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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 16




………… ……….




…….. LEE MIN……..


She drew away from the kiss quickly as she faced down to the bed


“What’s wrong?”


I asked consined but she didn’t reply


“Is it that you don’t feel the same way about me?”


I added


“No Lee min , I feel the same way but… ”


She replied


” But what?”


I interrupted waiting to face my disappointment


You are human, am an angel, there isn’t any chemistry between us, Lee it won’t work”


She explained sadly as I held her hand


It doesn’t matter, as long as we are together”



It does matter, you don’t understand what am trying to say, am dying” She confessed as tears fell from her face




I asked letting go of her hands immediately


“My wings were 8 but now what’s left is 2, and I don’t know when it’s gonna go but if it does then so do I”


” Kim, I won’t permit it”


I dragged her closer placing her head on my chest


“It’s not up to you, it’s not up to anyone, I can feel it, the portal is opening”


By chance does it have anything to do with the time glass at the liabrary?” I asked and she nodded










I told him everything


I had to tell him, he had a right to know


I’d stayed on Earth for 500 years and now it was time to go and I was sad about it


I had been extremely happy to go back home but not until I met Lee min


And now, going home is gonna be the hardest thing I can do


“Am really sorry Lee”


I apologized as tears sprung down my checks


….. Door bell rings…..


….. LEE MIN…..



I gave her one last peck on her checks as I went downstairs to answer the door


I sighed park sung sitting on the sofa but I ignored him


“Hey b”


Teayong spoke up as I opened the door letting him in


” Watsup”


I smilled and he sat on the solfa with a bag on his laps


“I got you a yourgot”


He smiled as he went to the bar and brought some glass cups ,park yung had gone inside already


He poured the yourgut into his glass first ND them mine


I drowned it as he kept on talking about the tours he’d been on


After a minute I felt dizzy and down


“Taeyung it seems like the drink is expired”


I complained as the headache was heavily banging my head


But he was smilling,


I looked down at his cup, he didn’t drink his, he didn’t drink his at all


“Taeyung what have you done!”


I Screamed at him as I picked my phone up and pressed something


“You see lee min, the thing with you is that you never listen ”


He stood up laughing


Taeyung, don’t tell me you were the….oh my God” I covered my mouth as they realization came to me


The night the fake gun had been given to me for the movie show


Taeyung was there, he was in my house that night!!


Director Lee didn’t set me up


My best friend taeyung did!!!






…. T B C….







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