Sat. May 11th, 2024



Solomon: who is it?


Julia: It’s Julia.


Solomon: The door is open..


Julia: Good morning, sir.


Solomon: Good morning, how are you doing?


Julia: I’m fine.


Solomon: Are you sure?


Julia: Yes, thank you.


Solomon: Are the bruises healing at all?


Julia: gradually. (Tries to show him the bruises)


Solomon: no, Julia. I don’t need to see them! I only wanted to make sure they are healing. And you don’t want to go to the hospital?


Julia: No I’ve been nursing them myself.



Solomon: self medication is not always great unless you are perfectly sure of what you are doing.


Julia: This is nothing compared to the injuries I used to sustain working in the farm with my dad.


Solomon: I understand but that was then. I think you deserve better than that.


Julia: Thank you.


Solomon: I’m really sorry that happened…I wish it didn’t.


Julia: is there anything I can help you do. Any clothes you need me to wash?


Solomon: Julia, the hotel staff take care of all that. What would you like to have?


Julia: I’m not hungry at all. I ate before leaving the house…


Solomon: Are you sure?


Julia: Yes, sir.


Solomon: I was getting really worried when I didn’t hear from you over the weekend and there was no way to get in touch. Do you have a mobile phone?


Julia: No sir. My auntie promised to get me one before the week runs out.


Solomon: I see. Well I have two. So you can have one of mine so you can always call when you need something.


Julia: Awwww! Thank you so much, sir. Sir your phone is ringing.


Solomon: could you please see who is calling.


Julia: It’s your wife, sir.



Solomon: hehehe! I’ll call her back she wants to chat and ask me endless questions about Africa as if I am touring the whole of African. Don’t worry about it. I’ll call her back.


Julia: sir, my aunt told me that you requested I come over during the weekend but she didn’t let me come. She said she was going to send Sapphire. Did she send her?


Solomon: erm, yes. Is Sopphire the petite lady?


Julia: Yes, sir.


Solomon: Yes, she came around…


Julia: Please sir, don’t be angry. But I want to ask you something.


Solomon: Go ahead, Julia.


Julia: (biting her fingernails) did you sleep with her?


Solomon: hehehe. Let’s first address something, why are you biting your nails?


Julia: I am nervous. Sorry….


Solomon: Are you nervous or jealous or both?



Julia: I don’t know



Solomon: Julia, I don’t sleep around. To sleep with a woman, she needs to be occupying a particular space in my heart. Do you have anymore questions for me?


Julia: No sir.


Solomon: i sent her back. Is there anything you need to get yourself?


Julia: no sir.



Solomon: Alright then. I would have loved to spend the whole day with you and maybe take you somewhere nice for coffee, But I’ve got a very important board meeting in Port Harcourt. My flight is for 11pm and I wouldn’t want you to be here alone.


Julia: I’ll be bored without you..


Solomon: awwww! Now that got me! Wanna come with me?



Julia: No


Solomon: Alright, I’ll get Mr Ben to take you back home. Have this money, I think it’s roughly fifty thousand naira. Use it to take care of yourself. I’ll be away for 3 days but I’ll call you at least 2 times each day.


Julia: Thank you very much sir.


Solomon: Julia, promise me you are not going to sleep with any of those men


Julia: I promise.


Solomon: Tell me the truth, have you ever slept with any of them?


Julia: I have never


Solomon: Julia, I believe you. Give me a minute, let me get Mr Ben on the phone.


…. hello….good morning Mr Ben…..I’m great thanks….could you please get me a cab to take Julia home… that’s none of your business….. Mr Ben, you really need to stop acting your shoe size and start acting your age!! Please get me a cab. Thanks!!


Julia: is everything okay? If it’s not convenient for him, I could get a public transport.


Solomon: No, you barely know your way around here. That’s not a safe thing to do.


He’s coming in a few minutes.


Julia: Thank you so much.



(After about 10 minutes, Mr Ben sent a cab to Julia. And as she set off to leave, Solomon could see traces of tears in her eyes but he pretended not to see it, waved her goodbye and went back quickly into his hotel room.


Claudia was surprised to see Julia back so soon. She was meant to spend a week and in fact, the payment was already made in advance. Infuriated, she confronted her)


Claudia: what is the problem again! Seriously! I didn’t force you into this! I wanted to send you to school but you kept pushing! Now you have been introduced into this, and you keep making me lose valuable customers! What the hell is wrong with you!


Go inside and get your things ready! I’m sending you back to the village. Seems you like it there!


Julia: Why don’t you let me explain, Auntie?


Claudia: explain what!! Explain that you were paid to work for a week and came back after two hours????


What stunt did you pull this time!


Julia: He asked me to leave and come back after three days.


Claudia: Why!


Julia: He was called for an emergency meeting in Port Harcourt.


Claudia: Oh okay. I’m sorry for being mad at you. I’m sorry okay?


Julia: It’s okay auntie.


Claudia: I love you, Julia. I don’t mean to do this to you, but this is the life I’ve always known (starts crying)


Julia: Stop crying, auntie. I understand.



Claudia: probably not. Go have something to eat and come to my room when you are done. I’m going to tell you all about me and how I got here.


Julia: Alright, auntie…




Mr Ben: We should be leaving for the airport in about an hour.


Solomon: I’ll be ready. Seriously why do you act like an idiot?


Mr Ben: hahahaha God forgive me for laughing. I shouldn’t be laughing about this at all, but what exactly did you see in that very dirty girl?


Solomon: mtcheww! Once an idiot always an idiot! Get out of my way!


Mr Ben: no, make me understand because I had her last week and she stank like one week old urine.


Solomon: what did you just say?


Mr Ben: you fit call her and ask her naw! Jezzz! The girl wowo!!!


Solomon: this is a joke, right?


Mr Ben: I swear! I decided to see what it is about her that got you hooked and I couldn’t even…


Solomon: Stop!!! …


To be continued

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