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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 18









………… ……….






I Screamed as the whole apartment shakes and teayong’s gun fell on the ground


The police stood shocked as park yung dived and hit teayong so bad that he stumbled to the ground as the cops gathered and hand cuffed him


I ran to Lee’s side and tears spurrded in my eyes





I Screamed angrilly as the entire weather changed, there was s Thunderstorm and lightning

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The police had already dragged teayong outside leaving only park young and I inside , they already phoned the ambulance


“Kim call down, your gonna break everything”


Park pleaded fearfully as all the things in the room started shaking




“Lee,!! Lee are you okay??”


I raised his head up as he regained a little consiousness


“Kim Sonya”


He wispered slowly as he cupped my face with his hands


“Don’t move stay still ”


I Screamed as I placed my hands on the large wondering and closed my eyes tightly as I concentrated using my whole energy and directing it to the wound


“Come on ,come on!!”


I Screamed as my 2 remaining wings appeared


” Kim stop!!”


Soo bin Screamed rushing into the room


“You are gonna die!!, You aren’t strong enough”


She pleaded as tears dropped down her eyes


I didn’t listen


I put my whole energy into the wound as it closed up and one of my 2 wings disappeared


I had one left!



I fell down unconsiously


…….LEE MIN……






I gasped imediately as I saw Soo bin holding Kim and crying


“What happened?”


I asked immediately


“She’s gonna go!!, She’s gonna go”


Soo bin screamed ” otuke? What are we going to do?”


“She used her powers to heal me”


I lost balance as I fell on the couch ” why didn’t you stop her!”


I Screamed as Park yung who had been standing there dumbfounded


“The glass, the time glass, lee hurry!!!”


Soo bin screamed as I ran to the library and brought it to the living room


It was remaining just a little sand at the bottom of the glass


Soo bin blinked as tears rolled down her cheeks


“She is still alive”


She breathed out




I heard her call in my mind as I rushed to her side


Tears dropped down my checks


My first real tears


I carried her up and dropped her on the couch hugging her tightly


‘benayo , am so sorry’


I head her faint voice as I saw tears roll down her eyes although they were still closed




.I shouldn’t end like this,



It shouldn’t


I can feel the portal had already opened and now it was gonna suck me into it


I tried my best to regain


My eyes opened slowly




She ran as she hugged me tightly


She sobbed on me and same as Lee


“Please don’t go without me”


She pleaded “it’s gonna be lonely without you”


Lee stood up quickly and ran into the library


I stood up and hugged Soo bin so tight


Park had already left


My tears rolled freely and so did mine


“How can you think you can live t


Without me?”


She Screamed with anger sobbing deeply as I cleaned my tears






……..LEE MIN……..






I searched through all the books in the library slowly to see if I could find anything for Kim to stay



There has to be




I turned back to see Kim standing at the door as tears filled her eyes


“There has to be something!!!!, There has to be”


I Screamed as she shakes her head and the tears fell


She ran to me and hugged me tight


“There is none ”


She mummered


“Why !!! Why!!!!”


Screamed “Am sorry”


She Held my face trying to get me together as she tried to stop sobbing And she kissed me


She groanied in pains as she Screamed


“Soo bin!!!”


I Screamed as she came running in with the glass


She sobbed hardly as she held up the glass


It was empty


The whole sand had gone


“No no !!”


I Screamed hugging her tight “it can’t be”


I cried out


“I don’t know how to be alone!!”


But it was too late


She began dispearing, I held her hands but she just disappeared, she was gone!!!!


Soo bin fell down crying deeply as I held her up and hugged her tight as we both sobbed








“it has been confirmed that the guy behind the whole muder hasn’t been actor lee min, he was framed ,it was actually his best friend singer teayong”


The reporter annoced as I turned off the television and went into the library


As I glanced at kim Sonya’s books


The tears filled up again


I couldn’t look at them again


They reminded me she was gone


I can’t live without you kim


Am sick of finding reasons to feel the way I did before


I wish you could stay


I know you won’t but why do I still hold on to you !


Why can’t I let go


Why do I lose my mind when I hold on tight and I don’t wanna let go


‘i love you’


I heard her last voice and that was all


She disappeared


I don’t know how to be alone


I took a knife and stabbed my self so hard in the stomach I couldn’t take the pain




!!The end!!












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