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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 3~




…………(Her rules)………..






….LEE MIN…….




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My mouth dropped completly open


“Okay this is werid… What the hell are you doing in my house! ”


She screamed as i kept on sweating rapidly


“Dont get any funny ideas coffee girl!!”


I crossed my arms


“I just thought this was a bar ”


I regreted making up such a dumb lie as she gave me an akward look


“You’re crazier than i thought!!”


She stared up to me angrily


“Well What are you still doing here?”


She raised am eyebrow ….okay i wont be disrepected by some blow jax without a


ref number …..i glared at her and turned to leave as peeped at the little camera hole


…about 20 reporters were sitting outside ….omg what the heck am i gonna do now


…..maybe i can try to make a deal with this blow jax here




I turned back to her trying to sound polite


“What are you still doing here?


She raised her eyebrows crossing her arms


“I wanna make a deal ….”


I said swiftly as she rolled her eyes


“Well am not intrested!!”


She fired pushing me to the door


“Shooo shooo”


She turned the door nob


“Animida!! (No)”


I screamed as i spinned her and pinned her on the door forcing it to close and placing my arm over her


“What do you think your doing”


She glared


“Let go of me”


Before i could even reply…her fist flew up giving me a punch in the stomach as i groained in pains ….is this girl even human!!?


“Ouch !! What was that for?”


I groaned holding my tummy in pains …


“Get out from my house!”


She screamed as my eyes widended as the thought of the paparazii knowing i was in this particular house


“Look ,blow jax i have a liitle problem ….all i ask is that you just let me stay here


for the night …i have some little issues , i’ll do anything you want”


I blurtted out as she gave a little smirk and that was when i knew i had made the


mistake of my life








…… the kitchen……..




I placed the clean plates into the basket as she brought in a new set



“What do you think you’re doing?”


I glared at her as she dropped the plated infornt of me


“You said you’ll do anything!!…..the only way your staying here is by doing the




She gave a little smirk


” Unless you want to get out from……”


“No ,no!! I’ll do it!”


I interrupted as she dropped the plates


This was the most crazy thing I’ve ever done!!!




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………..Kim Sonya ……..






I don’t know what i was thinking letting that mamiac stay here but my instincts was telling me it was a bad move


But what could go wrong?, His leaving tomorrow anyway .


….phone rings……




I spoke up as I placed the phone on my ears


“Kim, you can’t believe what just happened!!!”


Soo bin glirtted with her mouth on the speaker again


I can’t decide until I hear it” I rolled my eyes


“Remember that actor that you gave a blow Jax?”


She was sounding creepy



They said he shot someone at the movie practice and now the paparazzi are searching for him …he’s in hidding”


She streched out …oh, so that’s what all this is about


“Wow ok ..i have to go ..see you later”


I cut the call angrily and went out to the living room where he was sleeping on the solfa


I wanted to scream to wake him up but it seemed like he was fast asleep so I just went closer to him as I studied his face


He had black hair that formed bangs across his face ,peach lips ,long lashes and big chest


So much for being an actor


I rolled my eyes as I turned to go and he grabbed me spinning me around as I laid on the solfa and he was on top of me


When I say on top ,I mean his whole body !!


This is the closest I’ve been to a man


“What are you doing?!”


I glared at him trying to struggle my way out ,I couldn’t because technically, he


pinned both of my hands to the couch …I guess my other punch taught him a lesson


“Get off me!”


I screamed


“Why were you checking me out?”


He raised an eyebrow as I faced down quickly


” I wouldn’t call it checking you out”


I spoke up almost immediately… I wasn’t checking the idiot out okay? I just wanted to know what cho sun saw in him


“Oh really?, So what will they call that?”



“Look just get off me!! And remove any stupid idea your getting, it’s not gonna work”


Don’t get me wrong’s not like i can’t use my powers to get off this maniac ….it’s


just that humans should never know about we angels ,talk more of knowing about


our powers …so with this maniac here …I have to use manpower to do almost








…….. LEE MIN……..




.I starred down at her still pinning her against the chair as I studied her swiftly


She was probably in her middle 20s ,she had black hair that dropped on her shoulders and covered most of her face and long lashes


Her skin was fair and neat …she is beautiful….I’ll give her that


She also had a black birth mark on a coner of her eyes ,it just added to her beauty


She had a nice shape ….this is what makes guys droll


But too bad she’s just a blow jax punching physcopath ..I rolled my eyes as she pushed me off the solfa and I fell on the ground


“Hey! What was that for?!”


I snarred standing up


“Look if you’re gonna stay in my house there are rules!! ”


She glared angrily seating up


” Rule number1 ,don’t f**king touch me”


She warned raising her fingers, what the heck was she thinking? …yeah she is


attractive but dorr I’ve seen better






“I wouldn’t have done that if you weren’t checking me out”



I wasn’t checking you out !!” She crossed her arms


Then what were you doing blow Jax?” I raised an eyebrow at her


“Who did you kill?”


She spoke up as my heart skipped a beat


How the hell did she know?


No one” I glared


“I Don’t know what your talking about”


My voice was shaky this time, what if she already called the paparazzi?


“Your face is all over the news you know”


She gave me an akward look


I didn’t kill anyone ….I was framed” I defended


Yeah sure you were”


She gave me a sacastic look


“You believe me right?”


“Ofcourse I do ”


She smiled


” You aren’t even capable of killing a fly”


She rolled her eyes …wait a sec…was that supposed to be an insult?


……knock knock…….




There was a knock on the door as I hid at one corner of the room and she went to check it out



“Anyasayo, we heard voices inside …is there any mysterious guy there ?”


I heard them ask her….it was the reporters ….she looked at me as I shook my heart slowly and fearfully ….if she tells them am here …am going to jail straight






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Will kim Sonya rattle Lee min out to the paparazzi?






Find out in the next episode






By uc beverly




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