were socked fron seat and I swear she was extremely beautiful as her hair brushed over her face


I didn’t know if I just noticed now ,but she had blue eyes …but her eye color was brown before


Or maybe I just didn’t notice well


“Kim what’s wrong? What happened?”


I asked sharply as I noticed she was staring at me


” Where am I?”


She asked in a soft and calm voice…..I swear any guy would have fallen



“My room, you tripped and fell on the stairs so I carried u up to my room since you were burning up”


I explained as she blinked sadly


” I’ll go now..I’ll use the solfa tonight you can stay here”


I added as I turned to leave and she held my hands softly but weakly


“Please stay with me”


She pleaded








End of episode 4




…..what’s wrong with Kim? ….


…….does it have anything to do with the time glass?


Find out in the next episode of












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