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By uc Beverly






~Episode 1~


…….. (pilot)……..






{ Kim Sonya POV }







My alarm sounded so loudly in my ears forcing me to fall hard on the cold tiled floor


Not like it’s too loud or something but we angels have a super hearing ability.


We can hear things from very far distance and even the lowest of whispers. ..


I sat up groggily and looked at my bedroom. …..i had a pretty big apartment …the


rent was was more than 1000 wons … although it’s gonna all be a waste once am gone….I rolled my eyes happily, I have less than one year here on earth. Very soon I’ll be back to my home and be out of this danm plannet .


(Phone rings.)




My phone did a little ringing and I picked it up






“annyeoseyo ”


I spoke up still sitting on bed


“Kim Sonya don’t tell me your still on bed …don’t forget we’ve got work at the coffee shop today?”


Soo Bin my best friend screamed over the phone as it shock the hell out of me….her voice is like thunder…she literally puts the speaker in her mouth


“Calm down tiger…I’ll be there in half an hour”


I rolled my eyes hanging up ….. yeah yeah I know am an angel but I do have


friends okay, ?it isn’t easy staying for 700 years without anyone to talk to, others have gotten old and passed away but am still the same we angels don’t get old and we are extremely pretty , Soo Bin and i have been friends since she was a child, I saved her from a car accident with my powers but now she’s a teenager and all grown up that’s how she knew I was not human and she promised to keep it a


secret …..Since then, I stood by her and now we are literally the same height And


likely what the earthlings would call agemate


I dragged my self up yawning, then put on my piggy palms and sat on my bed.


Since I’ve been on earth for 700years, I’ve mastered all about earth and its inhabitants especially humans.


From what I’ve deduced, they have something called love, hate, emotions, bla bla bla not that I care anyway.


They are so complicated.


We angels have supernatural abilities, we do extraordinary things but one thing we can’t do is create money, you kinda have to earn it.


I’m not poor or anything…don’t get wrong ideas … I just have a job to keep myself busy and now, it’s gonna last for one year after that am out of this crazy earth.


I raised my right palm and my diary came floating towards me I grabbed it and ticked on 26th.. That means 320 more days to return back to heaven, this is so gonna be cool.


I’m going to miss Soo Bin a lot…..we angels don’t get old and we are extremely


pretty so even If I stay… I’d also have to watch her get old and pass away… I had to change my name and environment even twenty years because people got suspicious I’m not growing old like they are.


I stood up and went to the bathroom. Then dressed up then off to work






{Lee Min’s POV}


Camera lights everywhere, oh my god this is so frustrating most of the reporters here smell like decade fishes



“Lee min, its time”


I turned to see one of my movie partners Steve


“Is Mr Lee here already??? ”


I asked, trying to hide away from the flashes of light.


“Ye … the movie is starting in a minute your presence is needed since you’re the main character ”


“Alright I’ll be there, I just need to use the rest room ”


I nodded sharply


“Okay good luck”


He says and leaves, Well I’m a movie star and a celebrity, more like everyone’s dream guy.. We are about to shoot a movie right now and trust me there is more to being a celebrity then just money, facing the parparazii is the worst of it all, everyone just wanted to get a nice good shot of me.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories





I heard Mr Lee’s voice ehco through the whole hall as I ran to join up the others






“In 3 ,2 ,1… ACTION!!”




“Why did you leave me for that bastered?….”


I screamed banging Dee sung next to the wall as she was called in the movie .she was supposed to be my love interest


“Beinayo” (am sorry)


She apologized as I stood staring at her …what the heck was I supposed to do next?




Mr Lee screamed angrily



“You were supposed to kiss her dude …and then Choi yung was supposed to fight you and you were gonna shoot him….you know what… everyone go home…that’s enough for today ”


He replied as I took my lather jacket and dressed up to leave …. I’d probably


branch at a coffee shop


When I came back, I showered and dressed up.


I’m a movie star and one of the most lived celebrity in Korea.


I leave alone and have a best friend, teayong who’s a musician.


I hate the paparazzi with every fiber of my being but there’s nothing I can do because of my passion for movies.


I took a car key and went out.






{Kim Sonya’s POV}


“Am gonna miss you so much when you go”


Soo Bin said looking sorrowfully at me as we served coffee to customers …Soo Bin and I worked at an expensive coffee shop down the road It’s usually have high ranked people as customers like celebrities and stuffs.


“Leaving to where?? ”


I turned to see Cho sun the girl who has a crush on a so called celebrity




Soo Bin replied looking so innocent …Cho sun also worked in the same coffee shop with us


“Oh ok, guys have you seen Lee min’s new update on you tube??? He looks so sΒ£xy”



Cho sun said showing us some pictures of her one in a million time crush who will probably never notice she exists


“He looks like an asshole if u ask me”


I replied looking irritated at him


“I totally agree ”


Soo Bin added


“You two are no help at all…. Just a bunch of fucatives looking for whose heart to


break ”


Cho sun replied walking away angrily as Soo bin and I broke out a huge laughter.


as she left to the front side of the shop, at the desk.


“Oh my god!!!!”


I heard Cho sun whisper fiercely as I turned to look at Soo Bin.. she was staring at the door with her jaws open like she had seen a ghost.


I turned around and saw a guy.


“Who’s he? And why’s he causing distraction?”


I wispered slowly to Soo bin who was typically drooling over the asshole


“His one of the best movie star in Seoul”


Soo bin said in a dazed expression as Cho sun went to take his oder as he relaxed on a chair ..the reporters where already filling the place


“What would you like to take oppa?”


Cho sun was smiling like a burnt goat now and it was obvious that the guy thought she was a meniac


“Coffee obviously…isnt it wat this place is for?”


He glared at her as she behaved herself and came to me taking the coffee and returning it back to him


“Have….yo…ur co…ffee sir”


Cho sun stuttered.


He looked at her disgustedly and took the coffee from her.


He tasted it and scrunched up his face tightly.


He raised up his hand holding the coffee and before anyone knew what was happening, he poured the scalding hot Coffee on Cho sun making her scream in pain.




“You stupid good for nothing waitress…do you want to burn my tounge?!”


He screamed raising a hand to slap her as I ran to her holding his hands as it was about to land on her ….the reporters barged in and started recording the whole

senero…..I gave him a blow Jax as he fell flat on his but


“Do you know who the f**k I am?!”


He screamed struggling to get up as his guards rushed him outside the coffee shop


” A spoiled hypocrite ..that’s what you are!”


I screamed angrily as the the owner of the restaurant came out


“Your fired Kim Sonya!!”


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