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……………LOVER…….. .




By uc Beverly




~Episode 12




………… ……….










I gasped as I chocked on my siliva


“Who are you!” Park sung glarred angrily “do you know this dude?” Park turned to me quickly


“Yeah his a friend”


I replied quickly standing up from the bed

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” I was danm worried what happened?”


Soo bin asked quickly walking up to me as the two guys kept glaring at each other


“I was stabbed!!”


Replied as all of them starred at me mysteriously


” What!!, By who?!”


Lee rushed up to me holding my checks



She’s fine dude, you don’t have to touch her” Park sung faced him


“Kim who is this guy to you! ”


Lee min asked angrily


” He is the person that saved me”


I replied as Soo bin gasped and Lee took in a deep breath


“Look , am really greatful you saved her but it’s really time for her to come home” Lee turned to him


I didn’t know how to react about Lee min and park sung fighting for me


This was something Soo bin loves alot, it was her stuff not mine


I jerked as her hand held mine and she dragged me into the small toilet in the room closing the door


I was sure the guys were shocked because suddenly the whole agurement settled


…..PARK SUNG …..


I didn’t know how to feel anymore, I mean without me the girl would have been dead and now all I get is insults from this spoilt brat!


“Look, I don’t know who you think you are but all I know is that if you cause some more trouble here am gonna call my guards” I glared at him




Am Lee, Lee min, you know the famous actor” He rolled his eyes


And it was then I actually recognised him, he was an actor


And also the person Kim called the night she was unconscious



I didn’t recognize him before because he was on normal clothes


“Oh you mean the runaway celebrity?”


I laughed and he glared angrily






…..Kim Sonya…..


“What do you mean by he knows?!”


I asked Soo bin angryilly


“He found your dairy and read it and now he knows everything”


She half yelled


Oh god!! This is bad ,this is really really bad” “I tried to stop him but it was already too late”

Park sung knows too”


I said disappointed


” Who is park sung?”


Soo bin raised an eyebrow


“That guy outside”


” The one that saved you?”


“Yes, that one , he saw me transform ”


OMG!! This is getting so complicated, how many .ore people need to find out before you go?”


Soo bin cried out



Things weren’t like this before, why are all these happening now it’s time to go?” I complained sadly



This wasn’t the kind of exit I planned on having


I wanted it to be simple with no one hurt but instead I had to bring Lee min in


So close that the dear of leaving him troubles me so bad


After everything that happened the past few days we were together, I’ve changed


I’ve changed a whole lot and he changed me, the thought of just disappearing into the thin air and never coming back was a heart ache


Who said angels don’t need protecting?


And now there is park sung


He saved my life and took care of me even after knowing who I am


And now he’s fighting for me, I don’t need that kind of special treatment, I don’t deserve it


” Can I ask you a question?”


Soo bin spoke up interrupting me from my thoughts


” Yes sure ,go on”


I nodded and brightened up


“Do you like Lee min?”


She asked as I took in a deep breath “I heard you two kissed” she added


“No, am an angel, I don’t get to have human feelings, I don’t get to love” I Screamed angrilly barging out


Lee and park just stood still starring awkwardly at me


I guess they must have heard my last statement


Who cares ? they know anyway


I went into the other room And laid sadly






*Phone rings*




I Called out picking the call and ignoring the intensity in the room


“Where are you park sung!?”


She asked fircefully


“What do you mean where am I?, Am at the hotel of course ”


I replied sacastically


” Get out of there now! ”


She Screamed




I asked


“A bomb was planted there, get out now!!”






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