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By uc Beverly




~Episode 14




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………..Kim Sonya……..


“What is it?” I asked Park Sung


He looked at me dumbly and opened his mouth unable to say anything.


“Park Sung!!!!” Someone screamed from his phone and that brought him back to reality.


“There’s a bomb in this building” he said and dashed to a room, brought out a duffel bag and gave it to Soo Bin.


All of you out now” he shouted “I need to alert everyone in this building” “Come on let’s go Kim” Lee Min held my wrist.


I took it back from him and looked at him defiantly, if anything, you both should get out of this building”


“No” Lee argued back


“Yes idiot, let’s go. Have you forgotten she’s an angel” Soo Bin reminded them.


“Even angels need protection” Lee Min argued back “besides you look weak”


“We have less than two minutes, I can hear the bomb now, it’s below us. Either the first or second floor and we can’t keep arguing.” I shot Soo Bin a furious look, she knows what to do.


She nod once in understanding and moved closer to Lee Min.


Before he could say another word, he was lying flat on the floor.


Soo Bin nicked his artery, causing him to be unconscious.


“Now out” I screamed at her.


For someone as fragile as Soo Bin, she lifted Lee Min and carried him on her right shoulder with Park Sung’s bag resting on her left shoulders.


“Alert people as you run downstairs” I called after her fast retreating back.


Must have been the effect of adrenaline because a normal Soo Bin wouldn’t carry a five litres keg.


“You aren’t going to do that to me, are you?” Park Sung asked


“I was thinking of doing that but I remembered there’s no one to carry you, so let’s move it” I ordered.


We have less than a minute to spare.


We began pressing every fire alarm on the floor.


When we got to the third floor, everywhere was silent.


“Seems everyone has evacuated the building” Park said beside me.


“Everyone but us and that was really fast.” I looked out a window saw people outside.


“We have to jump else we’ll die here. We can’t make it to the first floor before the bomb goes off.”


Thankfully he didn’t argue.


We both stood on a window sill and jumped down.



Just as we mixed with the crowd, the bomb went off and what used to be a five star hotel was engulfed in fire, the building was also collapsing gradually.


“My baby, my baby” a woman screamed for the crowd.


“My baby girl is in the room” the woman cried.


I put out my hearing and distinctly, I could hear little girl screaming mummy.


I didn’t think twice before moving.


I saw Park at my side, seeing the determination on his face, I knew he wouldn’t listen to me if I ask him to go back.


“She’s on the third floor”


“And we had earlier said no one is there” he replied and entered into the fire.


I stood before the fire, hesitating a bit before entering.


Immediately I entered, smoke clouded my senses.


I began coughing “where are you Park?” I asked.


My clothes was already burning and my angelic powers wouldn’t surface no matter how hard I tried.


I contemplated on running back outside but a life is at stake here.


Besides, angels are to protect humans not leave them in a fire even if the Angel’s power is disappearing.


I better get my legs moving and save a life.


As I took a step forward, a hand gripped my wrist and pulled me to a room.


The room appeared to be a bathroom and a duvet was soaked in the bathtub.



“Help me, let use this wet duvet to protect ourselves from the fire.” Park said


I nod and together we draped the duvet over our back and we ran out of the room tracing where cries was coming from.


We found the room at the end of the hall.


Fire was burning from within.

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Park kicked at the door and it fell open.


I could feel the building vibrating under my feet.


I’m sure Park felt it too because he moved really fast and carried the young girl whose cloth was beginning to burn.


The Duver felt heavy under me. As an angel, it’s not supposed to feel heavy.


Then I began feeling drowsy, I was seeing things in twos and threes.


I saw blood coming out from Park’s palm. He had tried opening the balcony door so we can throw the girl out.


The vibrations was closer and heavy. Something had to be done.


I directed every ounce of my energy to the balcony doors.


And broke it with wind.


Park Sung looked at me with worry on his face.


” Go I’ll be fine” I smiled tiredly at him.


He picked the little girl and threw her into a nearby bush where he’s sure she’ll have just little injuries.


The vibrations was just five seconds neare to us now, we can’t make it.


I collapsed under the weight of the duvet on the hot vibrating group.


I was very weak and the smoke has clouded my senses.


I tried standing again but I fell down and this time I blacked out.


The last image I saw was Park running back to me as the building collapsed on us.


“Stupid boy, he should have saved his life and leave me to die alone. It’s a good thing I saved a life before my death”






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