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‘’what a day’’ I breathed as I stopped my car in front of our hostel. Tracy breathed deeply and shrugged.


‘’I pray they catch Jessica. She really has to pay for everything she has done’’ she muttered as she opened the car door. I smiled and faced her, my head filled with many unspoken words.


‘’Trey thanks for your company and everything. You really made me happy with the attention you have been giving me these few days’’ I softly said to her.


‘’please don’t expect much from me or have your hopes up. We are just friends and nothing more. It’s better you go fix things with Beauty if you are looking for another relationship. I already gave you reason for my stand and so try and understand’’ she muttered, alighted from my Car and headed into the hostel without waiting for me. I shook my head as I thought of what exactly to do to make her change her mind for good.


Later in the evening, I headed to Beauty’s room to check up on her and know what really her problem was in the morning. For the first time since we became close she hesitated before allowing me into her room.


‘’so what’s up?. Why are you acting so strange?, did I do something bad?’’ I asked her curiously. She rolled her eyes and sat down on her bed without saying anything to me. I hesitantly sat down beside her and softly reached for her hand.


‘’what’s really the problem?. Is there anything I need to know?’’ I asked curiously.



‘’nothing Jude. I just don’t want to have you as a close friend anymore. My spirit no longer wants it and please do respect my decision’’ she muttered slowly.


‘’but why?, you can’t just ruin the friendship we have built for no reason. It’s so unfair. You have been like a sister, a girlfriend to me. How will I cope?, how will I get a new friend’’ I protested.


‘’but you now have Tracy?. She’s more than enough for you’’ she chipped in while I drew back a bit.


‘’is it because of Tracy?, gawd I told you she’s yet to accept me back. You know everything about us nau’’ I feebly muttered.


‘’and when you guys finally make up, what happens to our friendship?. I know I shouldn’t be saying this but I need space. I just want to be on my own and please respect my decision. I don’t owe you any explanation. You can leave my room, I want to sleep now’’ she added seriously.


‘’you want me to leave your room?’’ I asked with disbelief.


‘’yes good night’’ she softly replied, leaving me a bit annoyed with character.


For a minute I just couldn’t say anything as I battled with my mind. Right from the start we both knew each others position. I never made any move on her even when I was tempted to do so and she herself never hid her male admirers from me. I couldn’t believe she could suddenly be so uptight towards me.


‘’very well then, I have to leave’’ I painfully breathed, got up and left her room without another word.

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[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


[Tuesday’s morning]


I whistled a song as I enjoyed my hot water bath. The joy of being free was so intense and powerful. Believe me there is nothing as good as being free. A day spent behind bars was enough to make a strong man go insane.



Of course my problems weren’t yet over because Jessica was still free out there and could strike back at any time. Cynthia equally was yet to take me back but I had this strong feeling that she would definitely make up with me. I equally knew I had to speed up things with her. I had to use all my charms to get her back. She was my topmost priority.


I equally was very lucky that Jessica never had the chance to steal from me. My furniture and possessions were all intact. It was as if she left in a hurry or maybe she fled at the last minute.


By 8am that fateful Tuesday, I found myself at Cynthia’s house, very determined to disturb her till she yields to my demand. You can’t imagine the look on her face when she answered the door to see me.


‘’what is it again?, I’m about leaving the house. What do you want this time?’’ she asked with a frown, preventing me from gaining access into the living room.


‘’where are you going?’’ I asked


‘’I’m going to work. I’m not jobless like you’’ she answered, trying to annoy me with her coldness. I simply smiled.


‘’I plan seeing my family tomorrow. Will you accompany me to the village?’’ I asked softly. She instantly frowned.


‘’accompany you as what?’’ she asked.


‘’as my guardian angel’’ I answered. She laughed.


‘’you are funny. Go look for another guardian angel please’’ she breathed.


‘’I have to let you be on your way now but tomorrow I will be here as early as 7am to pick you up. I won’t mind getting all the embarrassments you have to offer as long as you go with me in the end’’ I informed her.


‘’thanks for warning me on time. You won’t see me here tomorrow’’ she sighed.





After I was done with Cynthia, I headed to my bank to make a little withdrawal before going for shopping. Instead of heading to the hospital afterwards to check on Emmanuella I headed to Joe’s gym to chat with him and equally check out the strength I had left in my body.


Early the next day I nervously headed to Cynthia’s house, praying that she creates no scene. I planned doing something I should have done a long time ago that very day and that was really the main reason I wanted to her to follow me to my village.


‘’like seriously you are here to take me to your village?’’ she asked with short laugher the moment she opened her door to see me standing outside.


‘’yes and I’m very serious about it’’ I muttered strongly.


‘’so give me one good reason I should follow you?’’ she demanded, searching my face. I Couldn’t help but notice that she was very interested even though she was acting cold.


‘’remember you once gave me conditions?. First was to break up with Jessica and secondly confess everything to my family. I’m ready for that’’ I revealed while she stared at me with great shock and surprise. She couldn’t even say anything for few minutes.







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